Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Exit Polls Raising Concerns this Year for U.S. Television Networks

Barack Obama's tendency through the Democratic primaries to perform better in exit polls than he actually does at the ballot box has some media organizations nervous heading into Election Night.

Television networks want to avoid having their performance become an issue for the third straight presidential election. Their political experts hope that experience gained during the primaries will help things run smoothly Nov. 4.

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel and The Associated Press pool resources to conduct exit polls in select precincts, hoping to glean information about why people vote the way they do and to help predict a winner or loser. A combination of actual vote counts and exit polls is generally used to "call" a state for one candidate or another.

Exit polls frequently overstated Obama's vote during the primaries by as much as three percentage points.

The obvious conclusion is that the election result discrepancy, between the official count and the polling, is due to fraud. In foreign countries, when the highly accurate exit polling is out then the election in question is considered to be corrupted. The article here tries to explain away the "errors" so that people will not become suspicious.

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