Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ex-US Intelligence General: 911 was a Fraud !

Among other things the General here talks about the lack of wing marks on the Pentagon walls. Surely, if a large airliner struck the Pentagon then there must have been marks on the walls similar to what was seen on the World Trade Centre towers (ie wings/engines/vertical stabiliser) ?

Although I favour the hard evidence we have from the World Trade Centre buildings, that shows explosives were used to destroy these structures, this observation should also be considered seriously.

Of course any debate as to whether a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon could be cleared up immediately if the FBI would release some of the film they admit to having that must show the Pentagon being struck.

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I thought you'd be interested in this,

thanks again for the work you've been doing.

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SpookyPunkos said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to your own contributions !

I actually think the best material on many sites comes up in the comments sections. thanks !

In relation to my work, all I've been doing, in the limited time I have available, is to post certain key issues predominantly about 911 and the economy in an effot to present a picture of what I think is important.

I want to warn people of danger, and also focus on matters where i think a difference can be made (ie 911).

Truth be told, not everything that I think is important is posted on this blog since I am trying to present a relatively "easy to digest" picture for those that are new to these things.

The stuff that is posted here must be addressed first in order to establish a better future. Other details and matters not posted on this blog can then be covered when people have woken up. One step at a time.

(Note: This is not to say that the blog here doesn't completely avoid things. However, for a variety of reasons I have chosen to remain narrow focused.)

THE LINKS: 1. Yes, I saw the IR video, which was good, but I decided not to post it because of the exterior building temps recorded as being only 100 degrees celsius. That seems way too low for fire temps and does not account for temps inside the building. I suspect the gadget wasn't calibrated correctly. I didn't think the FLIR evidence was all that convincing. I need expert analysis and commentary of the results of the images.

I admit there's a lot of good material cited in the rest of the clip. And I will add that the fire temps do not appear hot, regardless of the FLIR, from the professional observations made of the videos and photographs we have seen of the Twin Towers.

2. As for WMR on the NSA. That was a good article. I intended to post it, but got sidetracked. I will get onto it ~

ps. Hello to all you NSA people ! Your country needs you. The people running the show are running the country into the ground. The game we are playing here can be different. Do whatever you can to help out. - SpookyP