Thursday, 12 April 2012

Witness the Power of an Idea: Ron Paul Massive Rallies 2012

Money Bomb on April 15! Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now

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steven andresen said...


I've been to rallies for politicians with enthusiastic followers. But, they didn't win elections. They didn't win because they were marginalized candidates. They were "peace" candidates made to look like traitors to America who wouldn't look out for America's interests or people.

Or they were environmentalist candidates who were made to look stupid for associating with bomb throwers.

Yes, Paul has an idea, and he has enthusiasts, but he is not making arguments to the majority of people who are out there voting for Romney and Obama.


Spookypunkos said...


I still believe he is making some good basic arguments, and that it is catching on, but the media is marginalising him and discouraging wider support for his campaign via propaganda (and censorship).

I would certainly not be voting for Obama or Romney.

I will keep pushing the Ron Paul message here.

Spook !

steven andresen said...


I appreciate that and share your position on Dr. Obama and Mr. Romney. However, Paul has to make better arguments.

I don'ytt think he has to change the content. I think he has to point out how current policies pushed by both Obama and Romney will effect individuals and specific groups.

Less patriotic doesn't he have great audiences kind of videos, and more pointed stuff like his ad about "what if the Chines army was in Mexico...." kind.

I understand that he has a money problem...? What do you hear about his campaign contributions?

Spookypunkos said...


I know that Paul's campaign gains most of their contributions from the average citizen - and not big corporations. Famously they get more money from military people than all of the other candidates put together.

The problem is that without momentum, like any campaign, even ones with corporate backing, it is difficult to keep those dollars coming in.

The media blackouts and ridicule do have an impact making fund raising difficult.

On the other hand, Romney and his massively funded Superpacs can afford to run zillions of TV ads. This helps the corporate media, already on his side, to spin the Romney story and also helps to drum up real support for this guy.

At the moment, Paul's campaign needs to raise 2.5 million to compete with the advertising in Texas.

If 100,000 people gave 20 bucks each then you get 2 million. These are the sorts of numbers that must be considered.

Anyway, there is a strong likelihood they will raise the money. I'd certainly pay 20 bucks to see Paul's campaign continue- hopefully to win, or at least juxtapose the phoney Romney and Obama.

Spook !