Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Ron Paul on CBS Face the Nation

Part 1. (5:01)

Part 2. (3:34)

The US mainstream media can't ignore Paul after he raised 4 million bucks in one day- ordinary people might start to ask serious questions about whether the networks are actively censoring the guy. (And yes the networks have been censoring Paul through fradulent polling- see here. )

To stop evidence of the censorship from being too obvious the US corporate media will pay lip service to Paul until he can be diminished through a smear campaign or via rigged elections. It's a dangerous game for the corporate networks since they will be exposing Paul's message to more voters and increasing his supporter base.

Readers must note that Paul is a threat to the establishment and he will be subject to all manner of ploys to derail his campaign. He will need a lot of help to win the Presidency in what you might define as card game in which everyone is cheating against him including the house.

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