Monday, 26 October 2009 on the LIES about Iran's Nuclear "Deadline"

In response to the claim that:

"Iran ignored a U.N. deadline on Friday to respond to an international draft deal for it to cut an atomic stockpile the West fears could be used for weapons, and challenged the basis of the pact."

Mike Rivero from points out that this is:

More "wreck the deal that could stop the war" propaganda.

1. There was no actual deadline. That came from a comment from El Baradai.

2. Iran ignored nothing. They asked for a few more days to respond to the proposal and to offer counter-proposals.

3. There is still zero evidence that Iran is building weapons.

4. Iran has signed the NNPT and alows full IAEA inspections. Israel was asked by both the US and UN to sign the NNPT and allow full IAEA inspections. Israel refused.

We cannot allow another unnecessary war to occur. Make sure everyone knows the truth about this situation: Tell people to read their news from

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