Friday, 30 November 2007

Expert: Both Parties Cooperate to Keep Administration Crimes Secret

The Bush administration has made widespread use of the so-called state secrets privilege to dismiss lawsuits that seek to challenge its domestic wiretaps and other illegal activities. Now two veteran senators, Arlen Spector (R-PA) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA), are teaming up to craft legislation that would direct judges to evaluate the government's state secrets claims rather than accepting them uncritically.

Keith Olbermann described this proposed legislation with a high degree of skepticism, saying sardonically, "The bill may end up as part of the Senate's wiretapping law, due for a vote next month -- after which the president will sign it and monkeys will fly out of his butt."

He then turned to constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley, asking him why there isn't already such a law, as most Americans would assume there would be.

"It actually is the law," Turley replied. "This has been a distortion, or a mutation of the law. The privilege has become something that I think the Supreme Court never imagined when it first created it."

"Today, the privilege is used primarily not to keep something secret, but to keep something from being used against the government," Turley went on. "I was in a courtroom when people laughed when the government counsel argued that they could use the privilege to claim as secret something that was published on the cover of the New York Times."

Turley said that some judges are already scrutinizing government claims under the state secret privilege but suggested that those who do not are merely "lazy." He pointed out that even the original case which established the privilege was eventually found to have been based on a lie, "and the Supreme Court refused to reexamine the case."

So we have the Bush Administration getting away with all manner of CRIMES, such as unwarranted wiretapping, an illegal invasion of Iraq based on deliberate lies, torture of detainees, and the Democrats refusing to initiate any impeachment proceedings as they should. The Democrats are acting as accessories to the criminal activity.

Worse is the fact that the courts are backing Bush claims that they can act above the law by invoking state secrets privilege.

Even worse even than this fact, is the so called "independent media" that maintains the charade by white washing serious wrong doing by avoiding the discussion and portraying events as merely a political issue.

If there was any justice in the United States right minded Senators and Congressmen with the correct security clearances should have investigated the criminal activities and seized any relevant documents using their oversight powers. The Administration cannot claim state secrets against individuals with high security clearances. Furthermore attempts to stop such moves would constitute obstruction of justice.

High crimes have been committed and action must be taken. However, there seem to be only cowardly or corrupt officials left to do the job. Good individuals need to rise up and act. To do nothing is to invite more corruption and wars in the future.

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