Saturday, 7 April 2012

'Nodding Disease' Kills African Children

The "conspiracy hypothesis" regarding this illness is that it is caused by vaccine treatments. Recent immunisation programs in Europe did include some patients with similar side effects.

So, are the vaccinations a likely cause? If yes, we need to ask if this population is more susceptible to harmful materials in the vaccines than the Europeans or, has the vaccine batch been contaminated ?

In the event that this part of a deliberate move to depopulate Africa, then the few cases in Europe, caused during the Swine Flu vaccinations, may have been part of a test.

The only way we will know what has caused this illness it to trace the correlation between this disease and the vaccinations. If a correlation is found then investigators will need to establish if there is a case for causality (as opposed to coincidence). Other factors, like poison in the water or food, or some sort of contagious disease, may also be the cause of the problem. Regardless this vaccine avenue must be considered.

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