Thursday, 16 January 2014

The BFP Roundtable Dissects the "Alternative" Media (MUST SEE)

Alternative to what and independent of whom? These are the questions that are seldom asked of the pseudo-alternative, foundation-funded and establishment-dependent "alternative" media. Today on the BFP Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez and James Corbett discuss the meltdown of the dinosaur media paradigm and how the establishment is using the pseudo-alternatives to continue to forward their agenda. We also discuss ways of counteracting this and positing real solutions to the problems we are facing.

An extremely important discussion from Boiling Frogs Post this time focusing on media bias and outright corruption impacting the alternative press. The issue centres around real independent journalism versus 'controlled' narrow-parameter, including pseudo-alternative media, reporting and sensationalism.

The panel points out how there are 'pretend independent' media organisations that offer only mild criticism of events in which they ramp up mainstream criticisms as if they were independent.

Also addressed is the fact that trivial entertainment continually distracts the population from the really important issues, like stolen US elections. Celebrity, emotion-driven, stories play well because many people focus on matters relating to personal relationships or experience, rather than events or ideas.

Perhaps a good solution in appealing to the masses is to have celebrity alternative news (real alternative news) icons. At the very least, we do have entertaining truth clips that appeal to the masses - such as '911: A Conspiracy Theory'. Alternative news can be entertaining.

Another issue raised is the battle of real truth-based journalism against partisan thinking. Sibel has brought up this point on many occasions where people are looking for their news to fit into either a left or right wing paradigm rather than an honest fact-centred truth paradigm. 

Education is the first step in combatting the false thinking and corruption - the Internet, although somewhat problematic, being the source for independent information. From this point there are many ways to act. Sibel advocates a 'nullification' process.

This is an awesome discussion that deals with many psychological and propaganda aspects relating to news and information.

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