Monday, 21 May 2012


The discovery of a page, on the FDA’s own website, proves the FDA is fully aware that:

the drugs it certifies as safe have been killing Americans, at the rate of 100,000 per year.

The FDA website page is currently available under the heading, “Why Learn About Adverse Drug Reactions,” and it can be Googled. (Click here to go directly to the FDA page.)
The FDA website page also states there are 2 million serious adverse reactions (ADRs) from the ingestion of medical drugs, annually, in the US. When the FDA says “serious,” they aren’t talking about headaches or slight dizziness or temporary nausea. “Serious” means stroke, heart attack, neurological damage; destruction of that magnitude. Therefore, per decade, that adds up to 20 million ADRs. 20 million

I'd like to see more information on why there are so many deaths and adverse reactions. Is it from misuse, overuse or from "normal" use of these drugs ? The number of people significantly impacted here seems very high.

This what is actually posted on the FDA website:

Why Learn about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)?

Institute of Medicine, National Academy Press, 2000
Lazarou J et al. JAMA 1998;279(15):1200–1205
Gurwitz JH et al. Am J Med 2000;109(2):87–94

Over 2 MILLION serious ADRs yearly
#100,000 DEATHS yearly
#ADRs 4th leading cause of death ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, accidents and automobile deaths
#Ambulatory patients ADR rate—unknown
#Nursing home patients ADR rate— 350,000 yearly

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steven andresen said...


You don't just give someone a drug and they cure you.

There are serious medical problems that can and do kill a person. Say, one becomes overwhelmed by an infection. In the course of this infection trying to kill you, you get a profoundly low blood pressure. Low blood pressures can ruin your kidneys, your brain, and so forth. So you give volumes of fluids and drugs that try to maintain an adequate blood pressure. Sometimes these drugs can't keep the pressures up, or they add other problems in using them. So, some drugs used are involved in causing death and injury, but sometimes in the course of trying to save you from serious medical issues that would also kill or seriously injure you.


SpookyOne said...


That sounds fair enough to me. I would have liked to see some explanation in the FDA link that detailed some of the circumstances that made up their statistics.

Thanks for the info !