Sunday, 31 December 2017

Is Clinton Still Running the DOJ? - Bill Still

Synopsis: Tom Fitton is really disappointed in his inability to get simple documentation out of the FBI and Department of Justice.
“The Stonewall is 100 feet high.”
Fitton thinks it’s all a part of trying to take down President Trump and reverse last year’s election.

Video features a Tom Fitton overview of the corrupt cover-up.

The fact that there is a huge, and high risk, establishment push against Trump indicates he's still a danger to some elements of their existence/agenda.

I maintain that Trump has Nationalist (pro-corporate) tendencies but that he is not a neoconservative war monger - although he is making a show of fighting against terrorism. Trump's primary objective, despite everything that's happening, is to repair the US economy and avoid unnecessary wars (while issuing tough rhetoric against Korea, and playing the proxy war game in Syria).

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