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Syrian Voices Muted by Western Media for 7 Years – Independent Journo

Local Syrian doctors have testified that they saw no patients with signs of chemical poisoning in the aftermath of the alleged attack in the city of Douma. RT asked independent researcher Vanessa Beeley, who returned from Douma just days ago, about what she saw.

A great point made by Beeley is that the war in Syria has been maintained by Western media lies. Mainstream media facilitates mass murder.


Stockholm syndrome? Media ready to fly flags of 'Islamist fanatic formations in Syria' – Galloway  

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Syrian War Report – April 27, 2018: Russia EW Systems ‘Disabling’ U.S. EC-130 EW Aircraft

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Amnesty Demands Arms Embargo to End Israel’s “Murderous Assault”

“Israel is carrying out a murderous assault against protesting Palestinians, with its armed forces killing and maiming demonstrators who pose no imminent threat to them,” Amnesty International said on Friday as thousands of Palestinians taking part in Great March of Return rallies in Gaza faced Israeli bullets for the fifth week.

Over those weeks, Amnesty stated, “the Israeli military has killed 35 Palestinians and injured more than 5,500 others – some with what appear to be deliberately inflicted life-changing injuries.”

“In most of the fatal cases analyzed by Amnesty International victims were shot in the upper body, including the head and the chest, some from behind,” the group stated.

“Eyewitness testimonies, video and photographic evidence suggest that many were deliberately killed or injured while posing no immediate threat to the Israeli soldiers.”

In video at the top of this page, Amnesty states that Israel is carrying out these crimes using weapons,including the American-mde Remington M24 sniper rifle, which is sold in the United States “as a hunting rifle to kill deer.”

The video also highlights the case of Muhammad Khalil Obeid, a Palestinian footballer whose promising career was ended when an Israeli sniper shot him in both knees.

Amnesty also pointed to the evidence provided by doctors and medical personnel “that many of the serious injuries they have witnessed are to the lower limbs, including the knees, which are typical of war wounds that they have not observed since the 2014 Gaza conflict.”

The charities Medical Aid for Palestinians and Médecins Sans Frontières have also extensively documented “horrific injuries” likely to leave hundreds of people with permanent disabilities.

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Igniting Fallujah: US Killings of Protesters in 2003 that Signaled Start of Insurgency

Exactly 15 years ago US occupation troops stationed in Fallujah opened fire on a crowd of protesters, arguably marking the start of the unending insurgency and ever-perpetrating violence in Iraq.

The name Fallujah is mostly associated with two bloody battles fought for it by the US-led coalition in 2004 for the US public. Some may recall how the first battle was in response to an ambush of a convoy, in which US contractors from the private military company Blackwater were killed, their bodies desecrated and hanged from a bridge over the river Euphrates. Younger generations may recall that Fallujah was in the hands of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) until yet another siege in 2006 forced them out.

Rewind to April 2003. George W Bush has already given his “mission accomplished” speech, the US-led coalition is busy giving the press updates on the number of captured former Saddam Hussein officials. Fallujah, a conservative and predominantly Sunni Muslim city some 50 kilometers west of Baghdad, sees an influx of American troops, who take over former government buildings and establish bases of operation.

The residents are naturally unhappy with the presence of armed foreigners. The US soldiers, rumors say, use their night goggles to spy on women, compromising their honor. They have dirty pictures and have been showing them to children.

Amid the tensions comes April 28, the birthday of the ousted Iraqi leader, who many residents of Fallujah still supported. Some celebrated the date – including by shooting in the air. Some simply went to evening prayers. In the evening, around 200 people gathered to protest the presence of US troops, first near the HQ of one of the units in the Nazzal neighborhood and later in front of the Al Qaed school, where the Americans set their camp a couple nights ago.

What happened next was later told differently by the sides. The Americans said the crowd had been infiltrated by instigators, who opened direct fire at US troops, and that the soldiers returned fire against those armed men. The Iraqis said the Americans started shooting first. Human Rights Watch believes the US troops were not equipped or trained to handle the situation in the first place, being regular combat soldiers.

On that night, the Americans killed 17 people and injured over 70. Less than 48 hours later, a crowd of 1,000 people marched down Fallujah’s main street, reaching the battalion headquarters and pelted the building and troops with shoes and stones. The Americans opened fire again, killing one man and injuring 15 others.

Years later, journalist Bobby Ghosh, who was covering Iraq for Time magazine, visited Fallujah. The April 2003 killings were fresh and vivid for the Iraqis. “For years afterward, militants I met cited ‘what the Americans did at the Fallujah school’ as the reason they joined the insurgency,” Ghosh wrote.

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Trump Walks Back Promises To Declassify Remaining JFK Files Despite Remaining Questions

U.S. President Donald Trump has walked back his previous promises to declassify the remaining classified JFK Files out of the CIA until at the latest October 26, 2021.
“I agree with the Archivist’s recommendation that the continued withholdings are necessary to protect against identifiable harm to national security, law enforcement, or foreign affairs that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure,” Trump wrote in a Presidential memorandum released by the White House.
Trump added that need for the continued protection of the documents, “can only grow weaker with the passage of time.”
Last October, Trump wrote on Twitter “Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long-blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.”
The Whitehouse memo corresponded with the National Archives release of over another additional 19,000 documents, the final release of the JFK Files as a result of Trump’s directive from last year.
According to the archives, 520 documents remain withheld in full and were not subject to the 25-year requirement and 15,834 documents are still redacted, Politico reported.
While the remaining documents are set to be revealed by October of 2021, national security agencies could still continue to postpone the full release.
As this writer reported there is already enough evidence to suggest that JFK’s death was a sophisticated plot with several forewarnings of Kennedy’s assassination prior to the actual event which according to E. Howard Hunt was codenamed “The Big Event.”

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Conservatism IS the new counter-culture. Deal with it.

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Sunday, 29 April 2018

9/11 Families Drop Truth Bomb

We’ve had engineers, architects and pilots question the government’s conspiracy theory about 9/11. Now a group representing families of 9/11 victims, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, has filed a 52 page petition with 57 exhibits of conclusive evidence that explosives were planted and detonated.

Evidence of explosives ...

Story thanks to 911TruthActivism.

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It’s Over for Deep State (Bill Still)

A panel on Hannity last night, including Larry Elder, Sean Spicer and Gregg Jarrett, was in agreement with the conclusion of Joe DiGenova a few days ago – that it’s over for the deep state coup plotters trying to unseat President Trump.
Larry Elders analysis on the impossibility of a Trump impeachment and conviction by the Senate is especially interesting.
However, as Beth points out, we have yet to see any indictments – much less anyone in cuffs – but it seems that the wheels of justice are finally turning once again and so with Trump safe, we’ll be able to work out the details as we go along.

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Film Your Marxist Professors (Sargon)

There's no reason they should preach revolution in private using public money. Let them do it in public, so we can all hear what they have to say.

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Saturday, 28 April 2018

No Attack, No Victims, No Chem Weapons: Douma Witnesses Speak at OPCW Briefing

Witnesses of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, including 11-year-old Hassan Diab and hospital staff, told reporters at The Hague that the White Helmets video used as a pretext for a US-led strike on Syria was, in fact, staged.


Russia ‘won’t allow’ another US military action in Syria based on false flag – OPCW envoy

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The Syria Narrative Comes Apart - With Guest Sen. Richard Black

Nothing the US government tells us about Syria and the alleged chemical attack at Douma makes any sense. VA State Senator and retired US Army JAG officer Richard Black joins today's Liberty Report to draw on his experiences traveling to Syria and following the war. He does not believe what Washington is telling us and he makes a very good case for why we are being lied to.

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Dankula Owns Sky News Journalist James Mathews

When the Judge sentenced Count Dankula he said that the context of his joke didn't matter...


Count Dankula's "Nazi pug" video shown to a live audience

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Toronto Terrorism, Syria, Pipeline Leaks, and Poop. Michael Rivero

DNC Lawsuit, Dossier, Globalists, and Pesticides
Guest's website:

This interview is from a few days ago but worth the time.

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"You Want Authentic?" According To Insiders, Clinton Is Actually Unhinged (Styx)

Apparently she broke down into madness during debate prep once.

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Friday, 27 April 2018

Dear Salafist Wahhabist Apologists

Your head chopper heros are apparently not what Syrians have in mind when they think of democratic revolution.

Mehdi Hasan (MH) can hardly be blamed for the ignorance that he displays in his Intercept article, “Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians.”  He has apparently never been to Syria, doesn’t often do research on Syria, and gets his information from proponents of a single point of view, representing a bunch of idealists that want to usher in their idea of a liberal democracy in Syria, without benefit of electoral niceties until their power is already ironclad.  What’s wrong with this picture?

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s start by deconstructing the absurdities and the language in the MH article.

Thankfully, MH has spared us the need to deconstruct the absurd accusation that the Syrian armed forces have used chemical weapons.  He apparently accepts that they don’t need to, that there is no benefit in using them, so why would they? OK, then who did? Cui bono? Easy answer.  The motive of the promoters of destruction in Syria is to create a pretext for the US and its partners to bomb, invade and establish a no-fly zone; i.e., to directly take on the Syrian government and its allies.  These war criminals include the neoconservative cabal in the US, the Zionist and Israeli proponents of using the US to fight Israel’s perceived enemies, and the Saudi and Qatari adventurists backing the Project for a New Salafist Paradise.  These are the same players who brought us Iraq I and II, Libya, Afghanistan forever, Somalia and Yemen.  What more could we wish for?

So let us move on to the MH complaint about barrel bombs. What is the complaint, exactly?  Are they more horrible than other types of bombs? Is it OK to use bombs manufactured in western munitions factories for delivery by jet airplanes but not ones manufactured in Syria and delivered by helicopter?  Never mind.  It’s a great opportunity for MH to use the hyped term “BARREL BOMB” in order to enrage and terrify an undiscerning readership.

But what about all the civilian casualties, and isn’t the Syrian army to blame?  Well, no, ISIS and the pseudonymous al-Qaeda affiliates are quite happy to post videos of their stonings, beheadings, crucifixions and immolations, so we know the army can’t be the only ones.  In fact, given the summary executions of non-Muslims in territories “liberated” from the government, is there any reason to think that the forces fighting the Syrian government are responsible for fewer civilian deaths? I myself met refugees who had fled up to 70 km over the mountains in the dead of winter to Latakia in March, 2013 with no more than the clothes on their back.  No one knows how many children and old people died.

Aircraft? The anti-government fighters don’t have them, do they? No, but they seem to be quite resourceful in eliminating innocent human lives nonetheless.  An example is the at least 10,000 civilians that have lost their lives in Damascus due to mortars and “hell cannons” (which also use “barrel bombs”) since the start of the hostilities.  Other examples include the withering four-year siege of the Shiite towns of Foua and Kafraya near Idlib and the unrelenting bombardment via “hell cannon” of the city of Aleppo from the enclave of East Aleppo until it was finally recovered by government forces in late 2016.

On the other hand, for those (unlike MH and the mainstream media), who consider evidence to be relevant, there is a plethora available to show that the Syrian army has been unusually respectful of civilian life. The claim is that Syria and its Russian allies have obliterated entire neighborhoods, raining bombs on the civilian population.  The facts are somewhat at odds with this description.

First, there are the civilian casualties themselves.  The UN stopped keeping casualty statistics in early 2016, but even the anti-government Syrian Observatory for Human Rights concedes that less that 1/3 of all casualties are civilians.  No other war on record has had such a low ratio. By comparison, 2/3 were civilian casualties in Vietnam, WWII and most other wars.

Second, the Syrian army liberation of Homs, Aleppo and other areas has followed a typical progression that is quite the opposite of “just kill them all”.  First, the army surrounds the area and lays siege. At this point, if the army wants to flatten the area and bring an end to the resistance there, it has the perfect means to do so.  But it does not.  Instead, it positions relief supplies at the perimeter and makes them available without prejudice to the inhabitants.  It also offers sanctuary to all who wish to leave.  Amazingly, this includes even the fighters.  Syrian fighters willing to lay down their arms are offered amnesty.  But many are not initially willing to accept amnesty, and many are not Syrian.  To these, the government offers safe passage to other parts of Syria under opposition control, even permitting the fighters to keep their small arms.

If they refuse, the siege and the fighting continue, often for more than a year, and bombing is often a part of the campaign, especially toward the end, after multiple unilateral ceasefires from the government side, to try to conclude a peaceful end, as in Aleppo.  The bombing is typically in the least inhabited areas, in order to remove cover for fighters, so that the army will incur fewer casualties when it goes in.  The strategy doesn’t always work, but the low ratio of civilian casualties is a testimony to its relative success.

Why does the Syrian government do this?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just level the entire area, civilians and all, and be rid of the fighters once and for all?

Not really.  The government is aware that families are split, with some fighting on one side and some on another. One of the reasons so many Syrians remain loyal to the government is that it is seeking to protect all Syrians on all sides, with the intention of regaining their allegiance.  The government also recognizes that many of the opposition fighters are, in effect, mercenaries, for whom fighting is a way to put food on the table when there are no other sources of income.  Such fighters are not really enemies, just desperate people.  Given an opportunity, they will easily return to the government side.

Then there are the hyped bombing casualty statistics. As I pointed out in 2015, even if we accept the statistics of the highly biased anti-government Human Rights Watch, the number of casualties per bomb is only two, including combatants.  If we apply the ratio of civilian deaths, that is less than one civilian casualty per bomb, a clear indication that the Syrian air force is being far more respectful of civilians than the US was, for example, in its bombing of Raqqah, where twice as many civilians as fighters were killed.

But MH is slamming a position that nobody holds. The number of “leftists” that consider Bashar al-Assad a hero infinitesimal. There may be many Syrians who do, but that is not who MH is referring to.  MH is misinterpreting the actions of some journalists (including “leftists”) to correct distortions and false information as defense of Assad.  Perhaps the distinction is too subtle for him, but an aversion to disinformation and lynch mob mentality is not the same as being pro-Assad.  It’s not very helpful to say, on the one hand, that you oppose intervention in Syria, and then take all your (false) information from pro-intervention sources.  In that case the interventionists will applaud your non-intervention stance.

Those of us whom MH accuses of being pro-Assad are nothing of the sort.  We believe that Syrian sovereignty and territory should be fully respected (as MH also claims to believe), but we think it is important to counter the fake news and propaganda that are being used to justify the invasion of Syria.  MH is in love with fake news.  He prefers not to mention the killing of police in the uprisings that he describes as “peaceful demonstrations”. He prefers to cherry-pick the opinions of Syrian refugees in Germany rather than the views of the vast majority of refugees (displaced persons) who evacuated to government areas without leaving Syria.  He produces the Human Rights Watch report on 50,000 morgue photos but not the deconstruction by investigator Rick Sterling. And he repeats the al-Qaeda claim and false film footage that Madaya was starving and in need when it was, in fact, sitting on a mountain of aid supplies being denied by the fighters themselves to the population.

If MH can’t see the difference between being pro-Assad and not falling for interventionist propaganda, that’s his problem.  What’s astonishing is the number of “leftists” that rail against interventionism but base their views on the drivel purveyed by the interventionists themselves in the mainstream media, and that originates from propaganda mills like the White Helmets, the Aleppo/Ghouta Media Center and other lavishly funded set designers for warmongers. If MH is not an interventionist, he’s nevertheless making their case for them.

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Syrian War Report – April 24, 2018: US Builds New Base, Prepares For Next Phase Of Conflict


Russian Air Defenses Intercept Objects Targeting Hmeimim Base

Israel vows to destroy Russia's S-300 in Syria in case of danger

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Wedding hit by Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen, up to 50 killed

WARNING: Disturbing images

Suspected Saudi-led strikes on a wedding ceremony in Yemeni Hajjah province have resulted in multiple casualties, including women and children. The death toll ranges from 20 to 50 people, reports citing local health officials say.

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Gerald Celente: "Trump, Macron & May Are Freak Shows. Where's The Outrage? People Are Cowards!"

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Tom Fitton Reacts to Comey Memos: 'James Comey is Now in the Same Boat as Hillary Clinton'

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"You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought."

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Climate Pattern Shift in Europe with Vineyard & Grain Crop Losses (Adapt 2030)

Climate patterns are shifting in Europe as Atlantic waters become cooler, and as what happened with European agriculture will occur again and already is. Colder and wetter resulting in vineyard, orchard and grain losses. French vineyard loss map provided by ADAPT 2030. Romania orchard losses and historical wheat pricing in bad harvests circa 1770 Europe.

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Russia Not a Threat to UK & Brits, but Threat to Neocon Plan for Regime Change in Syria – Neil Clark

UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has launched another scathing attack against Moscow, saying his country needs to reassess the threat from the Russian government.

While the paranoia about Russia helps neocons in their plans for regime change it also justifies defence spending in the UK that is presently insufficient to maintain their current capability levels. Expect more propaganda.

Note: Neil Clark in this clip points out that the West has been allied with extremists in Syria whereas Russia has been fighting these terrorists. The Russians should be treated as partners and allies rather than as enemies to the West. Radical Islamists are the major problem we face (along with an expansionist China in the Pacific Region, that is acting much like the US does when it comes to trampling upon other nations' sovereignty).

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Neocon Warhawks Want Trump to Sabotage the North Korea Summit (Styx)

They want hard demands that would inevitably ruin the possibility of letting Seoul primarily take the fore, while the US uses its diplomatic power to secure American prisoners and to try to cast a more gentle image to Pyongyang.

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Ukraine’s far-right honors SS unit, but guess what the Western MSM is really worried about?

A notorious Waffen SS division is celebrated with an exhibition of swastikas, Nazi attire and pictures in Lvov, Ukraine, but for some Western journalists, the greater concern is how the Russian media will cover it.
As neo-Nazi extremists prepared to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20 across Germany, Ukraine’s far-right set up an open-air exhibition in the city of Lvov to mark the 75th anniversary of the formation of the 1st Galician Division, a notoriously cruel SS fighting force made up predominantly of Ukrainian volunteers.

Dressed in Nazi uniforms of the era, local right-wing extremists organized a display of photographs rarely seen in public before. Nazi-made weapons, vehicles, ammunition, and personal items pertaining to the Galician Division were also exhibited. The event, which will run until May 6, was opened as a precursor to a neo-Nazi march which organizers plan to hold on April 28.

READ MORE: German theater investigated over free ‘Mein Kampf’ tickets for swastika wearers

But for some in the Western mainstream media, there’s something more disturbing than a celebration of an SS unit that killed hundreds of Polish civilians in the villages of Huta Pieniacka and Pidkamin in 1944.

“Ukrainians in Lviv [Lvov] celebrate the anniversary of the 14th ‘Galician’ division of the Waffen SS, swastika patches and all,” Alec Luhn, Russia correspondent for The Telegraph, said. According to his website, he has covered Russian topics for the Guardian, Time, Politico, New York Times, and Foreign Policy.

“Playing right into the hands of Russian media,” Luhn tweeted.

This concern of his raised a few eyebrows on Twitter.

The formation of the 1st Galician Division, with over 80,000 volunteers, was supported by Heinrich Himmler, the German SS chief and war criminal. Though Nazi indoctrination was absent in the division, its members – led by German officers – were required to pledge allegiance to Hitler.

The pledge, taken by every Ukrainian volunteer in the division, read: “I will give absolute obedience to the commander in chief of the German armed forces Adolf Hitler, and as a brave soldier I will always be prepared to lay down my life for this oath.”

The Galician Division participated in anti-partisan operations across Poland and Soviet Ukraine, and committed atrocities against Jews and communists. The SS formation also destroyed several Polish communities in western Ukraine during the winter and spring of 1944, and murdered Polish civilians.

READ MORE: Brits recruited by Ukrainian Neo-Nazi paramilitary organizations

While the division was largely destroyed in July 1944, it became part of the Ukrainian National Army united under a single command against the Soviet Union. After Berlin fell, the Ukrainian SS unit surrendered to the Western Allies on May 10, 1945.

Three quarters of a century later, the world is largely turning a blind eye to the glorification of Nazi collaborators in Ukraine.

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Telford Grooming Scandal: Former Social Services Boss, Local Lawmakers Exposed as Paedophiles

Three former Telford lawmakers, including one who oversaw the social services department during the town’s Muslim rape gang epidemic, have been exposed as paedophiles.

Graham Bould, 60, was convicted in 2001 for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in Telford during the early 1980s. He served as chairman of Shropshire County Council’s social services department from 1993 to 1998 – when the issue of mainly white girls being groom by Pakistani Muslim men began to grow.

The same victim was also sexually assaulted by Anglican vicar and county councillor Michael Keen, 78, who sat on a Police Authority board. He was found guilty of the historic abuse in 2001.

Keen was imprisoned for 15 months but Bould avoided a prison term because he admitted to sexually assaulting the child.

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Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million

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DOJ will make the 6 months of missing texts that were eventually located by IG between Strzok and Page available to Congress sometime tonight or tomorrow, according to sources...developing

The only "evidence" of Trump Russia collusion was fabricated. There is no basis for the Mueller investigation and it must be shut down.

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Why MSM Needs & FABRICATES Thought Criminals - Black Pigeon

The MSM are trying to keep control of the narrative.

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Count Dankula Fined but Free, Pays 800 Pounds for Worldwide Notoriety

Dankula is the kind of innocuous freedom lover who gets harassed and defamed by the corporate media daily.

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Catherine Austin Fitts – Enormous Level of Ignorance & Lawlessness in America

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says she sees an “enormous level of ignorance about how money works.” So, what can the average guy do to protect himself and his family? Fitts says, “You want to get as resilient as possible. You cannot solve a political problem with a financial solution. When we are talking about the level of lawlessness that we are seeing around the country now, it gets very granular on how you protect yourself. So, you want to get as resilient as possible, and you want to get as low of an overhead as possible and as low of debt as possible. If your income depends on the U.S. government, you want to make sure you have alternatives.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts of, home of “The Solari Report.”

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

‘OPIUM’ REAL REASON FOR AFGHANISTAN WAR: Why Pat Tillman Was Killed / CIA Suiciding US Soldiers Overseas For Bankers

The War on Terror is a sham. We are just here to guard Drugs for the CIA and Bankers. The American People need to be told.

Two days later Pat Tillman was dead. Executed by 3 shots to the forehead at close range, from a NATO Rifle.
If you are guarding (Opium) Poppy Fields, and you complain, you are “Suicided”

The Taliban Destroyed all the Poppy fields. It was corrupting their country and their youth.

This caused the US Bankers and New York Bankers, to lose $300 million a month in Drug Money.

The rumors are true. United States soldiers guard poppy fields in Afghanistan.

Our soldiers are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. It’s no secret. Back in 2006, a friend of mine in the Army sent me pictures of British troops doing that exact same thing.

And, opium isn’t the only drug our government is dealing in! Remember that CIA plane that went down over the Yucatan two years ago carrying 3.2 TONS OF COCAINE!? Allow me to refresh your memory:[ 2007/09/26/cia-plane-crashes-in-yucatan-carrying-32-tons-of-cocaine. ]
If our country’s leaders really appreciated our military, they would not allow them to be so abused. When they use our military for nation building, international politics, and guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, our military is abused. When whoever is in the White House sends our troops overseas to serve as United Nation “peacekeepers”, they abuse our military. When our military is sent off to war without a Declaration of War by Congress, our military is abused.

When our government can spend billions and even trillions of dollars for military bases and embassies in Iraq and now Afghanistan but cannot maintain safe and sanitary veteran’s hospitals, our military is abused. When our military is forced to take untested vaccines, that make most of them sick, they are abused. When certain government and military officials have interest in companies that sell these multi-million dollar vaccine contracts to the military and thus profit enormously, they abuse our military. When our government allows our military to be exposed to chemicals and the residue from depleted uranium munitions, they abuse our military. When our troops later become veterans and our government often refuses to treat, or even test them for illnesses caused by vaccines, chemicals, and depleted uranium, they abuse our military.

When our supposed enemy, the Taliban, receives American tax dollars, in the form of protection money from companies that bring supplies to our troops, our military is abused. You can call it the cost of doing business, paying off the enemy, so they will let the supplies go through. When this money keeps the Taliban in business, our military is not only confused but abused. When the Taliban is seen being ferried around the country in helicopters supplied by Western companies, our military is abused. If the Taliban is hiding out Al Qaeda and Osama, our enemies, what in the hell are they doing receiving our money?

When there is nearly unanimous agreement from our current political class that our military forces should be kept in the Middle East and now Central Asia as an occupational force year after year, decade after decade, they are abused. To cancel their retirement and extend their duty beyond original contracts is abuse. Whey they reduce the standards of recruits in order to accommodate even felony criminals and foreign nationals, our military is abused. When they send our National Guard off to defend the borders of Iraq, while leaving our own borders open to potential terrorists, drug smuggling, and criminals, they are abused. I could go on and on and on.

The purpose of our military is not to insure the profits or protect the operations of U.S corporations operating in foreign countries. They should not die for KBR, Halliburton, the Carlysle Group, Exxon-Mobil, British Petroleum, Blackwater, Monsanto, etc. I know my critics will say that our military is keeping us safe from islamo-fascists. Is this really true? Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that our borders are open and have been, like, forever? If you were the president and you told us that the enemy hates our freedoms and wants to kill us, wouldn’t you first close the damn door to the country. TSA can strip search granny at the airport, but over one million people a year cross our border and no one in our Homeland Security cares. Perhaps there is a good reason they don’t care.

I will come out and say it. Peace in the world is not the purpose of the U.S. military. Our military’s purpose is to defend the people and property of the United States of America. And the people and property are at home. Anything other than that is an abuse of our military.

Legendary Marine Corp General Smedley Butler, author of “War is a Racket”, said that there are only two things we should fight for. “The defense of our homes and the Bill of Rights”. Anything other than that is an abuse of our military.

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Syrian War Report – April 23, 2018: Militant-Held Pockets Crumbling In Western Syria

The terrorists are slowly being removed from Western Syria, whilst in the East ISIS remains a problem. Thankfully the Iraqi Air Force is co-operating with the Syrians and Russians to strike at these terrorists.

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What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria…And Does it Matter?

Washington's losing hold of its narrative on the alleged Syria gas attack.

The Russians and Syrians were the ones that wanted inspections of the CW attack sites.

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Syria: Russian Military Finds Precursor to Chemical Weapons in Militants' Lab in Douma

Russian servicemen have found another evidence of manufacturing of military poisonous substances by Jaish al-Islam terrorists in the Syrian town of Douma, where on April 7 a false-flag attack took place, serving as a pretext for the US and allies to blame the government and strike the country.

The French and others claimed that hexamine was used in chemical weapons attacks and that this substance was a marker unique to Syrian Government stockpiles. The video above, if genuine, shows that the rebels were using this hexamine in the processing of Sarin gas or in the making of explosives (it can be used in either).

The idea that hexamine proved Syrian Government involvement in the chemical weapons attacks is preposterous. Furthermore, the CW attacks almost always benefitted the rebel side where victims often included Syrian Army soldiers. The Syrian Government would be completely insane and/or stupid to even use such material on the battlefield since it would invite US intervention (such as happened in Libya).  

All the chemical attacks in the war so far seem to be the work of the terrorists.

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Staged Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria? Why We Need Critical Thinking

I have 20 years experience teaching critical thinking. Today I teach critical thinking at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, and the rest of the time I travel, teaching critical thinking to students in poor and rich countries around the world. I do this because I believe understanding how to identify fact from fiction is not just helpful – it is essential.

Most would probably agree that critical thinking (being able to separate facts from fiction and thus make informed decisions) is important, but unfortunately this skill is largely missing in the general public.

In 2014, Cambridge International Examinations research revealed that teachers across the globe believe critical thinking is the skill their students most lack when they begin their post-16 courses at school, and 56% of teachers said students were still unable to think critically when they entered university (source).

A 2011 study by sociologists from the New York University and University of Virginia concluded that 45% of students graduated “without knowing how to sift fact from opinion, make a clear written argument or objectively review conflicting reports of a situation or event” (source).

More recently, a 2017 study by MindEdge, an online learning company founded by Harvard and MIT educators, found 44% of college students could not correctly answer 6 of 9 questions designed to gauge their ability to detect fake news (source), and a report by The Wall Street Journal the same year found large groups of college seniors have “basic or below-basic levels” meaning “they can generally read documents and communicate to readers but can’t make a cohesive argument or interpret evidence” (source).

It is easy to focus on the students here, but if the majority of students are unable to critically think at 16 years of age, and are still unable to critically think when they enter or leave university, it follows that parents, teachers and other adults that they regularly come into contact with are also failing to effectively demonstrate how to do so.

That is not all. A report by the Foundation for Young Australians in 2015 found the demand for critical thinking skills in new graduates has risen 158% in 3 years (source) while a 2016 Stanford University report found college students actually performed worse than high school students at distinguishing “between a news story, an ad, and an opinion piece” (source).

This is extremely worrying when we consider that the growing nuclear threat and a lack of trust in political institutions are two main reasons scientists have set the doomsday clock at 2 minutes to midnight for 2018 (source).

The need for students and non-students to understand global events is indeed increasing, while the ability for the general public to act on truth, it seems, is actually declining.

Let us take one of the most important events unfolding in the world right now as an example – missile strikes against the Syrian government.

France (source), the UK (source) and the USA (source) claimed they had evidence that a chemical attack did take place on April 7th in Douma and that it was carried out by Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Meanwhile, Russia said this evidence comes only from media reports (source), and presented testimony from two medics who said the video broadcast of survivors being treated for chemical exposure had been faked by intelligence services, with Britain directly involved (source).

Is it possible that media outlets reported on a fake video about a chemical weapons attack that did not even take place so that the US-led coalition could justify attacking the Syrian government?

Critical thinking is the “The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement” (source). It is therefore first important to acknowledge any assumptions or conclusions we may already have based on prior conditioning (not facts). For example, a preconceived idea that our governments and media are the good guys and would not lie.

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How to get a 'Russian Bot' label, 101: Just cast doubt on mainstream Line on Skripal and Syria!

A number of online activists who'd cast doubt over the West's narrative are being called Kremlin-controlled. Two people in particular have been singled out in claims that they're not even real people - but rather automated accounts run by the Russian government. One of them, Australian blogger of Syrian descent Maram Susli joins RT live to speak on the issue.

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Was Enoch Powell Right? - Sargon of Akkad

The question that must be answered.

The question is about the British giving up their rights to liberty and self rule within their own country.

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Keiser Report (E1218): Seeds of Economic Disaster

Max and Stacy discuss the trouble spotted ahead for the global economy . . . but only after 2020, which is bad news for the Democrats. In the second half, Max interviews Arthur Hayes of, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. They discuss the latest in the crypto markets and the regulatory landscape. Arthur wows with talk of 100 times leverage on bitcoin trades.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Putin & Trump Will Not Allow Armed Confrontation Between Russia, US – Lavrov

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will absolutely not allow armed confrontation between Russia and the US, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told RIA Novosti in an interview.
“Speaking about risks of a military confrontation, I am 100 percent sure that [both the US and Russian] militaries won’t allow this, and of course neither will President [Vladimir] Putin or President [Donald] Trump,” Lavrov said.

“After all they are leaders, elected by their people and are responsible for their peace,” the Russian foreign minister added.

Amid deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington, Lavrov signaled that there are attempts to ease the knot. In particular, the foreign minister announced that the US president invited his Russian counterpart to Washington during a phone call. Trump said he would “be glad to see [Putin] in the White House” and then added that he “would be happy to make a reciprocal visit [to Moscow].”

During the interview, Lavrov also touched upon the US-led strikes on Syria last week. Trump, along with allies the UK and France, ordered the bombardment following an alleged chemical attack in Douma. It came just hours before experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were due to begin a fact-finding mission there.

After the US-led strikes, Russia no longer has any moral barriers on S-300 missile system deliveries to Syria, according to the Foreign Minister. Moscow promised not to send S-300s to Damascus around 10 years ago at the request of its partners, he said.

“We took into consideration their argument that this would destabilize the situation, despite the missile systems being a purely defensive system.”

“We heeded their calls. But now we have no such moral obligation,” Lavrov stated.

Syrian air defense systems intercepted 71 out of over 103 missiles launched at civilian and military targets, the Russian Defense Ministry said shortly after the airstrikes. Russian air defense units in Syria were not involved in repelling the attack.

Prior to the Western bombardment, Russia warned the US that crossing certain “red lines” in Syria would prompt retaliatory measures from Moscow, Lavrov stated. The foreign minister quoted Russian Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov as saying that if any actions of the Western coalition affect Russian servicemen, Moscow will respond.

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‘Whole Douma Story was Staged’: Journos Struggle to Find Proof of ‘Chemical Attack’

RT’s Murad Gazdiev highlights a number of eyewitness accounts from Douma, Syria that people directly involved in the notorious “chemical attack” video actually had no idea about the alleged use of chemicals there.

A good summary of the issue.

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US Fails to Acknowledge Gaza has Civilians

The US State Department doesn’t know whether there are civilians in Gaza or not.

This is terrifying – a new low for a department that may soon be led by CIA director Mike Pompeo – a supporter of torture.

The State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert was questioned by Said Arikat of the Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds on 10 April: “Today, the Israeli minister of defense, [Avigdor] Lieberman, said – told The Jerusalem Post, an Israeli newspaper, that there are no civilians in Gaza. Do you have any comment on that?”

In one of the most disturbing responses given in recent memory by a State Department spokesperson, Nauert responded by saying, “I do not. I do not.”

Asked to look into whether there are civilians in Gaza, Nauert responded, “If I have an answer, I will give it to you, certainly.”

For the record, children comprise roughly half of Gaza’s population

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This Week in Stupid (22/04/2018) - Sargon of Akkad

Hate speech is free speech and I don't care how much it offends you.

UPDATE: Count Dankula was fined.

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The Truth About Kanye - Paul Joseph Watson

The high priests of pop culture are panicking.

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Let's "Ax the Pink Tax" (FOR THE LAST TIME) - ShoeOnHead

everyone has been @‘ing me telling me about the pink tax commercial that has been plaguing my videos as of late. so i scream about it.

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More Cold and Snow on the way for Spain, USA, Canada, UK, Asia & N. Africa (Adapt 2030)

More snow and cold temperatures on tap for the Northern Hemisphere from Spain, USA, Canada, UK, Asia and N. Africa. Even countries in Central Africa showing very strange below normal temperatures. Crop planting update and a look at the grow zones effected so you can explain the news to others. 

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Monday, 23 April 2018

Syrian War Report – April 20, 2018: Operations In Southern Damascus, Eastern Qalamoun

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Chemical Substance of Hexamine Found in Douma Laboratory - Russian MoD

Russian broadcaster VGTRK released video on Friday showing an alleged chemical laboratory in Douma, suspected of belonging to militant group Jaish al-Islam.

The presence of hexamine was supposed to be an indicator that the Government side had been responsible for the 2013 gas attack in Ghouta. The tons of the material found here disproves that assertion.

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“At least two Memos Comey shared with a friend contained Classified Information.” Wall Street Journal

A quote from the second video ... if Trump puts out a tweet they don't like they'd see that as more of an assault on humanity than destroying Libya (about the moral relativism coming from one eyed Democrat supporters).  



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Trump Is Being Framed by a Criminal Conspiracy! - Comey Memos Show There Was No Collusion (Bill Still)

Comey and others at the FBI are facing criminal charges for all their lying.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

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Is Dershowitz Protecting Clinton? + Exhibit 2: Is Dershowitz Protecting Clinton? (Bill Still)

Dershowitz is trying to pin everything on Russia when this was clearly part of the criminal conspiracy to undermine Trump. What sort of connections does this man have with the Clintons?

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

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Trump Goes Nuclear, Uses 4d Chess with Wendy Wasserman Schultz and Invokes DNC Server - The Entire Democratic Party Has Made a Mockery of Itself With its Moronic Lawsuit (Styx)

Trump misspelled Debbie Wasserman Shultz's name wrong in order to draw attention to his post. The DNC is digging its own grave via their lawsuit (unless they can rig the judicial process, which is possible). The informed online community will not be fooled.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

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Record Cold and Snow Persist Across the Northern Hemisphere (Adapt 2030)

Record cold and snow still pervade the Northern Hemisphere even through late spring with more snow on the way for India and the USA. UK coldest in 42 years, farm animal losses in the fields, massive floods in Hawaii, out of season snow and rain in the middle of the dry season in the Himalaya. The add in record cold in Detroit and Chicago , coldest in 140 years, but its supposedly all explainable through CO2, but maybe we should look at another explanation, the Sun and its 400 year Grand Solar Minimum cycle.

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Dr Chris Busby on the Skripal Russia Poisoning affair

Dr Busby says a few words about the Russian Nerve Agent issue. He speaks as an expert in this area. Chris worked for several years at the famous Wellcome Research laboratories in Beckenham, London as a Senior Scientist in the Department of Physical Chemistry. His job, at the basic level, was to help determine the structure and origin of pharmaceutical compounds. So, he is an expert in this area. He also carried out similar work at Queen Mary College London for his first PhD and synthesised complex organic chemicals. From that, he relates that the synthesis of a specific small organic chemical like the supposed Novichoks is not very difficult. Most sythetic organic chemists could knock up small quantities of the 234 compound, given the structure. Mainly, there is no way that the compound that was detected in the Skripal attack could be traced to a Russian laboratory (or any laboratory) by any lab unless the lab already had a sample known to come from the Russian laboratory (or the source laboratory). The determination and identification methods mainly depend on mass spectrometric fragmentation patterns, and include the spectrum of stray molecular fragments from impurities associated with the synthesis route. This is how Wellcome located Patent jumping, and took this evidence ( from Busby and colleagues) into the courts. All chemists know this, and that is why the Porton head said what he said, as any chemist would have been able to raise this issue and show that he was lying, if he said anything else. It is basic physical chemistry. So, the new headline in the Times, about a secret Russian laboratory is also bogus. What is also clear is that the mass spectrum of the A234 compound was put on the NIST database in 1998 by a worker from the USA chemical warfare laboratory. Chris therefore concludes that this whole affair is a tissue of lies and misdirection, rather like the WMD Iraq scenario and is aimed at creating a war with Russia that no one can win and where all life will lose. Why is this being done? Because the only way for the rich and powerful to escape the coming US Economic catastrophe caused by the destruction of the petrodollar is to pull the house down and hope to escape in the general confusion and disaster from the wreckage.

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NEW EVIDENCE IN DUMA! Chemical substance hexamine discovered in the laboratory of the terrorists

The Russian army found in the Syrian Duma another evidence that Nusra fronts produce chemical weapons, the expert on Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Unit Colonel Alexander Rodionov told journalists on Friday

- A large quantity of substance hexamine was found during search of a chemical laboratory of terrorists, which is another proof that the terrorists produced chemical weapons - said Rodionov.

He added that this substance is used for the production of explosives, but also for the production of war poisonous substances such as sarin.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that the withdrawal of fighters from the Duma was fully completed on April 13. The city has left 21,000 fighters and members of their families. The Duma went under the control of the Syrian government.

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Democrats Sue Russia, WikiLeaks And Trump Campaign Over Election 'Conspiracy'

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The Truth About James Comey Memos - Mark Dice

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Evidence of Hillary Clinton's Guilt is Overwhelming: Judge Napolitano

Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the sanctuary city showdown in California and the Department of Justice and FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.


Developing: Obama CIA Chief John Brennan Made Secret Visit to Russia Around Same Time as Fusion GPS Produced anti-Trump Memos

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Global Cyber Attacks Blamed On Russia Right Before Spiking Internet Outages Occur - Live Attack Map Shows Attacks From Within

Twitter went down worldwide, came back up and then went down again, with Down Detector racking up over 6,000 reports in one hour, but Twitter wasn't alone in suffering outages, as multiple communications networks also saw a spike in reports overnight, with the live outage maps from different companies showing the same geographical locations being hit.
Interestingly enough, it appears the mainstream media, on behalf of U.S. and UK officials, converged on warning their audiences that a global cyber attack was imminent and of course it was being blamed on Russia. The warning of course had nothing to do with actual outages, but highlighted an "unprecedented" joint alert from the U.S. and UK, that Russia was "stepping up" efforts to hack networks through routers, in retaliation for the Syria conflict.
Then I head to the Norse Live Attack Map, which tracks multiple types of cyber attacks in real time. The top of the Norse Live Attack screen shows the map and where attacks are coming from and who they are attacking. The bottom of the screen shows Attack Origins, Attack Types. The under the Live Attack  section it details the attacker, attacker IP, attacker GEO (location), target GEO, and attack type.

Norse collects and analyzes live threat intelligence from darknets in hundreds of locations in over 40 countries. The attacks shown are based on a small subset of live flows against the Norse honeypot infrastructure, representing actual worldwide cyber attacks by bad actors.

That is where things get interesting.

[see link]

The screen shots above are just examples of what is seen when one watches the Live Attack Map, a moment in time captured, and I highly recommend watching the site for a few minutes to see how many "attacks" consistently originate from the U.S., with the target location also being another place within America. The overall number of attacks builds the longer one watches, starting from scratch every time it is reloaded, so spending a little time watching offers some insight to how many attacks occur within any given timeframe.

As a side note question, we have to wonder what Microsoft has against De Kalb Junction, NY?


Last but not least, as the media is howling about Russia and cyber attacks, with the U.S. and the UK joining together to warn the world, the last screen shot from Norse shows that Russia is most definitely not the biggest attacker, but the US is the most attacked..... from within.

Bottom line: If your favorite site becomes inaccessible, if your telecommunications company goes down, or even the whole Internet does, for a short time, remember when it comes back up and you see Russia instantly blamed, to at least question that official narrative before lighting those torches and picking up that pitchfork.

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One Of The Most Jewish Colleges In The Country Just Voted For BDS By Nearly 2-1 Margin

Students at Barnard College, the elite women’s school in New York City, voted this week to ask the university administration to divest from eight companies that do business in Israel.

The referendum, which was written by students from Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine, listed ways that companies like Hyundai, Boeing and the Israeli national water carrier Mekorot allegedly violate international law, before asking whether the student government should encourage Barnard to divest from companies that “profit from or engage in the State of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.”

The 64%-36% victory for the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign came at what Hillel International describes as the most heavily Jewish school in the country that is not officially Jewish. There are approximately 850 Jewish students at Barnard out of a total undergraduate population of around 2,500. Some 1,153 participated in the vote.

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Keiser Report (E1217): Wage Growth & Tax Cuts

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the absence of significant wage growth in the face of massive shareholder dividends and stock buybacks following tax cuts. They also discuss the report suggesting that U.S. spending may actually be twice as high as reported. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of about his charts! The Fed’s balance sheet continues to look very big; the velocity of money continues to grind to a halt; and, yet, the prices for houses and stocks continue to soar.

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Extremely Warm Arctic, Should you be Worried? (Adapt 2030)

The Arctic had an anomalous blocking high which forced warm air into the region. The media said it is "unprecedented" so I want to look further into these claims and match it against solar cycles and longer frames of time to see if there is a pattern. Lightning over Austria and Solar Cycle 25 forward.

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Former UK Ambassador Reveals Truth About Syria - With Special Guest Peter Ford

Former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford joins today's Liberty Report to share his vast experience in the region. He has notably deviated from the government/media narrative about the alleged Assad gas attack. How likely is it that Assad used gas? Why are inspectors being prevented from visiting the site? How is the "official narrative" holding up to increasing scrutiny?



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The Two Sides Of The Syrian Crisis - US Journalist in Douma Finds No Evidence of Chemical Attack

Basically the terrorists and their supporters in the West are lying about chemical attacks.

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Breaking! Officials Blocked From Investigating Chemical Attack Site Again

They don't want you to know the truth, even if they are launching a war based on this event.

The end of this story points out that it appears Trump has back door communications to Russia and North Korea and that no one really knows what's really going on. The tough talk in public is simply theatre. From the ineffective missile strikes on Syria, after the chemical weapons false flag, it appears that this speculation may be true, and that Trump is not completely captured by the neocons.

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Justice IG sends criminal referral of Andrew McCabe to US attorney.

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While Giuliani might not like Clinton he's a severely compromised guy. Rudy's ties to the 911 false flag terror attack that killed thousands in New York City might mean he'll sabotage anything levelled at Clinton. Giuliani would be going up against corrupt elements of the CIA. We can only believe justice will be done when it actually happens here because of the level of corruption within the US ...

9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

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Bombshell IG report reveals FBI to be corrupt, treasonous and criminal in its outrageous cover-ups of Clinton crimes

The Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Dept. of Justice, has released a stunning new report that exposes the criminality and corruption of the FBI. Read the full report at this link.

The investigative report concludes that Andrew McCabe — who spearheaded the “deep state” operation to cover up the crimes of Hillary Clinton while falsely accusing President Trump of colluding with “the Russians” — lied under oath and violated FBI Offense Codes 2.5 and 2.6. Labeled “misconduct” in the report, McCabe’s behavior may subject him to criminal indictment.

Here are the most significant findings of the report, as detailed by The Gateway Pundit, which has conducted a detailed analysis (see below). To follow continuing coverage of the crimes of James Comey, Hillary Clinton and the FBI, read, and

Via The Gateway Pundit:

1. In the second paragraph of the introduction of the IG’s report, now infamous cheater and Peter Strzok mistress, and McCabe’s former Special Counsel, Lisa Page, is implicated as being involved in McCabe’s crimes. (p.1)

2. Clinton Foundation was under investigation in 2016 but the FBI decided not to release this information to the public. This information was finally leaked just before the election to the Wall Street Journal and confirmed in a second leak instigated by McCabe. (p. 1)

3. In McCabe’s leak to the WSJ, he refutes that he was being impartial to Clinton due to his connections from his wife’s State Senate run. He then leaked that the Justice Department tried to shut down Clinton Foundation investigation but by doing this confirmed to the public in his leak that the investigation was in place. (p. 1)

4. The FBI hid the Clinton Foundation investigation from the public and it was not confirmed until the McCabe leak on October 30th, 2016.  The FBI decided that it was in the public interest not to share this information with Americans before the 2016 election.  The reasonableness of the decision to not report to the public the Clinton Foundation investigation is not addressed by the IG. (p. 3)

5. McCabe told Comey he didn’t know who leaked and therefore Comey claims he didn’t know about McCabe’s leak. (p. 2)

6. McCabe lied numerous times to either investigators or inspectors and said he didn’t know why Lisa Page leaked information to the Wall Street Journal. He even lied and said that he was outside of Washington D.C when the leak occurred which was not true. (p. 2)

7. When confronted with lying to investigators, McCabe lied and denied previously lying to investigators. (p. 2)

8. IG Report redacts an individual’s name who discussed the Clinton Foundation investigation with James Comey, McCabe and the Special Counsel (presumably Lisa Page). (p. 7)

9. McCabe states that leaking to the WSJ was the only time in his career “where he had authorized the disclosure to the media of a one-on-one discussion that he had with a member of the Department’s leadership.” (p. 9) [Note this leaves open the possibility of other leaks.]

10. FBI Deputy Assistant Director (Peter Strzok) texted Page about a WSJ article and they noted that they were not upset about McCabe throwing Justice Department official under the bus. That day the DOJ was noted in an article in the WSJ as criticizing Comey for informing Congress of the Clinton Foundation investigation. (p. 10) [Note how the FBI and DOJ only communicate through leaks…]

11. A meeting was held on October 31st, 2016 where Comey reportedly stated “Need to figure out how to get our folks to understand why leaks hurt our organization”. (p. 11)

12. McCabe stated that he and Comey discussed on October 31st, 2016, the October 30th WSJ leak and says that he told Comey he authorized it. Comey states that he does not recall McCabe telling him that McCabe had authorized the call.

13. McCabe stated that many FBI officials knew he had authorized the October 30th leak to the WSJ.  “However, none of the potential witnesses identified by McCabe (FBI-GC, Comey’s Chief of Staff, The Counterintelligence Assistant Director (“AD-CI”), and McCabe’s then-Chief of Staff ) corroborated this or recalled knowing at the time, or even now, that McCabe had authorized the disclosure.” (pp. 13-14)

14. McCabe refused to sign an inspector’s notes about his statements to the inspector, specifically noting that he [McCabe] did not know who leaked the information in the WSJ October 30th, 2016, report.

15. McCabe stated to an IG employee under oath that he did not know who authorized October 30th WSJ leak and then a couple days later called them back to correct what he said. (pp. 19 and 20)

Overall Comments

1. The tone of the memo chastises McCabe for leaking that the Clinton Foundation investigation was open, not to challenge the rationale for not sharing this investigation with the public, but rather criticizes McCabe for outing the Justice Department official trying to shut down the investigation. Although perhaps it may not be customary to challenge the Departments’ decisions, due to subject in the investigation [the Clinton Foundation], by not releasing the information about the investigation the FBI and DOJ prevented pertinent information from being reported to the American public significant to the election. This information was not released until October 30th in a leak to the WSJ.

2. Many of the FBI and DOJ characters in the report appear corrupt, coordinated and conspiring to assist with the cover up of the Clinton Foundation investigation and in leaking information to the press.

3. The report includes little mention of Anthony Weiner’s laptop emails other than to mention that a meeting was scheduled to get a search warrant to request the emails on October 27th, 2016.  The emails were the suspected cause for Comey’s email to Congress on October 28th, 2016, announcing that the Hillary email scandal was being reopened.  However, per text messages between Strzok and Page, the FBI knew about the emails in September 2016 and had sent a team to New York to review the emails at that time.  [The Weiner emails may be what the Democrats are most fearful of being released to the public.]

4. McCabe [and others] clearly broke laws and FBI policies but no trial date is set as of today. However, the IG is drafting a letter to the FBI recommending actions to be taken.

There are numerous contradictions between FBI employees and each other and with DOJ employees. The FISA Court report on FISA abuses stated that James Clapper’s NSA had an institutional “lack of candor”. It is clear from this report that the FBI and DOJ have the same lack of candor.

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