Monday, 12 May 2008

The Whitehouse Coup

In 1933 corporate America attempted to implement a coup against the US Government with plans to install a right-wing fascist dictatorship. One of the players in this treason was Prescott Bush, Georgie's grandaddy among other so called captains of industry, whom I refer to as traitors. This coup was thwarted due to the efforts of General Smedley Butler whom corporate america tried to draw into their conspiracy. Unlike the business sector of America, General Butler believed in democracy, he believed in the principles that America was founded upon and it is thanks to him that this coup didn't take place in 1933.
The business sectored failed in the 1930's but they succeeded in their coup overall through deception, gradual domination, and attrition of the systems that had protected the American people. Now we are used, lied to, manipulated, conned into relinquishing OUR constitutional rights and over 200 years of accomplishments, they have bred you to hate some 'other' while they exploit that division, use it to make wealth, keep people divided, make war, steal from you, and hide the reality of the true evil and threat to democracy which is our evil corporate masters who some time ago stole our country.
As the saying goes, it is the winners who write history and the American business sector, our home grown fascists defeated us and stole our nation from us. They go through institutional motions, wrap themselves in the flag, but its all artificial, PR, to give an appearance of legitimacy. As the current regime has shown they place themselves above the law as they choose and have committed the most horrible of crimes, just like fascists they are.

This is one of the most important chapters in American history that I know of, because its when the wealthy few attempted to steal the country from the people, they committed treason plain and simple, the only time since the nations infancy where our country would be taken from us, and they got away with it then and now because they did win in the end. They stole it, they did what no outside force could do and destroyed our democracy, our republic. But it can be undone, it is our country after all, not a thing to be exploited by these traitors whose predecessors should have paid for their crime. We can take it back, I really know it is possible.

The country will be taken back but it will require people to speak up and act against the oppressors. The fact that the US is no longer a functional democracy needs to broadcast far and wide. If enough people can be made to realise the gravity of the situation then enough momentum will be generated so that military generals, judicial heads or law enforcement chiefs will move to arrest those political leaders who are allowing corrupt practice to occur at the expense of the people.

The corrupt practices in question, for which there is abundant prima facie evidence, are:

The Phony Elections
The illegal Invasion of Iraq.
Authorising Torture.
The Attacks of 911.

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