Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ryan Dawson Explains the Evidence Showing an Aircraft hit the Pentagon on 911 - Countering Misconceptions

If you think a missile hit the Pentagon or that nothing hit the building then watch this clip and be mature enough to accept that one cannot be correct all the time. We know from evidence that explosives must have been used on the World Trade Centre buildings and we know from the evidence that an aircraft hit the Pentagon. [Re-posted because of recent pictures pushing no planes theories at the Pentagon.]

Note: Dawson is talking about the 'disinformation kooks' who are poisoning the well by pushing outlandish, and baseless theories, as opposed to the disinfo trolls that are defending the official story. One thing is for sure, this whole process is slowly but surely providing a great education for many people - teaching them to be independent thinkers!

Dawson's summation is worth reflecting upon. We must look at the data and the players involved, whilst being prepared to play devil's advocate, and ditch hypotheses that have a low chance of being correct. The Pentagon missile theory makes little sense considering the wreckage and damage to the building. The most likely hyopthesis, one that accounts for the majority of the crime scene observations, would favour using a large airliner as the weapon.

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