Thursday, 31 December 2009

U.S Soldiers Are Waking Up

This is a good speech. The real enemy of the people are the criminals who have made the unnecessary wars and brought economic ruin on the country.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 31st, 2009.]


steven andresen said...


It was a good speech.

But, I have to point out that it would not persuade large numbers of people in this country, or elsewhere, that we needed to restrain, confine, or eliminate the "powers-that-be who control the corporations, the states, the mercinaries, the assassins, and the ..thugs, who this soldier spent his time arguing against.

The idea that you have to confine, restrian of eliminate these powerful people would, to them, just be a sign that this sodier, as well as his allies, were members of that oft renounced left-wing conspiracy to deprive people of their freedoms, their guns, and their ability to fend for themselves.

Basically, the soldier's a commie and should be treated as such, so the right woing in this world. And so, they don't see the need to listen to him.

That you are sympathetic to his point of view probably justifies them in ignoring you and whatever you have to say here, too.

This soldier, unfortunately, is a minority in the military at this time. It would be interesting to hear about any evidence about the political bent of American forces at the moment. I suspect from just a few posts to my own site that the majority believe that when the time comes, they will be able to kick the commies like this soldier and his allies in our society to the side. They say, well, they have the guns to do it.

The soldier here does say true and applaudible things that need to be said about our wars, but, his point of view is ignored by a large rabid sector of the military and the society at large.

So, saying these things isn't as important as trying to find some way to resolve the conflict we have between his point of view and others that would see him disappeared.

SpookyPunkos said...

Perhaps I should have made the title:
"Some US Soldiers are Waking Up" !! :)

The reason I wrote that it was a good speech was in reaction to my own thoughts that not all the soldiers would be waking up. I thought... "at least it was a good speech ..."

Nevertheless, I felt that important points were raised and I thought the readers here should be exposed to them.

I agree that there is a large percentage of right wing people that might kick this guy's "commie butt" but I think there's some hope in all this. I am also guessing that the opinions of those right wing folks are slightly overblown. The guys at your blog may be disinfo trolls or genuine people who talk big but find that it isn't so well supported by reality on the ground. I believe, that many previously ring wing people in the country are getting sick of all the corruption.

If you listen to the Alex Jones Radio Show you can here from a lot of callers who have changed their minds. The callers admit to being conservatives, but recognise the facts showing a corrupt system.

It's hard to judge the real situation here, but I think things are changing towards anti corruption rather than tending towards a left/right paradigm.