Monday, 10 March 2008


A US Navy (USN) expeditionary strike group has been deployed to the eastern Mediterranean in the wake of increasing tensions between Lebanon and Syria.
Especially watch that " the wake of increasing tensions between Lebanon and Syria...".

Those "tensions" that is herein referred to - are mere fabrications by the media, as the real "tension" is between Israel and Syria/Iran only.

Israeli leaders have been itching for another shot at Lebanon after their military was beaten by dug in Hezbollah fighters during their 2006 incursion. However, in terms of broader strategic aims, the more troubling aspect to this situation is that Israeli leaders would prefer to see a wider conflict with Syria and Iran.

It is therefore likely that we will see some sort of false flag attack against US warships in the region wherein such attacks will probably involve claims of Syrian or Iranian involvement. The result will include a US retaliation against those countries.

The recent cutting of undersea communications cables, limiting the ability of Iran to communicate to the outside world may be part of this larger operation. Considering that we know 911 was an Inside Job, be prepared for another false flag attack to be staged inside the US shortly after the first US retaliation against Iran. The end result would be a wider Middle East War with the US becoming a fully fledged fascist state. Expect to see the introduction of compulsory national service (a draft) so that the US might better defend itself from the "fanatics."

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