Tuesday, 1 April 2008

UN Could Lead New 9/11 Investigation, Says Japanese MP

Japanese member of Parliament Yukihisa Fujita told the Alex Jones Show yesterday that a potential new investigation of the 9/11 cover-up could be led by global parliamentarians he has been in contact with, or even by the United Nations itself.

Fujita, an MP for the Japanese Democratic Party, and a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet (national legislature), presented evidence which contradicted the official 9/11 story during a widely publicized Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee meeting in January of this year.

Following Fujita's presentation in the Japanese Diet, he also took part in a 9/11 truth conference at the EU Parliament in Brussels on February 26th which was hosted by Italian MEP Giullietto Chiesa (both presentations can be viewed at the end of this article).

I would hope any new investigation will be framed as a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into the attacks and could begin with the immediate arrest or detention of certain members of the Bush Administration (including various US military chiefs at the time ie. Gen. Myers, Gen. Eberhardt).

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