Friday, 26 August 2011

Keiser Report (E175): Bankers & Aliens

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, notice that looking back is not an option when all the evidence is destroyed by the SEC and Max tries to explain the gold / Treasury conundrum. In the second half of the show Max talks to Catherine Austin Fitts about exponential fraud and the financial coup d'etat.

"Twilight Zone economics." :)

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steven andresen said...


I like Fitts and the way she put it, that the reality is much different than what we are lead to believe.

I amd also interested in her saying that the problem is that the hidden reality is maintained by physical violence...that people are being killed and intimidated if they challenge the hidden powers.

I tend to agree with the way she has put it. The question for her is, where is all the money being stolen going and who is doing the stealing? These are good questions, but I think there's another better question. Yes there's a lot of stealing going on and the system itself seems to be crashing because of it. What then, is the reason that these powers that be in the hidden reality choose to steal so aggresively and kill or intimidate anyone who would object? Do they think, for example, that the only thing important is how much they have before the planet self destructs?

I have thought that the only argument worth anything is one that would convince these powers to stop doing what they are doing...the stealing and the killing. No one has any good argument on that issue.

Marx says the weak have to work together to overthrow these hidden powers because the masses outnumber the few powerful. But, this doesn't stop the powers at this point because the weak are so effectively divided and fractured. They can never work together against the hidden powers,...few though they may be.

The right is in no better position. Just getting rid of those who would direct the weak's attention to the powers is not going to protect the weak from being stolen from or killed by the powers that be. The powers are not dissuaded from stealing from their family, just because they are family.

Do you have any ideas about how Al Capone could have been persuaded to stop being a mobster?


SpookyPunkos said...

Hello S.

Sorry for the late reply here. I missed your comment since I have been more or less posting-on-the-run.

You pose a lot of good questions about trying to reconcile with the self destructive system and the elites who control it.

I will hazard to guess that a lot of these people are either full of themselves (arrogant), or obsessed with maintaining power over others (addicted to their position over the masses). These elites will only be charitable to a certain degree, I think, and will lord it over others - being semi insulated in their world of priviledge.

I do not think they will easily buy into arguments showing their positions to be untenable until it is too late. They are on the top of the heap and will probably only agree to modify the system to allow thier game to continue with them in power rather than give up too much advantage.

They are not stupid but I think many of them don't realise how precarious their positions are- especially those who are merely "rich". A lot of rich people can be destroyed in a severe crisis, and will be unaware or uncaring of news that indicates the system is a threat to their exisitence. Of course rich people often have better means to adapt in bad times.

The really wealthy, those that seriously OWN everything behind the scenes, will not care for the destruction because they'd be aware of the problems. Convincing such folks, with international options for taking advantage of a collapse, would be hard.

When someone has all the power, is serious about keeping it, and they do not care about other people's deaths or suffering, then talking them into providing a more equitable future seems extremely unlikely.

A highly transparent society would fix a lot of the skullduggerey that goes on behind the scenes. It might not be easily acheiveable but it should be a target.

And if the masses are too fractured to resist the oppression then they need to learn as much about where they are at as you know.

As for Al Capone, if we tried to talk him out of being a mobster at the height of his powers then I would guess he might tell us to bug off ... Who are we to talk to this guy who has such profitable criminal dealings ? If we warned him that it could end badly he might say "so what?".

If we offered a comfortable existence in suburbia or some rich location, with no hassels, then he may, or may not, take it provided we had some evidence. It would depend on his perception and enjoyment of his present situation.

But imagine trying to convince someone who already had all this and immunity from the Law ?

Anyway, the powers that be are just men (mostly) and they can be found. The system can be changed so they are no longer pulling the strings. It's not easy but if they will not change their ways they might indeed be forced out.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Spook !