Friday, 24 February 2012

The Thomas Jefferson of Our Time!

A Dr Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano presidential ticket!

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 24th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


I have to say that this kind of video in praise of Ron Paul might appeal to those already leaning to Paul, I doubt that it addresses the issues that keep him from getting any more votes.

So, for example, he should come out in support of Social Security as a contract that people have made and a program that people have put their own money in to support. I think Roberts made a good point that many oppose Paul because they do not want to see Social Security, and Medicaid, eliminated after they have put so much into in and after they have counted on it supporting them in their retirement.

Paul hits issues that the Republicans try to avoid because they know that the military industrial complex that the Republicans support wants more wars despite the fact that the people don't want them. This is one reason why there is a lot of power stomping on Paul's campaign. Paul has to counter this somehow.

Rah Rah videos will not do this. He only has a little bit of time before the bulk of the primaries are voted.


steven andresen said...


Doesn't the paul campaign have some sense of the electorate? Specifically, haven't they done research into why their candidate has not made any headway with the Republican voters?

Here's my take...

The Republican Party has thought that it cannot fight the Democrats on war and peace or on the economy, ehere it is too easy to point out that Republican politicians are bought and paid for by military, financial, and other corporate interests. The Democrats are too, however, the Democrat candidates have used their constituent's concerns to their advantage. The Republicans have therefore tried to make elections about abortion, gun rights, convict coddling, and so forth.

Rep Paul has been going against this Republican strategy by raising issues about war and peace, law and order, and criminal activity in financial institutions. Paul has been fighting against the Republican elite's dogmas, not so much the views of Republican voters.

So, to me, this explains the seeming voting fraud going on in this election cycle. The Republican handlers are using their control of the process to squash Paul's support by the electorate so that they can maintain their election strategy used during general elections with Democrats.

This is why Paul has to be very concerned to know what the voters themselves think. He has to appeal to enough of them that the Republican handler's control of the process is overwhelmed.

So what has Paul said to appeal to the republican party's religious constituencies?

The Republicans have a rural and agricultural base in my state, Oregon. There are Republican areas in the bedroom districts outside of the bigger cities of Portland, Eugene, Ashland, and Salem. Is he really saying anything to them that makes sense and that would appeal to the democrats in the cities in my state?

I see him going for smaller government and austerity. After seeing what's going on in Europe and in Greece, I think that prospect would make democrats fearful of a Paul Presidency. It might make republicans fearful, too.

I still think paul has the wrong kind of videos and campaign. He needs to focus on appealing to republicans with issues that will eventually appeal to disaffected Democrats too. Say something about fraud and criminality in government, or making government be about protecting freedom by controlling police abuse of power.....