Monday, 30 July 2018

Judge Jeanine Despite All Odds Trump Is Winning (Still Report)

It seems too stupid to even be funny, but it’s true. This week, the Madcap Mueller probe announced that they will try to prove that the President obstructed justice via his public Twitter tweets.
But in the words frequently attributed to that sage of Democrat politics, Billy HotRod Clinton: “it’s the economy, stupid”. What does it mean? To the vast center of the American electorate, all that matters are pocketbook issues. Keep a chicken in every pot and you are good to go.
Well, Judge Jeanine addressed the economy question about 10 hours ago.

While the US economy is still in a poor way, Trump's trade policies are the right way to go. If he can turn the ship around Trump will keep winning in the minds of the voters. At the moment people will give Trump the benefit of the doubt if there is any delay because they see he is being obstructed by the establishment and their lapdog media.

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