Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Caldicott: Fukushima to be pouring radioactive water into Pacific “probably for the rest of time… forever more” — “There’s simply nothing anyone can do about it” — “Nuclear industry is covering it up because they know if truth comes out it will be end of nuclear power”

Dr. Helen Caldicott: There seems to be no end in sight for this dreadful catastrophe. About 300 to 400 tons of radioactive water per day are pouring into the Pacific, have been for the last 3 years, and will continue probably for the rest of time because no one can find out where the molten cores of a hundred of seethingly hot uranium are. No one can get near them because they’re so radioactive, and the water will continue to flow over them, I guess, forever more. I can’t see any other way out of it. [...] I had the same reaction as you when two days after the tsunami and earthquake occurred [...] I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach [...] there is simply nothing anyone can do about it. And people are asking me all the time what can I take, what nutrients can I take? There’s nothing you can take to remove the radioactive elements from your body once you’ve eaten them.

Caldicott: The nuclear industry is covering it up because they know damn well that if the real truth comes out it will be the end of nuclear power.

Caldicott: It’s only America that can save the planet, if you rise to your full moral and spiritual height and decide to do it. Nothing else matters, nothing else matters.

To determine if there is a threat one must employ logic to the Fukushima situation based on what was known about nuclear power and meltdown scenarios before the incident.

In this case we have three full meltdowns. We know there is no proper cooling system in place because they are simply pumping water into the ruined buildings rather than operating the cooling system. The cores are estimated to be somewhere in the ground and they MUST still be fissioning so that water passing over them becomes irradiated with fission products (radioactive particles).

The irradiated water then either flows into the Pacific Ocean or some of it evaporates with water exposed to the air. Fallout will occur in the Pacific Ocean and areas of the Western United States plus some of it will circulate around the world.

The solution is straightforward although difficult. That is, to begin huge engineering works to entomb the Fukushima nuclear site in three dimensions. Engineers would need to tunnel under the ground to create this physical barrier. Think of the operation as one might think of building a motorway, tunnel or bridge.

Meanwhile, all the present uranium-based nuclear power-stations must be slowly decommissioned and replaced with Thorium nuclear power and sustainable technology.

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