Thursday, 27 November 2008

How the Mainstream Media Actually Works


This is good. The host here explains quite simply that the mainstream media view of events is tainted by a need to pander to political power.

To expand this point, the pandering is directed to both government and corporate power interests and is fuelled by its own untruthful view of events. The rest of the mainstream media often gets caught following the same discourse or meme that is created by the corporate media in the USA. For instance we live with the myth that the Iraq War went ahead due to 1. intelligence failures or 2. to oust a "evil dictator". Both these explanations are false. A truthful non-politicised summation should say that the war went ahead because of deliberate WMD lies cooked up by the heads of the US and British government and intelligence agencies. The evidence is conclusive on this point, and yet we still have the false descriptions broadcast to us by our mainstream media.

The clip is correct, the mainstream media panders, as much as possible, to those in government (often to hide the evidence of criminal wrongdoing).

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steven andresen said...

Do you think that these media people would get to the point of questioning their "moral clarity" line if they were given time, they have time constraints, or if there were people on air who would ask them about it? I wonder if they say Bush had "moral clarity" as a short hand for other things they would say, having to do with the exceptions, i.e., torture, the war without justification, the gutting of the constitution, rendition, etc.

I don't think they would, as they want to keep their on air gigs. But, they wouldn't deny these points or be unable to say anything about them.

When they say Bush had "moral clarity" I just think they are really wanting to talk about something else at this point. They want to tie their account of the two Presidents up in a charitable package without having to look closely at what they're saying.