Sunday, 23 June 2013

NSA's Criminal Activity - Ben Swann

Ben Swann Full Disclosure is asking the questions the rest of the media is ignoring. Even by the overreaching standards of the Patriot Act, Ben Swann demonstrates how the NSA's Prism program is clearly illegal.

Great summary of the NSA whistleblowing case, put within a legal context.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, June 23rd, 2013.]


steven andresen said...


Isn't the POTUS the responsible party if the federal government engages in any criminal activity? So, if the US engages in an aggressive war, violating international, Nuremburg laws, and US federal law, it is the President and his immediate subordinates who are to be arrested.

Similarly, if the US engages in activities which violate the laws of other countries, as when it violates their privacy, or opens them up to blackmail, it would be the President who would be responsible. It would not be some rogue analyst out of Hawaii or Omaha.

So, if Ben Swann is correct, then wouldn't Obama be in danger of being arrested just as Bush and Cheney are now in danger of being arrested when they travel outside the US?

Hasn't the Obama administration done northing different than Saddam Hussein was accused of doing in Iraq to his own people and to the Iranians?

Of course public opinion would have one answer based on the premise that we little people would be crazy to have any concerns about such matters as politics and criminality.

However, putting aside public opinion, it would seem Obama faces a fair case against him in some impartial court of law.


SpookyOne said...


As the Commander-in-Chief the President has a number of responsibilities plus also as a citizen of the country.

By swearing to uphold the Law the President is obligated to act if he becomes aware of any crimes or clear violations of the Constitution. And failure to recognise crimes may not be enough to keep him, and others, out of trouble either.

It's really hard to avoid the miriad of violations of people's rights under this and the last Administration. Those that signed off on such programs, who knew about them and did nothing, seem guilty of high crimes in my opinion.

Drone strikes in neutral countries can be seen as murder, failure to criminally prosecute banking fraud can bee seen as a conspiracy while looking back to the Bush years we cannot fail to recognise torture as a crime, let alone unjustified war.

An independent Grand Jury, like the one Patrick Fitzgerald had running, could file charges for these crimes and see action taken.

If we get lucky, barring the dirt the NSA has on the various prosecutors, and barring assassination squads, then we could begin actions against the criminals. However, I think the army or National Guard might be needed to protect this action from sinister forces.

Naturally you would want to televise the whole thing 24/7 via the internet and other open media sources - the foreign press etc.

Smoking out the crims and shutting down a lot of the corrupted institutions will not be an easy thing to do.