Saturday, 16 March 2013

UK, France Vow to Arm Syrian Rebels Despite Embargo

The leaders of Britain and France claim they could well supply weapons to the Syrian rebels despite a UN embargo. Russia responded by saying any attempt to do so would be a breach of international law. RT contributor Afshin Rattansi believes it'll eventually backfire on western countries if they arm rebels in Syria.

Those in power in the France and the UK only want to get rid of Assad because he has supported Lebanon and the Palestinians. If they were concerned about humanity they would act against the oppressive dictatorships in Yemen and Bahrain.

The West through Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have already armed the Syrian rebels. The talk about directly arming them now, including the mercenaries that have poured into the country, denies the damage already done to the lives of the Syrian people. What we are seeing is the mechinations of proxy warfare for larger geopolitican interests - we see duped Islamists serving the interests of foreign powers.

There should be sanctions on the UK and France for their involvement in creating this conflict.

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steven andresen said...


I think the reason the U.S., among other western powers, opposed pan-arabism was because they wanted to be able to attack and take over Arab countries ithout having to face a country with any friends.

Unfortunately for Syria, the strategy of the United States et al has been mostly successful. One would think that other Arab countries would come to the aid of Syria against this aggression by the U.S. et al.

Luckily for Syria, they seem to have friends in Russia and Iran.

One might also think that the United Nations would try to be a friend to Syria. I thought the reason the UN was created was to act as support for countries facing aggression.

Once the United States spent time creating the UN, I think they must have realized that its mandate would contradict their own desire for an empire, hence the secretive treaties with middle eastern potentates and the undermining of the UN's mandate.

I am surprised that the Islamic porld has not produced any efforts to organize themselves into some kind of political entity that would resist the aggressions from Europe and America......well, I'm not that surprised, but it is obvious that there's better securtity for them in numbers.

I'm also surprised that the UN has not fallen apart over the last ten years as it has become apparent that the US vilates international law and treaties willy nilly, and uses the UN to protect its acquisitions.


SpookyOne said...


Gaddafi was attempting to organise pan African co-operation until the NATO backed uprising in the East of Libya.

It's a pity that the self interests towards the West by individuals running many countries precludes real independent actions. If you are a smaller country and you step outside the box - having independent banks, oil trading etc - then you are targeted.

I think the US corruption is becoming more transparent. It is a shame than many smaller countries still keep their heads down, but I think it is because of the tied interests to the US or Europe.

What is occurring at the moment is a move away by the BRIC countries because of the financial corruption and monopolisation of the oil market by Western interest.

I noticed a report recently that Putin is banning overseas banks from Russia. This is wise.

Obviously the Chinese and India are also moving away from becoming entangled in the fraud and corruption that we see covered in shows like the Keiser Report.

One can only put up with disastrous corruption for so long before something gives.

I hope that the BRICs come out and call a spade a spade and point out that the War in Syra is only in operation because of Western support and that they are going to back the Syrian Government or at least pressure the West to stop their interference.