Tuesday, 28 September 2010

On the Edge with Max Keiser and Ed Harrison

Stacy Summary: On the Edge with Ed Harrison of Creditwritedowns.com [This episode deals with the hidden losses in the economy that have yet to strike.]

This sort of economic news/truth is important to consider because it effects you. On The Edge is a great show because it tries to, and succeeds, in explaining complex issues to the public in relatively simple terms.

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steven andresen said...


I am curious about whether the guests Max has on his shows turn up on other more mainstream programs at any other time. He asks these guys questions about material that seems so much more dynamic, and I guess, I don't see these things popping up.

I tried to watch some economic discussion on a morning CNN show the other day. It was not as riveting. Maybe I was thinking they were all full of hot air.

Do you have any way to evaluate the information Max gets with his guests?

SpookyPunkos said...


It's a good thing to question the validity of the guest list/guest information Max uses, however what these people say makes sense and is backed up with good data (as far as I can tell.)

Often the guests (and Max) talk about issues that gel with reality- like deflation, when the mainstream media goes on about inflation- with the US Fed only now just admitting there is a deflation problem.

When you listen to the explanations offered by the guests they make much better sense, in many cases, than the official line.

In regard to deflation, when the guests refer to relatively unbiased data indicating a shrinking money supply (the bailouts all went into the blackhole of the banks debts) the case they make appears to be well reasoned.

In many examples the guests (and Max) report on things that have been briefly reported on in the mainstream media and then forgot. Lots of these forgotten stories ARE very significant and are swept under the rug.

In terms of the Gold and Silver price fraud we have had hearings against Morgan Stanley and indications of market rigging from analysis of the market data. We have theft, in the form of the Tungsten Gold bars ... it all fits. There's also been admissions by people close to the action that the Gold trading paper is not backed by adequate supply.

The reason I believe the mainstream news is not as exciting is because they gloss over the criminal aspect to the "rigged market system".

In my opinion we are looking at a much more accurate accounting of global finance in these Max Keiser programs. Clearly there has been a shift away from accountability - like the criminal prosecutions we saw for the Savings and Loans Scandals etc- than today's situation where bankers who have committed fraud simply get fined.

The shows we see here makes more sense to me than the mainstream corporate/corrution/cover-up friendly perspective we might see on CNN.

Thanks !