Friday, 10 February 2012

Sign the Petition to Prevent War with Iran !

We won't wait for the bombs to drop to make our voices heard. Tell President Obama that another war isn't what this country needs!

We will deliver our first wave of signatures to the Obama Administration on February 14.

The crisis in the Straits of Hormuz and reports the US is backing off efforts to stop a military strike by Israel represent a threat to our security greater than that posed by Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program.

Recent history proves war isn't working. We expect the US to use every means at its disposal to prevent a strike on Iran by Israel and pursue a diplomatic resolution to the dispute over Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program.


Act Now - Don't attack Iran - No More War

08 February 2012
Tel: 020 7801 2768

1) Act Now - Don't attack Iran - No More War
2) Stop the War National Conference 2012

1) Act Now - Don't attack Iran - No More War

The chorus for war on Iran is growing. The US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta
said on the weekend there is 'a strong likelihood' of an attack by Israel
before the spring. Meanwhile there are still calls for intervention in Syria.

As part of our Don't Attack Iran campaign, Stop the War groups and activists
across the country are organising street campaigning, activist meetings and
rallies against a new war in the Middle East. In many places there is action
this Saturday 11 February on the Don't Attack Iran day of action.

Activities on Saturday include filming vox pop interviews with local people,
street meetings, a hoax visit by David Cameron, street stalls, surveys of how
many local people support an attack on Iran, lobbying of local MPs and much

Please do everything you can to get involved. To find details of local activity
click here:

If you would like to organise something locally please contact us by phoning
07956 718958 or emailing

2) The Stop the War National Conference: No More War 2012

This will be a chance to analyse and discuss the new phase in the "war on
terror" and plan our response.

Speakers include Tony Benn, Lindsey German, George Galloway, Mitra Qayoom,
Abbas Edalat, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Salma Yaqoob and more.

10 - 5pm, Saturday March 3rd
University of London Union
Malet Street WC1

Further details and an agenda for the day will be published on the Stop the War
website soon.

The conference is open to all Stop the War members and delegates from local
groups and affiliated organisations.

Space is limited so booking a place in advance is advisable.: e-mail or phone 07956 718 958

(Thanks to John-Michael at Debunking the Debunkers blog for the Petition post !)

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steven andresen said...


Backman's policy is that there is no reason to believe that our enemies won't try to kill us if given the chance, so we better kill them first.

This is the policy of every republican candidate except Paul.

It works for the Chinese, the Russians, and the French. If you think that they have to means to kill us, you have to assume they already might want to kill us, so they have the motive and means...they are just waiting for the right opportunity. So, we better kill them first.

This is why China and Russia are on out long term hit list. We don't have the right opportunity yet. And as for France, we still reserve the DeGaulle option, which is to eliminate any French government that doesn't kiss boot.

I am not thinking Obama is different. He lied his way into office, and he's probably lying about what his long-term goals and plans are with respect to China, Russia, as well as France.

We live in dangerous times.


Spookypunkos said...


With peace, internet and long term trading ties the world may eventually become less segregated. War will seem less necessary if there are no real enemies.

There may be countries acting compeditively and acting co-operatively at the same time, making sure their citizens do not end up enslaved.

Educated populations with real representative governments.

At the moment the Big War option seems as mad as it was during the Cold War because of the nuclear weapons situation.

Having said all that I am not against any immediate disarmament. The people with the guns really do make the rules. So, where there is a strong rivalry, then be prepared to defend thyself. Other details can be worked out from that point onwards.

Plus I think we are made enemies by the walls of secrecy put up between the governments defending their "national interests".

I am always reminded of Cold War movie scenarios where the scientists of the opposing countries work together for a better world when the war bovine excrement really hits the fan.