Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fukushima Apocalypse: Years of ‘Duct Tape Fixes’ Could Result in ‘Millions of Deaths’

We have three 100-ton melted fuel blobs underground, but where exactly they are located, no one knows. Whatever 'barriers' TEPCO has put in place so far have failed. Efforts to decontaminate radioactive water have failed. Robots have failed. Camera equipment and temperature gauges...failed. Decontamination of surrounding cities has failed.

'If and when the corium reaches the Tokyo aquifer, serious and expedient discussions will have to take place about evacuating 40 million people'

We have endless releases into the Pacific Ocean that will be ongoing for not only our lifetimes, but our children’s' lifetimes. We have 40 million people living in the Tokyo area nearby. We have continued releases from the underground corium that reminds us it is there occasionally with steam events and huge increases in radiation levels. Across the Pacific, we have at least two peer-reviewed scientific studies so far that have already provided evidence of increased mortality in North America, and thyroid problems in infants on the west coast states from our initial exposures.

We have increasing contamination of the food chain, through bioaccumulation and biomagnification. And a newly stated concern is the proximity of melted fuel in relation to the Tokyo aquifer that extends under the plant. If and when the corium reaches the Tokyo aquifer, serious and expedient discussions will have to take place about evacuating 40 million people from the greater metropolitan area. As impossible as this sounds, you cannot live in an area which does not have access to safe water.

The operation to begin removing fuel from such a severely damaged pool has never been attempted before. The rods are unwieldy and very heavy, each one weighing two-thirds of a ton. But it has to be done, unless there is some way to encase the entire building in concrete with the pool as it is. I don't know of anyone discussing that option, but it would seem much 'safer' than what they are about to attempt...but not without its own set of risks.

And all this collateral damage will continue for decades, if not centuries, even if things stay exactly the way they are now. But that is unlikely, as bad things happen like natural disasters and deterioration with time...earthquakes, subsidence, and corrosion, to name a few. Every day that goes by, the statistical risk increases for this apocalyptic scenario. No one can say or know how this will play out, except that millions of people will probably die even if things stay exactly as they are, and billions could die if things get any worse.


Perhaps, after a number of centuries dealing with the contamination, our society, particularly those corrupted people in Government, will become wise in terms of understanding the benefits of being truthful, even when the situation is dire.

At the moment the cover-up culture is causing a lack of drastic international action to be taken at Fukushima. What is needed is a huge engineering effort to completely entomb the ruined buildings in concrete - including at deep underground levels - for starters.  This should have started back in 2011.

Those engaged in the cover-up, from online propagandists to Government officials, need to realise their work is killing themselves and risking all our futures.

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steven andresen said...


You'd think that a story like this would be big news, and a continuing big news item for a long time. I'd think it would have the drama of an OJ trial. Not only was there a dramatic explosion and pictures of evacuations, but the continuing story is about how the catastrophe is effecting people, like us, downwind.

OJ's story had no effect on others except the families of those effected by the murders.

I am puzzled by how the journalists could ignore this story given what I imagine they are taught about objectivity and news worthiness in journalism school.

I would have thought that lots of student journalists would have at least attemted to get a story about this series of events, the science behind it, the reasonable long term effects, and so on, for news outlets all over,...and not leave it up to RT to carry the ball.

So, let's say the Japanese decide that they have to evacuate Tokyo forever because of the continuing and irreversible contamination of their water supply. How will newspapers and TV stations in the U.S. explain this? Will they chalk it up tas one of the mystery decisions of the inscrutable asian mind? How will they talk about it so that they keep the role of the nuclear power industry out of the picture?

They made a movie once about "THe China SYndrome." Can you imagine any movie being made now about the current events in Japan?

I also find it damn ironic that there is such a thing as Godzilla. The story there is that atomic bomb rediation in the Pacific created Godzilla who came ashore and destroyed Tokyo.


SpookyOne said...


Part of the Fukushima blackout may be down to a 'group think' mentality in deference to the lack of action from the authorities.

It may be a bit like 911, where if the disaster is so great, or the crime so great, someone in authority would have alerted the public.

I think many journalists have been misled by their own assumptions.

Otherwise I think the other major censorship factor is related to keeping your head down in the corporate/establishment press. If the owners of the papers and the editors don't want to run the story, or they want to downplay it, and that they take their talking points from Government lackeys, like they do for a lot of issues, then that is how they will play.

With movies like the China Syndrome, those Cold War videos on the dangers of fallout, and the reaction of the Soviets to the Chernobyl disaster one might conclude that the meltdown of three reactors in Japan should constitute an extremely serious incident with far reaching long term consequences.

I do wish that things in Japan were not so dire, that the impact of Strontium 90 and Caesium 137 on people's health will not be a problem. Unfortunately the specifics of what happened tell me otherwise. I can't see how things will turn out well.

I only hope that eventually some action is taken and that over the next 600 years we will see the radioactive elements released into the food chain decay. Perhaps very advanced technology over the next 200-300 years will be able to help.


steven andresen said...


I found this comment today,

"...Should Fukushima’s radioactive water be dumped at sea? [...]

On an international level, even if all the waste from Fukushima was dumped neat into the Pacific, dilution would eliminate any radiation risks to distant countries like the US, says Simon Boxall of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK.

The ocean would be the safest place for the waste water, says Geraldine Thomas, who runs the Chernobyl Tissue Bank at Imperial College London. “But to make that politically acceptable they have to talk to the local population. They have to make people understand that low levels of radiation don’t matter because we’re all exposed to it all the time.”

In other words, it is more of a communication problem than a public health problem. “None of this is going to do anything health wise,” she says. “Fukushima is nothing compared to Chernobyl.” [See Buesseler link below]

[...] “Anything they can do to remove the more dangerous compounds and dilute the others [before dumping] is almost the only solution,” says Ken Buesseler of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

From Yesterday: Buesseler: Chernobyl had nothing with the potential of Fukushima right on ocean — No way to contain all this radioactive water — You can’t stop groundwater flow — Every bit of news we’re getting is radioactivity numbers are going up..."

Isn't this way of dismissing the danger of the radioactive waste from Fukoshima being swept into the Pacific at odds with the claim that Global Climate change is human caused? I would imagine the same people who downgrade the importance of nuclear isotopes into the Ocean are the same people who are telling us that pollution has been causing severe climate catastrophes.

Can they have it both ways?