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Are al-Qaeda Affiliates Fighting Alongside U.S. Rebels in Syria’s South?

DARAA, Syria – At first glance, all appears calm in this southern Syrian city where protests first broke out seven years ago. Residents mill around shops in preparation for the evening Iftar meal when they break their daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

But the tension is nonetheless palpable in this now government-controlled city. A few weeks ago, Russian-brokered reconciliation talks in southern Syria fell apart when Western-backed militants rejected a negotiated peace.

Whether there will now be a full-on battle for the south or not, visits last week to Syria’s three southern governorates, Daraa, Quneitra, and Suweida, reveal a startling possibility: al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise—the Nusra Front—appears to be deeply entrenched alongside these U.S.-backed militants in key, strategic towns and villages scattered throughout the south.

U.S. media and think tanks obfuscate this fact by referring to all opposition fighters as “rebels” or “moderates.” Take a look at their maps and you only see three colors: red for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies, green for opposition forces, black for ISIS.

So then, where is the Nusra Front, long considered by Western pundits to be one of the most potent fighting forces against the SAA? Have they simply—and conveniently—been erased from the Syrian battle map?

Discussions with Syrian military experts, analysts, and opposition fighters during my trip revealed that Nusra is alive and kicking in the southern battlefields. The map below specifically identifies areas in the south controlled by Nusra, but there are many more locations that do not appear where Nusra is present and shares power with other militants.

Despite its U.S. and UN designation as a terrorist organization, Nusra has been openly fighting alongside the “Southern Front,” a group of 54 opposition militias funded and commanded by a U.S.-led war room based in Amman, Jordan called the Military Operations Center (MOC).

Specifics about the MOC aren’t easy to come by, but sources inside Syria—both opposition fighters and Syrian military brass (past and present)—suggest the command center consists of the U.S., UK, France, Jordan, Israel, and some Persian Gulf states.

They say the MOC supplies funds, weapons, salaries, intel, and training to the 54 militias, many of which consist of a mere 200 or so fighters that are further broken down into smaller groups, some only a few dozen strong.

SAA General Ahmad al-Issa, a commander for the frontline in Daraa, says the MOC is a U.S.-led operation that controls the movements of Southern Front “terrorists” and is highly influenced by Israel’s strategic goals in the south of Syria—one of which is to seize control of its bordering areas to create a “buffer” inside Syrian territories.

How does he know this? Issa says his information comes from a cross-section of sources, including reconciled/captured militants and intel from the MOC itself. The general cites MOC’s own rulebook for militants as an example of its Israel-centricity: “One, never threaten or approach any Israeli border in any way. Two, protect the borders with (Israeli-occupied) Golan so no one can enter Israel.”

To illustrate the MOC’s control over southern militants, Issa cites further regulations: “three, never take any military action before clearing with MOC first. Four, if the MOC asks groups to attack or stop, they must do so.”

What happens if these rules are not upheld? “They will get their salaries cut,” says Issa.
The armed opposition groups supported by the MOC are mostly affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), itself an ill-defined, highly fungible group of militants who have changed names and affiliations with frequency during the Syrian conflict.

Over the course of the war, the FSA has fought alongside the Nusra Front and ISIS—some have even joined them. Today, despite efforts to whitewash the FSA and Southern Front as “non-sectarian” and non-extremist, factions like the Yarmouk Army, Mu’tazz Billah Brigade, Salah al-Din Division, Fajr al-Islam Brigade, Fallujah al-Houran Brigade, the Bunyan al-Marsous grouping, Saifollah al-Masloul Brigade, and others are currently occupying keys areas in Daraa in cooperation with the Nusra Front.


US, UK Financing 54 Militia Groups in Syria Despite Trump Vow to ‘Get Out’

Syrian War Report – June 29, 2018: Tiger Forces Liberate Multiple Settlements In Southern Syria

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Drugs, Gangbangers, Convicts Enter U.S. Via Mexico as Media Focuses on Shelter Accommodations

While the mainstream media and much of the nation are preoccupied with sob stories about the shelter accommodations of illegal immigrants, the U.S.-Mexico border remains a cesspool of crime where federal agents have confiscated more than 360,000 pounds of drugs, arrested thousands of individuals with criminal convictions and busted hundreds of violent gangbangers so far this year. The latest statistics issued by the Border Patrol are downright disturbing and illustrate the urgency of properly securing the famously porous southwest border.

Through the end of May 2018, the frontline Department of Homeland (DHS) agency reveals that it seized 360,241 pounds of marijuana, 7,205 pounds of methamphetamine, 5,321 pounds of cocaine, 315 pounds of heroin and 309 pounds of fentanyl. The agency also encountered 18,568 criminal aliens convicted of a crime or wanted by law enforcement and 509 gang members, mostly from the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), a feared street gang of mostly Central American illegal immigrants that’s spread throughout the U.S. and is renowned for drug distribution, murder, rape, robbery, home invasions, kidnappings, vandalism and other violent crimes.

The Justice Department’s National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) says criminal street gangs like the MS-13 are responsible for the majority of violent crimes in the U.S. and are the primary distributors of most illicit drugs. The criminal aliens listed in the 2018 Border Patrol figures include those convicted of felonies such as assault, battery and domestic violence as well as burglary, possession of illegal weapons and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In the last few days alone, as media coverage focuses almost exclusively on the separation of illegal alien families, Border Patrol sectors tasked with guarding the 2,000-mile southern border report large quantities of smuggled drugs and other illicit activity from Mexico.

Just a few days ago a 
Honduran man, convicted of raping a child, was caught trying to re-enter the U.S. through the Eagle Pass station in Texas. The man is a registered sex offender in Houston who got deported after serving a five-year sentence. Press release after press release issued by the Border Patrol in the past week alone offer alarming details of the crime that has gripped the Mexican border region. Drug smuggling appears to be the most popular activity with most southern border sectors reporting multiple busts in the last few weeks.

More than 
123 pounds of methamphetamine were seized in one day in Arizona’s Port of San Luis last week and a day later the Laredo sector in Texas seized nearly 26 pounds of methamphetamine. Less than 24 hours earlier, the Laredo sector seized $4.2 million worth of crystal meth at the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge.

In the same week, federal agents in Hidalgo Texas confiscated nearly 
$3 million worth of methamphetamine and agents in nearby Pharr discovered commercial trailer moving more than half a million dollars in heroin from Mexico.

This week, officers in New Mexico seized more than 
$1.1 million in narcotics smuggled in a wrecked vehicle and violent gangbangers were captured by Border Patrol in Arizona, California and Texas. One of the men, a Mexican national arrested in El Centro California, was convicted of child molestation. Another Mexican national apprehended near San Ysidro California  was convicted of murder and served more than three decades in prison, the government states in its press release. Two of the illegal immigrants—one arrested in Three Points Arizona and the other in McAllen Texas—are members of the MS-13.

Circling back to the media frenzy involving the supposed separation of illegal immigrant families, Judicial Watch spent a few days on the U.S.-Mexico border last week and spoke to Border Patrol and U.S. Customs officers who say the vast majority of kids arriving from Mexico are either totally unaccompanied or with adults that are not their parents.

In a June 18 
White House press briefing, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said illegal immigrants are separated if there’s no documentation to confirm the claimed relationship between an adult and a child or if the parent is a national security, public or safety risk, including when there are criminal charges at issue. “We also separate a parent and child if the adult is suspected of human trafficking,”

Nielsen said. “There have been cases where minors have been used and trafficked by unrelated adults in an effort to avoid detention.  And I’d stop here to say, in the last five months, we have a 314 percent increase in adults and children arriving at the border, fraudulently claiming to be a family unit.”

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The Legacy Media is Pretty Much Just Making Things Up Blatantly Now (Styx)

Huffpost blames 4chan for the Annapolis shooting attack.

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American Media, Soviet Tactics

The job of a journalist is to report facts, add context where necessary, and leave it to the consumer to decide what he thinks. In this video, James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas, explains why fewer and fewer people trust modern-day “journalism.”

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War Plan Purple - Sargon

The salt mines are open for business.

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Gerald Celente(NS) !!!! - NO CRASH, NO COLLAPSE

The solution is a self sustaining economy. (Excuse Celente's Infowars promo!)

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The Truth About Comedy (PJW)

Political correctness ruined it, but the backlash is here.

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Gold, Civil War, Election Fraud, and Propaganda. Michael Rivero

Volcano, DOJ/FBI, Mueller, Maxine, and Bernie
Guest's website;

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Jordan Peterson: Why Globalism Fails and Nationalism is Relatable

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'Zulu is Racist' - Sargon

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Andrew Breitbart's Epic Interview on MSNBC

Martin Bashir tries to pin Andrew Breitbart into a corner but Andrew takes him down with a dose a reality.

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How Long Can The Federal Reserve Stave Off the Inevitable? — Paul Craig Roberts

When are America’s global corporations and Wall Street going to sit down with President Trump and explain to him that his trade war is not with China but with them? The biggest chunk of America’s trade deficit with China is the offshored production of America’s global corporations. When the corporations bring the products that they produce in China to the US consumer market, the products are classified as imports from China.
Six years ago when I was writing The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, I concluded on the evidence that half of US imports from China consist of the offshored production of US corporations.  Offshoring is a substantial benefit to US corporations because of much lower labor and compliance costs. Profits, executive bonuses, and shareholders’ capital gains receive a large boost from offshoring. The costs of these benefits for a few fall on the many—the former American employees who formerly had a middle class income and expectations for their children.

In my book, I cited evidence that during the first decade of the 21st century “the US lost 54,621 factories, and manufacturing employment fell by 5 million employees. Over the decade, the number of larger factories (those employing 1,000 or more employees) declined by 40 percent. US factories employing 500-1,000 workers declined by 44 percent; those employing between 250-500 workers declined by 37 percent, and those employing between 100-250 workers shrunk by 30 percent. These losses are net of new start-ups. Not all the losses are due to offshoring. Some are the result of business failures” (p. 100).

In other words, to put it in the most simple and clear terms, millions of Americans lost their middle class jobs not because China played unfairly, but because American corporations betrayed the American people and exported their jobs. “Making America great again” means dealing with these corporations, not with China. When Trump learns this, assuming anyone will tell him, will he back off China and take on the American global corporations?

The loss of middle class jobs has had a dire effect on the hopes and expectations of Americans, on the American economy, on the finances of cities and states and, thereby, on their ability to meet pension obligations and provide public services, and on the tax base for Social Security and Medicare, thus threatening these important elements of the American consensus. In short, the greedy corporate elite have benefitted themselves at enormous cost to the American people and to the economic and social stability of the United States.

The job loss from offshoring also has had a huge and dire impact on Federal Reserve policy. With the decline in income growth, the US economy stalled. The Federal Reserve under Alan Greenspan substituted an expansion in consumer credit for the missing growth in consumer income in order to maintain aggregate consumer demand. Instead of wage increases, Greenspan relied on an increase in consumer debt to fuel the economy.

The credit expansion and consequent rise in real estate prices, together with the deregulation of the banking system, especially the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, produced the real estate bubble and the fraud and mortgage-backed derivatives that gave us the 2007-08 financial crash.

The Federal Reserve responded to the crash not by bailing out consumer debt but by bailing out the debt of its only constituency—the big banks. The Federal Reserve let little banks fail and be bought up by the big ones, thus further increasing financial concentration. The multi-trillion dollar increase in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet was entirely for the benefit of a handful of large banks. Never before in history had an agency of the US government acted so decisively in behalf only of the ownership class.

The way the Federal Reserve saved the irresponsible large banks, which should have failed and have been broken up, was to raise the prices of troubled assets on the banks’ books by lowering interest rates. To be clear, interest rates and bond prices move in opposite directions. When interest rates are lowered by the Federal Reserve, which it achieves by purchasing debt instruments, the prices of bonds rise. As the various debt risks move together, lower interest rates raise the prices of all debt instruments, even troubled ones. Raising the prices of debt instruments produced solvent balance sheets for the big banks.

To achieve its aim, the Federal Reserve had to lower the interest rates to zero, which even the low reported inflation reduced to negative interest rates. These low rates had disastrous consequences. On the one hand low interest rates caused all sorts of speculations. On the other low interest rates deprived retirees of interest income on their retirement savings, forcing them to draw down capital, thus reducing accumulated wealth among the 90 percent. The under-reported inflation rate also denied retirees Social Security cost-of-living adjustments, forcing them to spend retirement capital.
The low interest rates also encouraged corporate boards to borrow money in order to buy back the corporation’s stock, thus raising its price and, thereby, the bonuses and stock options of executives and board members and the capital gains of shareholders. In other words, corporations indebted themselves for the short-term benefit of executives and owners. Companies that refused to participate in this scam were threatened by Wall Street with takeovers.

Consequently today the combination of offshoring and Federal Reserve policy has left us a situation in which every aspect of the economy is indebted—consumers, government at all levels, and businesses. A recent Federal Reserve study concluded that Americans are so indebted and so poor that 41 percent of the American population cannot raise $400 without borrowing from family and friends or selling personal possessions.

A country whose population is this indebted has no consumer market. Without a consumer market there is no economic growth, other than the false orchestrated figures produced by the US government by under counting the inflation rate and the unemployment rate.

Without economic growth, consumers, businesses, state, local, and federal governments cannot service their debts and meet their obligations.

The Federal Reserve has learned that it can keep afloat the Ponzi scheme that is the US economy by printing money with which to support financial asset prices. The alleged rises in interest rates by the Federal Reserve are not real interest rates rises. Even the under-reported inflation rate is higher than the interest rate increases, with the result that the real interest rate falls.

It is no secret that the Federal Reserve controls the price of bonds by openly buying and selling US Treasuries. Since 1987 the Federal Reserve can also support the price of US equities. If the stock market tries to sell off, before much damage can be done the Federal Reserve steps in and purchases S&P futures, thus driving up stock prices. In recent years, when corrections begin they are quickly interrupted and the fall is arrested.

As a member of the Plunge Protection Team known officially as the Working Group on Financial Markets, the Federal Reserve has an open mandate to prevent another 1987 “Black Monday.” In my opinion, the Federal Reserve would interpret this mandate as authority to directly intervene.   However, just as the Fed can use the big banks as agents for its control over the price of gold, it can use the Wall Street banks dark pools to manipulate the equity markets. In this way the manipulation can be disguised as banks making trades for clients. The Plunge Protection Team consists of the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the SEC, and the Commodity Futures Trading Corporation. As Washington’s international power comes from the US dollar as world reserve currency, protecting the value of the dollar is essential to American power. Foreign inflows into US equities are part of the dollar’s strength. Thus, the Plunge Protection Team seeks to prevent a market crash that would cause flight from US dollar assets.

Normally so much money creation by the Federal Reserve, especially in conjunction with such a high debt level of the US government and also state and local governments, consumers, and businesses, would cause a falling US dollar exchange rate. Why hasn’t this happened?

For three reasons. One is that the central banks of the other three reserve currencies—the Japanese central bank, the European central bank, and the Bank of England—also print money. Their Quantitative Easing, which still continues, offsets the dollars created by the Federal Reserve and keeps the US dollar from depreciating.

A second reason is that when suspicion of the dollar’s worth sends up the gold price, the Federal Reserve or its bullion banks short gold futures with naked contracts. This drives down the gold price.  There are numerous columns on my website by myself and Dave Kranzler proving this to be the case. There is no doubt about it.

The third reason is that money managers, individuals, pension funds, everyone and all the rest had rather make money than not. Therefore, they go along with the Ponzi scheme. The people who did not benefit from the Ponzi scheme of the past decade are those who understood it was a Ponzi scheme but did not realize the corruption that has beset the Federal Reserve and the central bank’s ability and willingness to continue to feed the Ponzi scheme.

As I have explained previously, the Ponzi scheme falls apart when it becomes impossible to continue to support the dollar as burdened as the dollar is by debt levels and abundance of dollars that could be dumped on the exchange markets.
This is why Washington is determined to retain its hegemony. It is Washington’s hegemony over Japan, Europe, and the UK that protects the American Ponzi scheme. The moment one of these central banks ceases to support the dollar, the others would follow, and the Ponzi scheme would unravel. If the prices of US debt and stocks were reduced to their real values, the United States would no longer have a place in the ranks of world powers.

The implication is that war, and not economic reform, is America’s most likely future.

In a subsequent column I hope to explain why neither US political party has the awareness and capability to deal with real problems.

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Peter Salemi-Throwback: Clinton & Obama Slammed Illegal Immigration During Their SOTUs

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Sweden’s Mass Swing to the Nationalist Right!!!

Here's why Sweden is experiencing a paradigm shift just ahead of their September elections.

Polls indicate a shift to the right. Also note that the polls likely underplay this shift, like what happened with Trump in the USA. In the US a lot of people didn't want to admit the would vote right when they had previously been a left wing voter.

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Marine Le Pen – The Next President of France? - Bill Still

Marine Le Pen, who lost her race against globalist French President Emmanuel Macron one year ago is back and rising fast in popularity.
Le Pen, who was returned to the French National Assembly as the representative for the Pas-de-Calais shortly after her loss, has continued criticizing President Macron for his pro-mass migration stance.
Since his election, and despite trying to stand up to President Trump at the recent G-7 meeting, Macron’s popularity has plummeted from a high of 64% last June, to 54% in July, and now stands at 34% - the biggest decline in the history of the French presidency.
Despite his polling numbers, France’s youngest president ever recently attacked Italy’s new populist government, warning that Euroskepticism is spreading “like leprosy”.
Le Pen has warned that the EU is immigrationist and cannot be trusted to control Europe’s borders. In a recent interview an FranceInfo, she attacked Macron for denouncing the populist movements rising across Europe.
La Pen praised Italian Matteo Salvini, leader of the nationalist Lega party for closing Italy’s ports to the frequently Soros-funded NGO “rescue” ships which collect African migrants a few miles off the coast of North Africa and ferry them across the Med to European harbors where they quietly disappear into the interior.
Le Pen – as well as a shockingly-huge majority – 80% of Italians – support returning the migrants back to their port of departure in Libya.
Le Pen said that the EU should return border control to the nation states of the EU and dissolve the Schengen area, which Interpol head Robert Noble once described as “effectively an international passport-free zone for terrorists.”

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In a further sign the US is losing the dominance of the world’s economic system which it has enjoyed since the end of World War 2, Russia is massively divesting from US securities.

In April, Russia dumped $47 billion in US bonds – roughly half of the US debt it holds.

US President Trump’s escalating tariff war, plus ever-expanding US sanctions on Russia, could also be contributing factors to Moscow’s decision to increasingly ditch dollars.

In exchange, Russia is turning to an ancient and time-tested store of value: gold.

The question is, as the US trade war with China escalates, will Beijing follow suit?

Here’s more from RT:

US sanctions have forced Russia to look at ways of securing its foreign reserves. In recent years, Moscow has increased purchases of physical gold and dramatically reduced its share of US debt bonds.

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Yemeni War Report – June 26, 2018: Saudi-led Coalition Facing Setbacks Near al-Hudaydah

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Syrian War Report – June 26, 2018: Syrian Army Liberated Lajat District In Daraa Province


Syrian War Report - June 27, 2018: Militants' Defense Collapsing In Southern Syria

Syrian War Report – June 28, 2018: Syrian Army Clears 5,200km2 Of ISIS Cells

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Bombshell Accusation: Hillary Never Had a State Department Email Address; All Emails Were Sent to Her at Her Private Unsecured Email

Many people have been led to believe Hillary had two separate email accounts. One was a traditional, secure, State Department address, where she received most of her classified information; the other was her personal, sloppily run, wide open, unsecured email, where she received some classified information. But wait.

Paul Sperry (NY Post) has the explosive story. Or, rather, he had it on January 31, 2016. That’s when it was published. What happened to it?

Sperry/2016: “The State Department is lying when it says it didn’t know until it was too late that Hillary Clinton was improperly using personal emails and a private server to conduct official business — because it never set up an agency email address for her in the first place, the department’s former top watchdog says.”

“’This was all planned in advance’ to skirt rules governing federal records management, said Howard J. Krongard, who served as the agency’s [State Department] inspector general from 2005 to 2008.”

“The Harvard-educated lawyer points out that, from Day One, Clinton was never assigned and never used a email address like previous secretaries.”

“’That’s a change in the standard. It tells me that this was premeditated. And this eliminates claims by the State Department that they were unaware of her private email server until later,’ Krongard said in an exclusive interview. ‘How else was she supposed to do business without [an official State Department] email?’”

“He also points to the unusual absence of a permanent [State Department] inspector general during Clinton’s entire 2009-2013 term at the department. He said the 5½-year vacancy was unprecedented.”

“’This is a major gap. In fact, it’s without precedent,’ he said. ‘It’s the longest period any department has gone without an IG’.”

“Inspectors general serve an essential and unique role in the federal government by independently investigating agency waste, fraud and abuse. Their oversight also covers violations of communications security procedures.”

“’It’s clear she did not want to be subject to internal investigations,’ Krongard said. An email audit would have easily uncovered the secret information flowing from classified government networks to the private unprotected system she set up in her New York home.”

“He says ‘the key’ to the FBI’s investigation of Emailgate is determining how highly sensitive state secrets in the classified network, known as SIPRNet, ended up in Clinton’s personal emails.”

“’The starting point of the investigation is the material going through SIPRNet. She couldn’t function without the information coming over SIPRNet,’ Krongard said. ‘How did she get it on her home server? It can’t just jump from one system to the other. Someone had to move it, copy it. The question is who did that?’”

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Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban - Lionel

The Court explicates its holding precisely in this passage contained herein:

The ban] is expressly premised on legitimate purposes and says nothing about religion. The entry restrictions onMuslim-majority nations are limited to countries that were previously designated by Congress or prior administrations as posing national security risks. Moreover, the Proclamation reflects the results of a worldwide review process undertaken by multiple Cabinet officials and their agencies. Plaintiffs challenge the entry suspension based on their perception of its effectiveness and wisdom, but the Court cannot substitute its own assessment for the Executive’s predictive judgments on such matters.

Sounds good to me.

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The Democrats Immigration Hail Mary Has Backfired Badly (Styx)

Mexican border mayhem. The Democrats are failing because they are trying to push an unrealistic blanket amnesty and the media lied about the detention of children.


Ralph Nader Asks Former First Ladies: Why No "Heartfelt Concern for Tens of Thousands of Children Killed or Seriously Maimed" by Their Husbands' Wars?

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Mexico's Double Standard Immigration Laws

Mexico has stricter Immigration laws and no sanctuary cities.

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David Icke - How Do You Deal With Closed Minds?

The trick is that some people will listen. Keep speaking the truth for those individuals. Eventually some of the people with closed minds will rethink their views - especially if you've been proven right over time.

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Who Sponsors The Corbett Report???

The Corbett Report is brought to you by...wait for it...(drum roll please) Yes, you. I know it's not an exciting answer, but it's the truth. No advertising. No corporate backing. No hidden funders. Just people like you. So why not subscribe and help keep this commercial-free material coming? (And yes, Nestle really is being sued for using child slave labour and Bayer really did market heroin as a cough suppressant. Everything else is satire.)

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Summer Snow Europe, Snow Rescues & Arctic Below Normal Temperatures (Adapt 2030)

Summer Snow in Europe from Austria to Italy to Poland, Slovakia and rescues in Ukraine. Massive hail on Italian beaches, massive floods in Greece, more snow on the way and temperatures expected to dip into the 40F range over the next few days. Incredible waterspouts and to top it off Snow in Canada and below normal temperatures in the Arctic.

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Ethan Van Sciver is pointing out that a lot of comic book stores have closed down because of the unsellable comics being offered by major brands. While this is true to a degree, a bigger factor is likely the fact that the US never really recovered from the 2008 recession/collapse. Many thousands of retail stores closed throughout the country, and more are still closing (think Toys R Us).

The central problem is that the US outsourced its wealth and jobs generating industries overseas. After the stock market and housing bubble economy collapsed in 2008 there was no robust grass roots recovery. We largely witnessed what the mainstream press called a "jobless recovery" in stock prices. Without enough jobs less people end up buying comics or other goods. Overall demand is down.

Furthermore there has been a culture change brought on by technology. Most young people are obsessed with what can be made available on their phones or iPads rather than physical objects - such as toys or books. If books or comics can be downloaded cheaply then the modern person will use that medium. The fact that the quality of the comics has dropped, with in-your-face SJW messaging, has compounded this situation.


JAWBREAKERS Artist Jon Malin Teaches SJW Comic Pros How To SELL Comics By Not Being Toxic To Fans (Diversity & Comics)

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'Game Over'? US Cuts Rebels Loose in Southwest Syria (LibertyReport)

One of the final pockets of formerly US-backed rebels in Syria has been given notice by the US that they will not be rescued from a Syrian government advance. Could this be the final chapter of one of the most expensive CIA operations in history?

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Syrian War Report – June 25, 2018: Government Troops Make Rapid Gains In Southern Syria

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US ‘Isolated’ as Iran Moves Closer to EU & Russia – Professor

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned Iran will ‘face the wrath of the world’ if it pursues nuclear weapons. Meanwhile the top diplomats of Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and France are scrambling to rebuild the nuclear deal the United States abandoned in May. Dan Kovalik, professor of international human rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, joins Manila Chan to discuss.

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Brexit: Why Britain Left the European Union

Is the European Union good for Europe? Or would Europeans be better off without it? Nigel Farage, a leader of the United Kingdom's Brexit movement, shares his view.

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If Trump is A Nazi for his Detention System, Obama is a Supernazi (Styx)

Twice as many kids were held in these camps when Obama was president, but the media and congress never turned them into a major political issue to score cheap midterm support:


Trumps' Suggestion of Eliminating Any Legal Process for Deportation

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Sarah Sanders Denied Service at the Red Hen Restaurant, Magically Doesn't Sue (Styx)


Red Hen Restaurant Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders’ Family – FOLLOWED THEM to Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment!

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Trade War: Trump Targets China, Again

The President's trade war with China continues to heat up. President Trump is now planning on barring a list of Chinese companies from investing in U.S. technology firms. The administration also plans to block certain technology exports to Beijing.Now China is reacting by freeing up to 100 billion dollars in its central banks to shore up the nation's small businesses. Chinese officials fear restrictions on U.S. investment may hurt its own national economy. RT America’s Manila Chan analyzes with Commissioner Bart Chilton host of Boom Bust.

US companies exported their technology into China in order to make more profitable products, now Trump is unwinding what happened.

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Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell (Corbett Report)

It is hardly surprising that the first thing Bayer did after completing their takeover of Monsanto earlier this month was to announce that they were dropping the Monsanto name, merging the two companies' agrichemical divisions under the Bayer Crop Science name. After all, as everyone knows, Monsanto is one of the most hated corporations in the world. But Bayer itself has an equally atrocious history of death and destruction. Together they are a match made in hell.

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The Truth About the Border (PJW)

Save me the sanctimonious moralizing; The left doesn't care about the children.

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Lopez Obrador Tells All of Mexico to Flood the US Border If He's Elected (Styx)

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This Week in Stupid (24/06/2018) - Sargon

Article 13 cometh, the menace of white wamen, UK gov sides with TERFs and illegal immigration into the US becomes a human right. How dare you, sir.

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Jordan Peterson: Advice for Hyper-Intellectual People

Intelligent people often lack wisdom.

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At E3, the Feminists Lost - Sargon

Muh 8% representation!

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Thirty Years Of Failed Climate Predictions - Tony Heller

On June 23 1988, NASA's James Hansen testified before Congress and made very specific predictions about global warming. In this video I show how he got them exactly backwards, and how scientists and journalists continue to spread baseless misinformation

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Monday, 25 June 2018

US Warns Damascus to Cease Army Operations in Syria

Concerns have been raised by the State Department this week that the Syrian government is increasing its presence in southwest Syria. Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, Daniel McAdams joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to take a more in-depth look.

The US is trying to stop the Syrian Army from clearing out the terrorists in the South West. The Russians and the Iraqis must fully support the Syrian Army in this matter. Also, the US (and Turk) occupation of Syrian territory is illegal.

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Militants Manufactured Poisonous Agents in Syria Using Western-Made Hardware – Russian Military

Russia’s Defense Ministry has revealed that equipment manufactured by the EU and US was found in a terrorist chemical lab in Syria, which was used to produce explosives and poisonous agents.
The statement was made at a joint briefing by the Russian Foreign and Defense Ministries on Friday, when they displayed the equipment that spokesperson Maria Zakharova said was found in the Syrian town of Douma, near the capital Damascus.

Major General Igor Kirillov, chief of Russia’s Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops, said a lab rigged with explosives was discovered in Douma on April 17, along with a store of chemicals.

The equipment was used to produce PETN explosives, and substances that can be used to produce mustard gas were also found. Some parts of the equipment were produced in the EU and the US, Kirillov said. He added that both the lab and the storage site were shown to OPCW mission that arrived in Douma to investigate an alleged chemical attack, “but did not draw their interest.”

Zakharova added that Russia is ready to present this evidence to other countries. The Russian military say they found more than 40 tons of chemical agents in total in areas freed from terrorists in Syria.

Kirillov also claimed that the “imitation” of a chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun in 2017 was staged by the controversial group the White Helmets. A shell hole on the site had characteristics of a small ground-based explosion, and not a bomb dropped by aircraft, he said, adding that the crater was filled with concrete even before the OPCW investigation.

He also referred to the images that were made in the initial hours following the incident, which showed people at the site of the ‘attack’ not wearing protective gear. This would have been impossible if sarin had been used, Kirillov said.
He proceeded to criticize reports produced by the OPCW on Syria, which he accused of an “unprofessional approach” for investigating and making conclusions in relation to incidents in Khan Shaykhun, Saraqib and Al-Lataminah without dispatching experts on the ground.

It is not surprising that the OPCW reports are often riddled with words like ‘allegedly’ or ‘reportedly,’ he added, saying: “Such lexicon is unacceptable for a serious document, which is supposed to be based on irrefutable evidence.”

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"Hillary Clinton's Lawyers Deleted Whatever Emails They Wanted" Michael Horowitz Shocking Confession

The NSA has full records of all the deleted email material should this be required. Hillary has already done enough to be sent to prison.

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Just Over The U.S. Border, A Once Mighty Nation Is In The Process Of A Complete And Total Societal Meltdown

What would the United States look like right now if 113 political figures had been gunned down since last September?  Well, that is precisely what has happened in Mexico.  Once upon a time, Mexico had a thriving economy and a very stable government, but now the nation is devolving into a Mad Max society in which the drug cartels gun down any politicians that they do not like.  As you will see below, the murder rate has surged to the highest level ever recorded, and no end to the violence is in sight.  In fact, the drug cartels seem to just get more brutal with each passing day.  When the Mexican government has cracked down on one of the big cartels in the past, it has just seemed to cause four or five smaller ones to emerge to replace it.  At this point, none of the major politicians are speaking very specifically about going after the cartels, because they have seen what happens to political figures that do.  On July 1st, the Mexican people are expected to elect a radical leftist known as “AMLO” as their next president, and many anticipate that this will accelerate Mexico’s downward spiral.  And everyone in the United States needs to pay close attention to what is happening in Mexico right now, because the exact same societal pressures that are causing Mexico to implode are percolating here as well.

Those that follow my work on a regular basis know that I like to carefully document everything that I write, and so let me begin by showing you that I did not make up the number of Mexican political figures that have been assassinated in recent months.

According to Axios, 113 Mexican politicians really have been murdered since last September…

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Catherine Austin Fitts – Establishment Stole $50 Trillion & Want to Keep It

Financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says, “The establishment has stolen $50 trillion plus, and they want to keep it, and they want to invest it in the space based economy and not have to give it back to the pension funds. One of the most important techniques they are going to use to do that is basically with digital control, with both of the currency, as well as the systems that do surveillance and control. So, (they think) if we can get 7 billion people on smart phones and 5G coming in from satellites or land, anyway you do it, and everybody has a digital currency, and if you don’t behave, you turn off their currency. We are talking about ways of controlling people through the digital systems which are very, very invasive. . . . If you look at the policies going on, whether it’s the effort to bring in the guns or effort to force cashless, those who are centralizing control of the economy, they want to make sure they have control because when they invest that money, they want to make sure it makes their wealth go up and not the general population’s wealth go up. They don’t want to have to refund those monies back into the pension funds or Social Security. They want to be able to say, well, the money is gone, and we spent too much of it and did not balance the books and etcetera, etcetera. So, this is what this is about. This is about who is going to allocate what resources that are there, and are they going to be in a position to harvest and drain the American taxpayer.”

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Angry Aussie Wants Men to Take Collective Responsibility for All Female Victims (Bearing)

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Are Women 40% of Marvel Comics Readers...Or 4%? (Diversity & Comics)

Understanding your audience and market is key.

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Syrian War Report – June 22, 2018: US-led Coalition Strikes Syrian Army Near At-Tanf

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Yemeni War Report – June 22, 2018: Iranian Navy Dispatches Warships To Gulf Of Aden

The battle for the airport is still ongoing.


UAE Officers Film Themselves Raping, Torturing Men In Yemen "Hidden Prisons"
Hundreds of prisoners in southern Yemen swept up on suspicion of belonging to al-Qaida or ISIS are being systematically raped, tortured and humiliated in at least five out of 18 UAE-controlled "hidden prisons," according to seven witnesses who spoke to AP, which also obtained letters and drawings smuggled out of one prison in Aden.

Emiratis have swept up hundreds of Yemeni men into a network of at least 18 hidden prisons on suspicion of being al-Qaida or Islamic State militants. The prisoners are held without charges or trials.

Witnesses said Yemeni guards working under the direction of Emirati officers have used various methods of sexual torture and humiliation. They raped detainees while other guards filmed the assaults. They electrocuted prisoners’ genitals or hung rocks from their testicles. They sexually violated others with wooden and steel poles.

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Sex-Traffickers use “Scrubbing” to Sell Girls Online

Motels and airlines face litigation for aiding sex-traffickers.

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The FBI and DOJ are covering up the crimes of Hillary Clinton, who is a massively corrupt deep state actor with ties to crooked CIA operations and more.

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Watch Democrats Change their Tune on Immigration! Hilarious

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Melania Helps Her Husband Troll the Entire Media for only 39 Dollars

Clearly inadvertent" lol.

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Marxism is ignorant of the Pareto principle | Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein

Marx observed in capitalist economies the manifestation of a fundamental law — the Pareto principle. However, he erred in his diagnosis and prescription for the problem. Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein explain.

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Hungary Passes “Stop Soros” Law - Bill Still

Unlike in the U.S. today, where American communists are able to flood the MSM zone with pro-illegal and anti-Trump propaganda, today, the Hungarian Parliament passed a package of bills throwing significantly tighter controls on illegal immigration.
Called the “Stop-Soros” laws, the legislation made it illegal for Soros-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help illegals enter the country and find loopholes in existing law to remain without proper documentation.
Prime Minister Viktor Orban has led eastern European opposition to EU quotas designed to cover for the open immigration mistakes made by Germany’s Angela Merkel. Orban has accused Soros of encouraging mass immigration to undermine Europe.
“The Hungarian people rightfully expect the government to use all means necessary to combat illegal immigration and the activities that aid it,” Interior Minister Sandor Pinter wrote in a justification attached to the draft legislation.
In addition, today, Parliament also passed a new constitutional amendment making any European Union attempt to force illegal alien resettlement programs on Hungary unconstitutional.
This week, President Trump noted that tough stances on immigration were becoming increasingly popular with European voters, recently bringing recent election victories to populists in Italy and Austria, and denying Angela Merkel an outright victory in Germany. Now, with Merkel’s popularity dropping sharply, Hungary’s constitutional amendment blocking any EU-mandate to absorb the illegals flooding Germany may be the final nail in Frau Merkel’s coffin.

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Trump tariffs drive $500M investment in a new Ohio steel plant

JSW Steel USA CEO John Hritz says the company is investing $500M to build a steel plant in Ohio instead of India during a First on FOX Business interview with Edward Lawrence.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

This is what must happen world wide to create jobs and drive development. Every country, where possible, needs to have its own key industries, that supply a domestic economy. While not efficient, such a set up will lift all boats.

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Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance - Paul Craig Roberts

In this column I am going to use three of the current top news stories to illustrate the disconnect that is everywhere in the Western mind.
Let us begin with the family separation issue. The separation of children from immigrant/refugee/asylum parents has caused such public outcry that President Trump has backed off his policy and signed an executive order terminating family separation.
The horror of children locked up in warehouses operated by private businesses making a profit off of US taxpayers, while parents are prosecuted for illegal entry, woke even self-satisfied “exceptional and indispensable” Americans out of their stupor. It is a mystery that the Trump regime chose to discredit its border enforcement policy by separating families. Perhaps the policy was intended to deter illegal immigration by sending the message that if you come to America your children will be taken from you.
The question is: How is it that Americans can see and reject the inhumane border control policy and not see the inhumanity of family destruction that has been the over-riding result of Washington’s destruction in whole or part of seven or eight countries in the 21st century?
Millions of people have been separated from families by death inflicted by Washington, and for almost two decades protests have been almost nonexistent. No public outcry stopped George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump from clear and indisputable illegal acts defined in international law established by the US itself as war crimes against the inhabitants of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. We can add to this an eighth example: The military attacks by the US armed and supported neo-Nazi puppet state of Ukraine against the breakaway Russian provinces.
The massive deaths, destruction of towns, cities, infrastructure, the maiming, physical and mental, the dislocation that has sent millions of refugees fleeing Washington’s wars to overrun Europe, where governments consist of a collection of idiot stooges who supported Washington’s massive war crimes in the Middle East and North Africa, produced no outcry comparable to Trump’s immigration policy.

How can it be that Americans can see inhumanity in the separation of families in immigration enforcement but not in the massive war crimes committed against peoples in eight countries? Are we experiencing a mass psychosis form of cognitive dissonance?
We now move to the second example: Washington’s withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council.
On November 2, 1917, two decades prior to the holocaust attributed to National Socialist Germany, British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour wrote to Lord Rothschild that Great Britain supported Palestine becoming a Jewish homeland. In other words, the corrupt Balfour dismissed the rights and lives of the millions of Palestinians who had occupied Palestine for two millennia or more. What were these people compared to Rothschild’s money? They were nothing to the British Foreign Secretary.

Balfour’s attitude toward the rightful inhabitants of Palestine is the same as the British attitude toward the peoples in every colony or territory over which British power prevailed. Washington learned this habit and has consistently repeated it.

Just the other day Trump’s UN ambassador Nikki Haley, the crazed and insane lapdog of Israel, announced that Washington had withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council, because it is “a cesspool of political bias” against Israel.
What did the UN Human Rights Council do to warrant this rebuke from Israel’s agent, Nikki Haley? The Human Rights Council denounced Israel’s policy of murdering Palestinians—medics, young children, mothers, old women and old men, fathers, teenagers.
To criticize Israel, no matter how great and obvious is Israel’s crime, means that you are an anti-semite and a “holocaust denier.” For Nikki Haley and Israel, this places the UN Human Rights Council in the Hitler-worshipping Nazi ranks.

The absurdity of this is obvious, but few, if any, can detect it. Yes, the rest of the world, with the exception of Israel, has denounced Washington’s decision, not only Washington’s foes and the Palestinians, but also Washington’s puppets and vassals as well.

To see the disconnect, it is necessary to pay attention to the wording of the denunciations of Washington.

A spokesperson for the European Union said that Washington’s withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council “risks undermining the role of the US as a champion and supporter of democracy on the world stage.” Can anyone image a more idiotic statement? Washington is known as a supporter of dictatorships that adhere to Washington’s will. Washington is known as a destroyer of every Latin American democracy that elected a president who represented the people of the country and not the New York banks, US commercial interests, and US foreign policy.
Name one place where Washington has been a supporter of democracy. Just to speak of the most recent years, the Obama regime overthrew the democratically elected government of Honduras and imposed its puppet. The Obama regime overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine and imposed a neo-Nazi regime. Washington overthrew the governments in Argentina and Brazil, is trying to overthrow the government in Venezuela, and has Bolivia in its crosshairs along with Russia and Iran.
Margot Wallstrom, Sweden’s Foreign Minister, said: “It saddens me that the US has decided to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council. It comes at a time when the world needs more human rights and a stronger UN – not the opposite.” Why in the world does Wallstrom think that the presence of Washington, a known destroyer of human rights—just ask the millions of refugees from Washington’s war crimes overrunning Europe and Sweden—on the Human Rights Council would strengthen rather than undermine the Council? Wallstrom’s disconnect is awesome. It is so extreme as to be unbelievable.
Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, spoke for the most fawning of all of Washington’s vassals when she said that she was concerned by the UN Human Rights Council’s “anti-Israel bias.” Here you have a person so utterly brainwashed that she is unable to connect to anything real.

The third example is the “trade war” Trump has launched against China. The Trump regime’s claim is that due to unfair practices China has a trade surplus with the US of nearly $400 billion. This vast sum is supposed to be due to “unfair practices” on China’s part. In actual fact, the trade deficit with China is due to Apple, Nike, Levi, and to the large number of US corporations who produce offshore in China the products that they sell to Americans. When the offshored production of US corporations enter the US, they are counted as imports.
I have been pointing this out for many years going back to my testimony before the US Congress China Commission. I have written numerous articles published almost everywhere. They are summarized in my 2013 book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

The presstitute financial media, the corporate lobbyists, which includes many “name” academic economists, and the hapless American politicians whose intellect is almost non-existent are unable to recognize that the massive US trade deficit is the result of jobs offshoring. This is the level of utter stupidity that rules America.

In The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, I exposed the extraordinary error made by Matthew J. Slaughter, a member of President George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, who incompetently claimed that for every US job offshored two US jobs were created. I also exposed as a hoax a “study” by Harvard University professor Michael Porter for the so-called Council on Competitiveness, a lobby group for offshoring, that made the extraordinary claim that the US work force was benefitting from the offshoring of their high productivity, high value-added jobs.
The idiot American economists, the idiot American financial media, and the idiot American policymakers still have not comprehended that jobs offshoring destroyed America’s economic prospects and pushed China to the forefront 45 years ahead of Washington’s expectations.

To sum this up, the Western mind, and the minds of the Atlanticist Integrationist Russians and pro-American Chinese youth, are so full of propagandistic nonsense that there is no connection to reality.

There is the real world and there is the propagandistic made-up world that covers over the real world and serves special interests. My task is to get people out of the made-up world and into the real world. Support my efforts.

Support PCR is you can.

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Yemeni War Report – June 21, 2018: al-Hudaydah Airport Still Remains Contested

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So Liberals Suddenly Care About Children...Just Not America's

After years of Obama not giving a rip who came into our country illegally, the Trump administration finally began enforcing our immigration law and suddenly, it’s all about the children.

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Mueller’s Bumbling and Hysterical Special Counsel Team Is Getting Pummeled in Court – Media Is Ignoring All of This

The attorneys representing Concord Management, one of the Russian Companies that the corrupt Mueller team accused of impacting the 2016 Presidential election, crushed the “Unlawfully Appointed Special Counsel” in court last week again.

They continue to make a laughing stock out of the Mueller team of misfit and conflicted attorneys.

Mueller’s team of ignorant and misguided attorneys really have no chance. They never expected anyone to take them to court on their fake Russian indictments and are certainly no match for the attorneys representing Concord Management.

We first reported that Concord Management’s lawyer’s previously said Mueller indicted “the proverbial ham sandwich.” The reason the Concord Management attorneys called the case a ‘proverbial ham sandwich’ was because one of the entities indicted by the Mueller team, Concord Catering, was not in existence at the time the crimes were alleged to have taken place.

Next we reported on May 18th that the Mueller case against the Russians was falling apart. Lawyers defending the Russian company Concord Management indicted by the corrupt Mueller team again called out Mueller’s liberal hacks and labeled their allegations as “made up” nonsense. Concord Management’s lawyers revealed that Mueller’s team ignored over 70 discovery requests they had made for information before the case. In response Mueller’s team offered to give Concord Management’s lawyers a massive amount of social media data from those dangerous trolls (jk) who sought to influence the US election and the majority of it was in RUSSIAN. Mueller’s lawyers then admitted they don’t even have English translations for the Russian social media posts.

So Mueller’s lawyers don’t have English translations to the Russian social media posts but we’re supposed to believe that Americans were influenced by these posts? Then among other things previously reported, Mueller’s corrupt attorney Jeannie Rhee went on to align the 10 Russians identified by the Mueller team as members of an ‘organization’. The Russian company’s attorney responded to the judge who apparently understood that these Russians were all members of Concord Management. He said:

No that’s not correct. The individual defendants? No. It’s not even alleged who they are. They’re alleged to be associated with something called an “organization,” which is a made up thing by the special counsel. They just made it up, and they called it an “organization”. We’re not even alleged to be part of the organization. We’re alleged to have funded it. But those people don’t work for us. It’s not alleged they they work for us.

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India Joins International Group Dumping US Dollars in Oil Trades to Bypass US Sanctions

When Donald Trump’s administration decided to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, the goal was to partner with allies to push Iran to negotiate a new agreement through even tougher sanctions. The new agreement would cover nuclear activities as well as ballistic missiles and destabilizing Iranian activity in Syria, Yemen and beyond.

World leaders in Asia and Europe, in particular, are reasonably sure that Washington really wants to see the collapse of the Iranian regime in order to control oil flows.
This was an arrogant miscalculation by Washington used to bullying its way around the geopolitical chessboard.
In 2015, under pressure from US sanctions, Russia decided to make moves to drop the USD on oil transactions. Gazprom Neft, the third-largest oil producer in Russia, moved away from the dollar and towards the Chinese yuan and other Asian currencies.
On March 26 this year, China finally launched a yuan-dominated oil futures contract. Over the last decade there have been a number of “false starts,” but this time the contract got approval from China’s State Council.
With that approval, the “petroyuan” became real and China set out to challenge the “petrodollar” for dominance. Adam Levinson, managing partner and chief investment officer at hedge fund manager Graticule Asset Management Asia (GAMA), already warned last year that China launching a yuan-denominated oil futures contract will shock those investors who have not been paying attention.
Paying attention is what those very same investors are now doing.
Already, the petroyuan has proven successful. 15.4 million barrels of crude for delivery in September changing hands over two and a half hours in its first day of trading.
With Washington’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, the EU27 backed by Britain decided enough was enough and concentrated efforts to protect business to side-step US sanctions for trading with Iran.
Then comes the news yesterday that India will reportedly pay for Iranian oil in rupees as the two countries seek to bypass the US economic pressure on Tehran.
China is the world’s biggest buyer of oil. America is the second and India is the third. Whilst the USA buys about $110 billion of oil each year – China and India combined – buys nearly $200 billion. The EU including Britain buys another $200 billion.
On oil trades – America is outgunned by the combined weight of its competitors.
These moves will not cause the USD to crash as about 88 per cent of the average daily turnover of foreign exchange instruments is against the dollar.
It took the US dollar nearly a century to unsettle the British pound that had been enjoying its preeminence through the 19th century and the first half of the 20th as the global reserve currency.
However, Washington may well be reeling from the fact that they don’t really have many friends any more.

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Keiser Report (E1243): Market Manipulation

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Dublin, Ireland, Max and Stacy discuss the ‘special place in hell’ for those previously known as our closest allies. They also discuss the UK’s plan to enforce ‘online civility’ through a Chinese-developed technique of ‘online identities.’ In the second half, Max interviews Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr, about real-time data and decentralization.

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Friday, 22 June 2018

Israel Kills 52 Syrian/Iraqi Anti-ISIS Fighters, as US Takes Aim at Iran

An air attack in eastern Syria killed 52 Syrian and Iraqi government-backed forces who were fighting ISIS. They blamed the US, but it said Israel is responsible. Max Blumenthal says this is part of a larger campaign to destabilize and fragment Syria and weaken its ally Iran.

To strike so far away from Israel they would need US support.

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Syrian War Report – June 20, 2018: Syrian Army Attacks Militants In Daraa Province

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No, Trump Isn’t ‘Losing’ Immigrant Kids Or Ripping Apart Families. Here Are the FACTS.

No, the Trump administration did not “lose” 1,500 immigrant kids. They aren’t ripping children away from their mothers or keeping children in dog kennels. And if you’ve bought into the media’s lies about all this? Listen up.

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The media and political class become more and more outraged over the Trump administration’s decision to detain and prosecute immigrants illegally crossing the border.

Lost in the debate is any acknowledgment that President Obama’s administration also used detention facilities.

Current U.S. immigration laws, when enforced, have the consequence of temporarily separating adults who arrive with children into separate detention facilities in order to prosecute the adults.

The policy of prosecuting immigrants for crossing the border illegally has been in place for multiple administrations. The Obama administration prosecuted half a million illegal immigrants and similarly separated families in the process. So did the Bush administration.


Donald Trump: Congress Must Let Us Deport Children and Families Together

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James Woods Has Perfect Response to Crooked Hillary’s Faux Outrage Over ‘Trump’s Immigration Policy’

Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt, criminal liars to ever hold public office in this country had the nerve to cite a Bible verse and beg for money from her Twitter account to fight against current immigration laws that separate illegal alien children from ‘parents’ at the border.

This exact law was in place during the Obama years, but now since Trump is president, it is suddenly a humanitarian crisis and Republicans are evil for allowing it to happen.

We have no definitive proof the children are even related to the adults they show up with at the border which only encourages child trafficking.

In fact, Saagar Enjeti from The Daily Caller reports, “single males with ‘children’ are increasingly arriving. Neither the child nor the adult can answer basic questions about each other, authorities suspect rampant fraud.”

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Ann Coulter: ‘Of Course’ the Left Is ‘Using Children’ to Push Open Borders

New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says it is typical of the establishment media and political Left to use the issue of child border crossers arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border to push their open borders agenda.

In an interview with talk radio host Howie Carr, Coulter said, “of course” media pundits, the open borders lobby, and Democrats are using President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy at the border as a way to gain support for their preferred mass immigration and cheap labor economic model.

Coulter said:
Who cares if this started under Trump or Obama. What the Left’s argument is: “Trump is a liar, therefore we get to wreck your country.” No, no these are fake phony frauds. This is a political movement to bring people in. Of course they’re using children. Of course they’re having children weeping and crying. What are we going to do, take in all of Latin America? And by the way, these are the people who say that America itself, “Oh, we’re a hateful country, we’re misogynist and the rape culture, and we’re so racist, racist, racist.” They’re always telling us how racist Americans are. Why would you want to bring people into a country that’s such a horrible place? [Emphasis added]



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