Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Jesse Ventura on 'The View' - Destroys Torture Arguments

Once again - a patriot steps forward to destroy the Demopublican misdirection we've all come to know. "Torture is torture" Jesse says - I AGREE.

Why so often in the media does this become a technical brain cramp? Jesse does a great job of deflecting the "Nancy Pelosi said this" and "so-and-so did that." He also easily dismisses arguments claiming waterboarding is effective as a truth-finding tool.


This discussion is important because it has appeared in the popular mainstream media. Crucially, most people will find Ventura's no nonsense arguments entirely rational and appealing: prosecute everyone guilt of breaking the Law, waterboarding is torture etc.

People CAN become informed and encouraged to speak out against the criminals in government when prominent and respected individuals come forward. A few dedicated people can make a big difference.

While there is a huge online movement against government injustice there are other ways to "skin this corruption cat". All reasonable methods of appealing to the population at large should be tried. And things will change when EVERYONE knows.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 19th, 2009.]


Jack Rabbit said...

Someone told me today that there is no more point to discussion - that "everybody knows" - Obama voters especially are disgusted that he's turned out to be such a phony - might I mention - so quickly?

The question seems to become - "What do we do now?" Solutions are needed - what does the Constitution provide? What can average people do since our elected representatives are ignoring us?

This, it seems, is the situation.

Keep up the great work SPOOK!

SpookyPunkos said...

Thanks Jack Rabbit, you are a champion !

I think the answer is to keep spotlighting the problem through all reasonable means. As more and more people realise exactly what is going on actions to stop the corruption will become easier.

When local lawyers and judges, police, military and the population at large all come together and force a "new" transparent/accountable system - upholding the Law and The Constitution of the United States - then we can look forward to a brighter future.

Any politician who is alleged to have broken the Law, whether Democrat or Republican, needs to face criminal investigation (paging Nancy Pelosi!). People will soon realise the truth about one-party US political system.

I take heart that many people already know there are problems from the poor approval ratings of Congress.

The next step thereafter is to have aggressive authority figures engage in legal actions, especially including arrests and detentions of high profile elites. Dynamic action.

At present not everyone has woken up, and many do not realise the extent of the problems. With the bloggers and flag ship news sites, like WRH, we have a good shot at fixing the mess ! (We are providing a base of information and argument for operations in the "real world")

Thanks again JR !