Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Implications of the Fukushima Accident on the World's Operating Reactors

Arnie Gundersen reports that the Fukushima disaster began before the tsunami hit: when reactor 1 began to meltdown and when the fuel pool at reactor 4 cracked and started leaking before the water hit.

The world's nuclear reactors are ticking timebombs.

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steven andresen said...


I don't know who these "fairwinds" people are. Are they a private watchgroup? Where do they get their funding?

I have seen several of these.

There seems to be two major energy issues...peak oil, that is, the situation, described by the theory of peak oil, ...that our oil supply is running out and there isn't any energy supply that can replace oil and gas. And two, that a large part of our energy needs are met by nuclear power and this technology cannot be made safe or cost effective.

Other than in the alternative media, is there any discussion of these issues? And, my guess is that there is a program of covering up these problems so that decisions will be made by secret elites.

There is the claim that the 9-11 murders and the wars on oil producing lands are ways our elites have been using to deal with these problems. That is, go out and steal the oil so we can use it and kill anyone who might object.

I have thought there is a lot of evidence to back up this claim.

I am not sure what the elites are planning to do about the nuclear safety issues. I suspect that they will go ahead with nuclear power despite the safety issues because it will make them a lot of money. The plan will be if some plant somewhere kills a lot of people and makes waste any large piece of property, the industry itself will be made innocent and that the populations will be made to bear the costs.

I don't see the elites needing to make money any other way.


SpookyPunkos said...


The elites/corporate heads seem to be acting like hardcore lunatics to me. Their own health is at stake when they facilitate the continuation of unsafe nuclear power plants.

Perhaps these people are seriously blinded by power, making themselves wantonly ignorant, so they do not consider the consequences of their actions.

There are ways of doing things better and cleaner if we want. If the ultra elites want to kill off people and control the remaining oil and/or focus on nuclear power they really must not. Radiological methods of extermination (D.U. and nuke accidents) should be off the table because of the thousands of years of contamination they will also have to face.

The elite's methods of controlling things on this planet are overly destructive and unnecessary in my humble opinion.


steven andresen said...


Then we agree.

I have wondered whether they have any idea of a big picture. Do they think that playing around with a technology that is slowly killing off life on the plkanet is a consequence so far in the future that they don't have to worry about it because they will be rich in the present?

Do they think that Jesus will come back and as a reward for being rich he'll give them a new planet to live on clean of the environmental contamination, garbage, and destruction they will have caused to get that way?

I don't get it...

SpookyPunkos said...'s very frustrating !

As an idealist i like to think that after a "planet shaking" lesson or two, we might see an end to this madness.

Perhaps, as knowledge and alternative points of view spread via the internet (putting us all on the same page), we could see an overthrow, or some sort of agreement, to end the present status quo.

The elites, the corporate heads, the system itself, can only be maintained via our "consent" and ignorance. I live in the expectation that things will change as we all wake up.

If only those running the show at present can make a small change now so there is greater responsibility to the long term health of our species.

Maybe the elites have put down a huge leveraged bet on a cockroach run society to replace us humans !?

Spook !