Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ron Paul Defeats 5 TV "Experts" in 10 minutes


Right at the end the NBC commentators start pushing the line that they are looking for a plan to go forward, that Ron Paul's plan is backward looking. This is a silly argument since there is nothing so backwards about Congressman Paul's solution, which is to let bankrupt institutions fail.

Ron Paul, in letting bankruptcies occur is resetting the system which has been poisoned by debt and misplaced investments. By allowing bad debt to be written off we can start again, albeit from a position of high unemployment. Notice also that the Congressman is very concerned about a devaluation of the US dollar. Pumping more and more money into a massively corrupted economic system will not strengthen the US currency.

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steven andresen said...

Paul argues that the problems we have are because, as home owners, metaphorically speaking, we have been spending more than we've been earning. And now, it's more difficult to keep spending and even to keep spending for food, clothes, and so on. Paul argues that Obama's solution to our problem is to borrow and spend more. Paul is arguing that instead of borrowing and spending we have to stop that. We have to quite buying useless commodities like the 700 military bases all over the world. Or the wars in other neighborhoods.

I agree with this part of his argument.

But, then both he and these news heads go on about how government needs to be cut back. Paul makes this general point, but then, has to concede that government has to do something about infrastructure. In the short run.

I think there are legitimate functions of government which the private sector should not be allowed to enter into. For example, I think it is bad policy to let the insurance companies, or even hospitals, make money off the sick. If there is a way for people to get health care without having crooks skimming a large percentage off the top, so much the better. A single payer system is the better way to go.

In many ways education is the same. There should be public education. I don't care if there are private schools, but, people should not be given no good public schools. Most people can't afford schools for their kids, as they can't afford health care. or building their own streets, or fire departments, or police protection.

Paul is unwilling to discuss what the legitimate roles of government might be because, as a libertarian, he is committed to the idea that there are no legitimate roles for government.

This is one of the reasons why he is a republican because it seems the business republicans havce argued that government needs to get out of their way because it has been hampering their ability to rip off the population.

So, I can tolerate Paul on some issues, but I want them to question him on government's role more. I suspect the TV heads agree with him too much about government to actually think that's a worthy topic.