Monday, 21 March 2011

Fukushima reactors will have to be entombed — “Radioactive and deadly for thousands of years”

“These reactors are never going to be used again,” said James Acton, of the Carnegie Endowment’s Nuclear Policy Program. “They’re going to have to be entombed for a significant length of time before anything’s able to be done about them.”

And in Japan, officials are dealing not with just one rogue reactor, but six of them. …

That still unfinished containment dome at Chernobyl is only projected to last 100 years. And Chernobyl, like the Japanese plant at Fukushima, will remain radioactive — and deadly — for thousands of years.

This is the problem with today's nuclear reactor technology, one mistake or natural disaster and there is no real way of cleaning up the environment which will remain contaminated for many thousands of years. Human beings are clever enough to devise clean power generating technology without having to resort to the types of reactors that use hazardous fuel.

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