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Syria Hits Back Brutally Against Erdogan's Claims that Assad is a Terrorist

DAMASCUS, Syria - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reaffirmed his stance against Bashar al-Assad as Syrian President during a state visit at the Carthage presidential palace in Tunis on Wednesday, describing the Syrian President as a "terrorist," as reported by FRN earlier today.

"I clearly want to say Assad is a terrorist who leads state terror. There is no peace in Syria now and won't be with Assad. Otherwise we would have an unfairness on the people who are killed. We can not recognize this situation as Turkey," he said.

However the Syrian Foreign Ministry did not take the ridiculous claim lightly and hit back at the Muslim Brotherhood sympathetic Turkish president.

“The Turkish regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan bears the primary responsibility for the bloodshed in Syria and the entry of terrorist forces inside Syrian territories. His aggression has played a big role in supporting Takfiri terrorists,” a source from the Syrian Foreign Ministry told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Thursday.

“Erdogan continues to mislead the public in a desperate attempt to absolve himself of crimes he committed against the people of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Foreign Ministry continued.

“Erdogan has turned Turkey into a large prison for those who have different political opinions and for those in the press that disagree with his politics. His destructive policies have not only hurt the Syrian Arab Republic, but also, Turkey. Furthermore, Erdogan does not have any credibility to make such comments,” the Foreign Ministry stated.

“Erdogan’s delusions have made him forget that his dilapidated empire has little power,” the Foreign Ministry added.

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Syrian War Report – December 29, 2017: Militant Defense Collapses Near Abu Dali

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Is Clinton Still Running the DOJ? - Bill Still

Synopsis: Tom Fitton is really disappointed in his inability to get simple documentation out of the FBI and Department of Justice.
“The Stonewall is 100 feet high.”
Fitton thinks it’s all a part of trying to take down President Trump and reverse last year’s election.

Video features a Tom Fitton overview of the corrupt cover-up.

The fact that there is a huge, and high risk, establishment push against Trump indicates he's still a danger to some elements of their existence/agenda.

I maintain that Trump has Nationalist (pro-corporate) tendencies but that he is not a neoconservative war monger - although he is making a show of fighting against terrorism. Trump's primary objective, despite everything that's happening, is to repair the US economy and avoid unnecessary wars (while issuing tough rhetoric against Korea, and playing the proxy war game in Syria).

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White Genocide Professors Play the Victim - Sargon

Won't someone think of the genocide-advocating communist professors?

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Berlin to Set Up ‘Safety Area’ for Women During New Year’s Eve Celebrations

New Year’s Eve festivities in the German capital will be marked by a “safety area” for women seeking refuge from harassment, following cases of mass sexual misconduct during country’s celebrations over the past few years.

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Facebook Learns the Hard Way, Rolls Back "Fake News" Countermeasures (Styx)

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Arctic Fronts Plunge to Florida, IPCC Says Warm Arctic Causes Record Cold (Adapt 2030)

Arctic cold grips the US, Asia and Europe. Record snows in Erie Pennsylvania breaking the old snow record by 3x. Some how below zero F temperatures are a result of warm Arctic air according to the IPCC. This bitter cold air is 30 F below normal temperatures even for freezing winter, now sub-arctic conditions cover the Northern Hemisphere.

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Climate - The Data And Fact Free Science (Tony Heller)

With the US facing record cold and snow, Newsweek published an article this week predicting the end of White Christmases. The data shows the exact opposite.

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

How Cheney and His Allies Created the North Korea Nuclear Missile Crisis - Gareth Porter

The Trump administration has been telling people for months that the crisis with North Korea is the result of North Korea's relentless pursuit of a nuclear threat to the US homeland and past North Korean cheating on diplomatic agreements. However, North Korea reached agreements with both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations that could have averted that threat, had they been completed.

Instead, a group of Bush administration officials led by then-Vice President Dick Cheney sabotaged both agreements, and Pyongyang went on to make rapid strides on both nuclear and missile development, leading ultimately to the successful late November 2017 North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test.

The record shows, moreover, that Cheney and his allies derailed diplomatic efforts to curb North Korean nuclear and missile development, not because they opposed "arms control" (after all, the agreements that were negotiated would have limited only North Korean arms), but because those agreements would have been a political obstacle to fielding the group's main interest: funding and fielding a national missile defense system as quickly as possible. The story of Cheney's maneuvering to kill two agreements shows how a real US national security interest was sacrificed to a massive military boondoggle that served only the interests of the powerful contractors behind it.

Curbing North Korean Arms or Missile Defense?

In October 1994, the Bill Clinton administration reached a historic agreement with North Korea called the "Agreed Framework," under which Pyongyang agreed to freeze its existing plutonium reactor and related facilities within a month, with full monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and to dismantle them as soon as they could be replaced with light water reactors. The United States promised to provide the reactors, as well fuel oil, until the light water reactors were built. And even more crucially, the US also pledged to take steps to end the enmity toward North Korea and normalize relations between the two longtime adversaries.

No sooner had the Clinton administration negotiated the "Agreed Framework," however, than the Republicans gained control of both houses of Congress in the 1994 election. That seismic political shift enabled a powerful lobby of military contractors pushing for a national missile defense system to achieve a congressional mandate for rapid development and deployment of such a system.

It was a fateful convergence, because the missile defense lobby's strategy was to create a sense of urgency about an alleged imminent threat to the US homeland from ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons mounted by "rogue states"-- Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

And the Clinton administration's agreement with North Korea -- the only "rogue state" known to have a nuclear weapons program as well as a missile program -- threatened that missile defense lobby strategy.

When a 1995 CIA intelligence estimate said that none of the three "rogue states" would have ballistic missiles capable of threatening the United States for at least 15 years, the missile defense lobby got Congress to pass legislation creating a "national commission" on the ballistic missile threat that would contradict the CIA assessment. The commission, led by Republican hard-liner Donald Rumsfeld, asserted in its final report in July 1998 that either Iraq or North Korea might acquire long-range ballistic missiles capable of hitting the United States in as little as five years. In a craven retreat under political pressure, the CIA then largely adopted the commission's argument.

North Korea had only carried out two tests of medium or longer-range missiles in the decade from 1988 to 1998, neither of which had been successful, so the Clinton administration was not focused on the threat of an ICBM: It held just two rounds of talks on the ballistic missile program between 1996 and 1998.

In fact, it was not the United States, but North Korea that proposed an agreement in 1998 that would end its development of new missiles as part of a broader peace agreement with Washington. 

When the United States failed to respond to the proposal, however, North Korea launched a three-stage rocket called the Taepodong on August 31, 1998, which the missile lobby and news media argued was a major step toward a North Korean ICBM. The missile lobby used that event to push for legislation establishing a national policy goal to deploy and "effective National Missile Defense System" as soon as technologically possible.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il was using the regime's missile development as a prod to get the Clinton administration to negotiate a deal that would include concrete steps toward normalization of relations. He even sent a personal envoy to Washington to present the outline of a new North Korean offer to give up the regime's quest for an ICBM, as well as its nuclear weapons capability. In October 2000, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright went to Pyongyang, and the two sides came close to a final agreement that would have ended North Korean missile development as well as its nuclear weapons program and led to normalizing relations.

But Clinton didn't go to North Korea to sign the deal in the final months of his presidency, and the election of George W. Bush in November 2000 was a major victory for the missile defense lobby. Bush named Rumsfeld, the primary political champion of a missile defense system, as his Secretary of Defense. And no less than eight figures with direct or indirect ties to Lockheed Martin, the leading defense contractor in the missile defense business, became policymakers in the new administration. The most important was Dick Cheney, whose wife, Lynn Cheney, had earned more than half a million dollars serving on the board of directors of Lockheed-Martin from 1994 to 2001.  

Cheney set about killing the Agreed Framework and securing the missile defense system even before Bush entered the White House. Cheney chose Robert Joseph, a hardline supporter of missile defense and foe of an agreement with North Korea, as a key member of the transition team that Cheney led. Cheney then made Joseph senior director on the National Security Council (NSC) staff with responsibility for both missile defense and "weapons of mass destruction" proliferation policy.

"Joseph really hated the Agreed Framework," Larry Wilkerson, then in the State Department's Policy Planning Staff, told journalist Mike Chinoy. "His objective was first to kill the Agreed Framework and to make sure that nothing like it could ever get created again."

Joseph's first project was to draft a National Security Presidential Directive that laid out a "new strategic framework," essentially built around a ballistic missile defense system, as Joseph later told a National Defense University researcher

Joseph drafted a speech that the president gave on May 1, 2001, in which Bush debuted a new central argument for national missile defense. "Deterrence can no longer be based solely on the threat of nuclear retaliation," Bush declared, adding that missile defense system could "strengthen deterrence by reducing the incentive for proliferation."

Cheney and Bolton Go for the Kill

Colin Powell's State Department posed the main obstacle to the Cheney group's plans for trashing the Agreed Framework. The Department's East Asian Bureau got Bush's approval for a formal policy review on North Korea, which concluded by defining the policy goal of exploring a deal with North Korea that would involve "an improved relationship."

But Cheney had a bureaucratic strategy to frustrate that endeavor and finish off the Agreed Framework. The NSC staff initiated a "nuclear posture review," which was carried out without any participation by Powell's allies. The final document included North Korea on a new list of countries that could be targets for US use of nuclear weapons.

That designation, which was leaked to the press in March 2002, conflicted directly with the US pledge in the Agreed Framework to "provide formal assurances to the DPRK, against the threat or use of nuclear weapons by the U.S." 

Then Bush's State of the Union message in January 2002 introduced the idea of North Korea as part of an "axis of evil" along with Iran and Iraq. That was not merely a throwaway line introduced by a speechwriter, but reflected lobbying by Cheney and Rumsfeld for "toughening sanctions and isolation to lay the groundwork for regime change in North Korea," according to Condoleezza Rice's memoir, No Higher Honor.

John Bolton, Cheney's proxy in the State Department on proliferation issues, writes in his memoir Surrender is Not an Option that he considered the "axis of evil" speech a signal that he could now begin a bureaucratic offensive aimed at killing the Agreed Framework.

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Intel Vets Tell Trump Iran Is Not Top Terror Sponsor

A group of U.S. intelligence veterans urges President Trump to stop his administration’s false claims about Iran being the leading state sponsor of terrorism when U.S. allies, such as Saudi Arabia, are clearly much guiltier.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

SUBJECT: Is Iran the “World’s Leading Sponsor of Terrorism?”


We are concerned by recent strident and stark public statements from key members of your Administration that paint Iran in very alarmist terms. The average American, without the benefit of history, could easily be persuaded that Iran poses an imminent threat and that there is no alternative for us but military conflict.

We find this uncomfortably familiar territory. Ten years ago former President George W. Bush was contemplating a war with Iran when, in November of 2007, intelligence analysts issued a formal National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) debunking the prevailing conventional wisdom; namely, that Iran was on the verge of getting a nuclear weapon.  The NIE concluded that Iran had stopped working on a nuclear weapon in 2003.

Recalling this moment in his memoir, Decision Points, President Bush noted that the NIE’s “eye-popping” intelligence findings stayed his hand.  He added this rhetorical question: “How could I possibly explain using the military to destroy the nuclear facilities of a country the intelligence community said had no active nuclear weapons program?”

We believe that you are facing a similar situation today. But instead of an inaccurate claim that Iran has nuclear weapons, the new canard to justify war with Iran is the claim that Iran remains the “world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.” This is incorrect, as we explain below.
The public image of Iran as a hotbed of fanatical terrorists has been usurped since the August 1998 bombings of the U.S. Embassies in east Africa by Al Qaeda and other radical Sunni entities. The U.S. Government’s own list of terrorist attacks since 2001 shows a dramatic drop in the violence carried out by Iran and an accompanying surge in horrific acts by radical Sunni Muslims who are not aligned with Iran.  The latest edition of the Global Terrorism Index, a project of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, shows that four groups accounted for 74 percent of all fatalities from terrorism in 2015 — Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS.

Thirteen of the 14 Muslim Groups identified by the U.S. intelligence community as actively hostile to the US are Sunni, not Shia, and are not supported by Iran:

– ISIS (Sunni)

– The Al-Nusra Front (Sunni)

– Al-Qa’ida Central (Sunni)

– Al-Qa’ida in Magheb (Sunni)

– Al-Qa’ida in Arabian Peninsula (Sunni)

– Boku Haram (Sunni)

– Al-Shabbab (Sunni)

– Khorassan Group (Sunni)

– Society of the Muslim Brothers (Sunni)

– Sayyaf Group in the Philippines (Sunni)

– Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Sunni)

– Lashgar i Taiba (Sunni)

– Jemaa Islamiya (Sunni)

– Houthis (Shia)

The last major terrorist attack causing casualties that is linked to Iran was the July 2012 bombing of a bus with Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. That departure from Iran’s more recent policy on terrorism was retaliation for what Iran perceived to be Israel’s role in assassinating five Iranian scientists involved with Iran’s Nuclear program, between January 2010 and January 2012 (the dates and names of those attacked are appended).

One can easily imagine the outrage and lust for revenge that would sweep the U.S., if Americans believed a foreign country sent operatives into the United States who in turn murdered engineers and scientists working on sensitive U.S. defense projects.

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European Union Whines about US Tax Reform, Declares it "Illegal" (Globalism 101) - Styx

Proof globalism is not capitalistic.

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"WHITE LEFT" : China's New Internet INSULT - Bugmen BTFO (Black Pigeon)

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Trump Won Because of Racial Resentment, Says Vox: I Disagree (Styx)

People who voted for Obama in the North voted for Trump because of the ECONOMY. Trump promised jobs and a reversal of outsourcing. "It's the economy stupid" meme/quote applies. Plus Hillary was one of the worst candidates you could pick, especially in light of the fact the DNC rigged the vote against Bernie.

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Keiser Report (E1168): Taxphoria

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the taxphoria causing a stock buying panic at the end of Trump’s first year in office. In the second half, Max interviews Michael Pento of about whether or not this taxphoria has caused overvaluation in the markets and, if so, can the markets continue to soar higher?

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Friday, 29 December 2017

US Lets Militants Train, Mount Attacks From its Syrian Bases – Chief of Russian General Staff

The US is hosting training camps for militant groups in Syria, including former ISIS fighters who fled from Raqqa, said the head of Russia’s General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, citing data obtained by aerial surveillance.
The US forces have effectively turned their military base near the town of al-Tanf in southeastern Syria into a terrorists’ training camp, Gerasimov said in an interview to Russia’s Komsomolskaya Pravda daily on Wednesday.

“According to satellite and other surveillance data, terrorist squads are stationed there. They are effectively training there,” Gerasimov said, when asked about what’s going on at the base.

The general also said the US has been using a refugee camp in northeast Syria, outside the town of Al-Shaddadah in Al-Hasakah province, as a training camp for the remnants of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group, including those evacuated from Raqqa, and other militants.

“This is essentially ISIS,” Gerasimov said. “They change their colors, take different names – the 'New Syrian Army' and others. They are tasked with destabilizing the situation.”

Some 400 militants left Al-Shaddadah for Al-Tanf, launching an offensive on the Syrian forces from the eastern bank of Euphrates, after the main ISIS forces were routed there, Gerasimov said.

The Al-Tanf base is located within the 55km “de-confliction” buffer zone.

At the moment, there are about 750 militants in Al-Shaddadah and 350 in Al-Tanf on the Syrian-Jordanian border, according to Gerasimov, who said the Russian military has been watching the training at the Al-Tanf base for some time.

The most important is that we have been seeing the militants advancing from there for several months. When the control [of the Syrian forces] loosened, as many as 350 militants left the area,” Gerasimov said, noting that the nearby town of Al-Qaryatayn was under threat of being captured by the militants had the Russian forces not repelled the offensive.

“We took timely measures…they have suffered a defeat, these forces were destroyed. There were captives from these camps. It is clear that training is underway at those camps,” he added.

It’s not the first time that Russia has pointed out to Washington that militants holed up inside the buffer zone have been staging attacks on Syrian forces. In October, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov called the base a 100km wide “black hole” created with US help on the Syrian border.


Erdogan Slams Assad as 'Terrorist'

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Syrian War Report – December 27, 2017: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Will Be Eliminated In 2018?

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Goodbye and Good Riddance

Holding hands, the US and Israel have decided to walk out of UNESCO. Nothing could be more appropriate. Two rogue states run by two dangerous buffoons. Two states that have wreaked immense violence across the Middle East ever since ‘Israel’ was implanted in Palestine. In addition to Palestine, the US has launched genocidal wars against three countries just since 1990, Iraq (twice), Libya and Syria and continues to back Saudi Arabia in its equally genocidal war on Yemen.

As for Israel, living permanently outside international law is a necessary condition of its existence. It should have been tossed out of the UN long ago, or at least suspended, until it mended its ways. After all, what club continues the membership of someone who does not obey the rules, is warned once, once, twice, thrice, even 50 times, but still refuses to obey the rules? But Israel does not have to mend its ways and remains a member of the ‘international community’ because another state that does not obey the rules, and shows no respect for international law either, the US, protects it at every level and in every way, fomenting even more violence.

UNESCO has done its best to protect the cultural heritage of Palestine. Nothing that is not Jewish matters to the Zionists and so little of it is Jewish that Muslim and Christian Palestine has been ravaged, not just once (1948) or twice (1967) but continuously. The destruction of Palestine is the necessary condition for the creation of Netanyahu’s ‘Jewish state.’ It is all or nothing: there can be no compromise, no either/or. The Palestinians have set forth options, one secular state, two states living side by side, but the only option acceptable to Israel is all Palestine for us and none for you.

The elimination of the Palestinian human presence in 1948 was accompanied by the destruction of close to 500 of Palestinian villages or hamlets, irrespective of their historical and cultural worth. More destruction followed after 1967, beginning with the demolition of the Magharibah quarter in 1967 to make way for a ‘plaza’ around the Haram al Sharif and continuing in the years that followed. The war also created the opportunity for more Palestinians to be driven out of their homeland, this time from the West Bank, where many had taken refuge during the Zionist onslaught in 1948.

The war was another opportunity to drive Palestine further into history, towards the point where the physical evidence had all been destroyed and the Zionists could say ‘What Palestine? There was never a Palestine here.’ In fact this is what they have been saying all along, anyway, convincing no-one outside their own ranks because the Palestinians have not gone away, because their numbers are increasing (possibly there are now more Palestinians between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan River than the Zionist settler population) and because too much of their history can still be seen on the landscape. This is why the danger to Al Aqsa, glowing above Jerusalem, is so great because it is the living symbol of the lies being told by the Zionists.

On this subject how intriguing it is, and how frustrating for the Zionists, that in the half century they have been burrowing under and around the Haram al Sharif they have not found one object proving that the temple was ever there. There are far older structures whose ruins can be seen today. Turkey is full of them: the excavated temple at Gobeklitepe in south-eastern Turkey is 12,000 years old so how can it be that nothing is left of the grandiose structure said to have been built by Solomon where Al Aqsa now stands? The Bible speaks of a building more than 60 meters high, built from wood (the cedars of Lebanon) and huge blocks of stone. Similar material is said to have been used in the building of the second temple, completed in 515 BC and destroyed by the Romans in AD 70. It is said to have been of the same massive dimensions yet nothing has been found, no remnants of fallen stone pillars, no votive bowls, absolutely nothing, suggesting that if the temple did stand on this site the biblical descriptions were fantastically exaggerated (no surprise in a book full of fantastic exaggerations).

Furthermore, the modern day Zionists are connected to ancient Israel only by their religion. Their first colonists had no living connection with the land and no ethnic connection with the people who lived on it. Zionists continue to play on the living Jewish connection in Palestine over the centuries but do not mention that the Jews who were there when their forefathers arrived regarded Zionism as a heresy. Netanyahu’s claim that Jerusalem has been Israel’s capital for 3000 years could convince only idiots, seeing that Israel is only seven decades old and that the last Jewish state in Palestine collapsed in the sixth century BC.

In any case, irrespective of these questions, the ancient Jewish presence in Palestine cannot be accepted as justification for the destruction of what was there until the arrival of Zionist colonists in the late 19th century.

The Zionists share with the Crusaders the unsavory distinction of bringing to Palestine the greatest destruction known in its modern history. After conquering Palestine in the late 11th century the Crusaders massacred or drove all Muslims and Jews out of Jerusalem. The restitution of Muslim rule was followed from the early 16th century by four centuries of a long Ottoman peace until the British capture of Jerusalem in December, 1917. From that time onwards, Palestine has not known a day of peace. Violence and repression by the British occupiers was followed by massive violence, repression and dispossession by the Zionists, continuing down to the present day.

A correction about the crusades and Ottomans. The Crusades were a REACTION to Muslim expansion that took control of formerly Christian lands. Continued attacks into Europe, the capture of Spain, and hundreds of years of aggression led to the crusades. Similarly the Ottomans sought to expand into European territory but were repelled. It was not all peace and love under Muslim rule. Nevertheless the point about the Zionist control of Palestine, and the consequences of this circumstance, are still valid.

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Donald Trump Is Destroying The International Sex Slave Trade

Alex Jones talks with Dr. Jerome Corsi about the moves Donald Trump is making and why they are panicking the globalists.

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Neil Doesn't Have A Clue... - PILOT Who Chased THIS UFO Reveals All

Editor's Note: The pilot describes what happened in the below video. He thinks it's alien based on his experience/facts of the case, ie defying the laws of physics via absent propulsion, maneuvers of the UFO. Noting that a UFO is an acronym isn't genius. It has become a colloquial term for alien spacecraft in most cases. People will note when something is a UFO in the truest sense of the word, meaning just unidentified. This obviously is not one of those times.


Tyson acts as a disinformation artist when it comes to 'fringe science' data. What he says is not logical. For someone of his intelligence his comments reek of ignorance and irrationality. The excessive use of ridicule is another red flag, with laughing, guilt by association dismissals and general slurs.

Because of this behaviour I wonder what Tyson's motives could be? Is he performing this clown act for money, does he think he's serving a noble cause by keeping a lid on UFO reality, or does he have skeletons in his closet that allow him to be blackmailed (whilst also taking money?).


Response to Neil De Grasse Tyson quote: UFOs are only unidentified, Not necessarily aliens.

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Beware Male Feminists #MeToo - Sargon

Not all male feminists are dangerous to women.

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Reply: Cenk Uygur Did Nothing Wrong


Cenk did not believe in people changing and apologizing when it came to Trump. And it's his side that believes people should resign based off mere allegations and past statements. It's backfiring now, good. It should be used as a political weapon. We should use their standards against them and reserve our own for our own. These people have proven with this last election that there will be no unity. This is all out war. Their party is corrupt to the core. Their ideology is cancerous and failed. Every dirty trick short of outright lying and breaking the law is warranted. These enemies of America deserve to be given no quarter. This isn't rhetoric, it's uncucked truth.


They set the rules (where no quarter is given to those displaying sexist behaviour), and now they will live or die by them or will come across as hypocrites. Aside from being crass, did Cenk actually harass women? If he acted as a creepo, like Bill O'Reilly, then he obviously has to go.


No, Sargon. Cenk did allot of wrong and now he needs to face the consequences (Vee)

Cenk Uygur Goofed Big Time and Should Resign (Styx)

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Baby Elephants Freeze, Record Snows Switzerland, Record Cold Australia (Adapt 2030)

Baby elephants freeze in Myanmar as local elephant camps are asking locals to donate blankets to keep them warm. Ossetia in Caucuses crushed with a blizzard knocking out power to 70,000 homes. Switzerland record snow and skiing in the streets. Queensland Australia coldest ever temps in December, but media includes a thermometer reading 90F in the article.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Trump, Mueller, Bundy Ranch, Las Vegas, and NAFTA. Michael Rivero

Trains, Cryptos, and Net Neutrality,
Guest's website:

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Top Ten Conspiracy Theories Turned Fact in 2017 - Icke

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Journalist Who Vowed to Expose George Soros, Found Dead

An investigative journalist, who went undercover to infiltrate violent leftist groups such as Antifa, has been found dead shortly after he vowed to expose billionaire globalist, George Soros.33-year-old Bechir Rabani was a hugely popular Swedish independent reporter, well known for his daring exposés.He was found dead at his home on Friday night in "suspicious circumstances" according to Police.

He was working on an investigation into radical leftist mainstream journalist Robert Aschberg and his connection to George Soros funded extremist organizations when he was killed.Shortly before he died, Rabani had revealed he was about to lift the lid on mass corruption that linked Soros and Aschberg.

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Hillary Clinton Divided America, by Race, Gender & Views, and Now it is Unrecognisable – analyst

After Hillary Clinton spent the year trying to explain away her failure to become president with a tell-all book, she’s now got American youth in her sights. Our Washington correspondent Sameera Khan shares her thoughts on that.

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HA Goodman is extremely good at pointing out the hardcore corruption but the promises that people will be fired or people arrested should be taken with a grain of salt.

We are talking about the deep state and an utterly corrupt system. Would the mafia arrest one of their own? I find the promises that real action will be taken to be hollow. This all seems like theatre. Those that do try to do something will find themselves suicided.

Until things actually happen I remain doubtful that justice will be served. Indictments of Bill and Hillary? Unlikely. People will resign and nothing will happen.

What needs to happen are sudden mass arrests, purges of the FBI and other dynamic activity. With Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General, the DoJ will not be the source of such action.

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41 Million Americans Are Living In Poverty This Christmas

Even though the stock market continues to set new record high after new record high, poverty is exploding all over America.  It is being reported that 41 million people are living in poverty at this moment, and 9 million of them do not receive a single penny of income from anyone.  Once you have been unemployed for long enough, you don’t qualify for unemployment payments any longer, and once you are on the street there is nowhere for other governments programs to send a check to.  I have previously discussed the rising epidemic of homelessness in our nation, but most people don’t want to think about that sort of a thing these days.  Even though New York City has the most homeless since the Great Depression, and even though homelessness in Los Angeles is at an all-time record high, most people want to pretend that everything is just fine.

Well, the truth is that everything is not just fine.

A reporter from the Guardian recently traveled with a special UN envoy to some of the most impoverished areas of the United States.  His report is extremely eye-opening, and I wanted to share a short excerpt from his story.  This portion of his article is about a 41-year-old woman named Ressy Finley who is desperately trying to stay alive on the mean streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles…

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Syrian War Report – December 26, 2017: Army Achieves Strategic Victory In Damascus Countryside


Syrian War Report – December 25, 2017: Army Cuts Off Key Militant Supply Line In Beit Jinn Pocket

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Military Solution to Refugee Crisis? Safe Zones Backed Militarily by EU could Stem Migration – Kurz

Austria’s recently-sworn-in Chancellor says the EU’s migrant relocation quota policies are not helping solve the refugee crisis. Sebastian Kurz believes the problem should be handled in the migrants’ home countries.


Finance minister to asylum seekers: Don't come to Sweden

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People Can’t See How Enslaving NAFTA Really Is

If we are forced to eat food unfit for consumption, and are to be only passive consumers following the trends, then we are slaves, and so are our brethren.

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Trump Slams Fusion GPS Dossier and DNC; But It's Even More Crooked than He States (Styx)

Remember that there was likely no actual hack of the DNC, and that's the progenitor- the Fusion GPS dossier is just the largest component post-leak

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Keiser Report (E1167): The Luxury Handbag Market

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss stores of value and bitcoin investors seeking hypnotherapy to gain access to old, forgotten but now valuable wallets. In the second half, Max interviews entrepreneur Jeff Berk to discuss the luxury handbag market?! Why do investors (mostly women) pay so much for a handbag? And what are the economics of ‘pay to pay’?

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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

World Beware US Frozen Cold War Mentality

Russia and China rightly condemned the new US National Security Strategy (NSS) signed off this week by President Donald Trump. Moscow and Beijing rebuked the 68-page document’s “imperialist character” and “Cold War mentality”.

Purportedly setting out Trump’s “vision” of the world and strategic challenges facing the US, the national security document is rife with contradictions and falsehoods, as well as the usual cringe-making American delusions over its proclaimed virtues and greatness.

However, of serious note is an abiding theme targeting Russia and China as “rivals” who, it is claimed, are “malign actors” trying to undermine America as a world power.

There is little doubt from reading the latest NSS that Washington under Trump is no different from past administrations in its fundamentally hostile view of the world, and in particular a world where Russia and China are perceived as existential enemies.

Both are said to be “contesting our geopolitical advantages and trying to change the international order in their favor”.

It goes on more sinisterly: “We must convince adversaries that we can and will defeat them – not just punish them if they attack the United States”… by developing “weapons systems that clearly overmatches their lethality.”

This amounts to a deplorable call for ever-more militarism, and a dystopian world of America seeing other nations as relentless threats.

China is accused of “economic aggression”; while Russia is accused of “subversion”.

“Russia aims to weaken US influence in the world and divide us from our allies… through modernized forms of subversive tactics, Russia interferes in the domestic political affairs of countries around the world,” states the NSS, repeating baseless claims over the past year saturating US and Western media, which Trump himself has at other times dismissed.

The torrent of contradictions and anomalies in the official US strategic view is staggering and untenable. None more so than the views of the president himself.

When Trump announced the NSS publication on Monday, he played down the rivalries that the document explicitly and repeatedly levels against Russia and China. In particular, Trump’s speech did not accuse Russia of interfering in US politics. As on previous occasions he has dismissed US media claims of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential elections as “fake news”. Yet, in the strategy document, Russia is provocatively accused of subversion.

More than that, at one point the NSS document makes the following blatantly false claim: “With the invasions of Georgia and Ukraine, Russia demonstrated its willingness to violate the sovereignty of states in the region. Russia continues to intimidate its neighbors with threatening behavior, such as nuclear posturing and forward deployment of offensive capabilities.”

It adds: “The United States and Europe will work together to counter Russian subversion and aggression.”

Bear in mind that the NSS is signed off by President Trump. Bear in mind too that a White House official reportedly admitted that the president was unlikely to have read the entire document.

That means that whatever President Trump says about respecting “sovereign states” and, in his speech Monday, building “great relationships with China and Russia”, we can take his words with a grain of salt. He has little credibility.

The real strategic thinking of the US ruling establishment is not what may be garnered from anything Trump says, but rather in the hostile content of the NSS document.

While Trump might want better relations with Russia the Deep State clearly does not. This is a continuing problem for those wishing to see an end to Washington's over the top corrupt behaviour.

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2017: The Year Fake News Was Weaponized

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The Absolute State of Vibrantly Enriched Christmas - Black Pigeon

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Cosmic Rays 7X More Effect on Climate, 71 Year Freeze Korea & Record Alps Snow (Adapt 2030)

New peer reviewed research from Svensmark shows that Galactic Cosmic Rays have SEVEN Times as much effect in creating clouds as previously believed. Incredible 12 feet of snow dumps on Germany in the Alps in a single storm. First time ice is seen on Korean river in 71 years, coldest in 100 years in Queensland Australia. Banks now forbidding customers form buying crypto with their own funds.

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Monday, 25 December 2017

"The US Has Crossed The Line": Russia Warns Trump Decision To Arm Ukraine Will "Lead To Bloodshed"

Russia has reacted fiercely to the end of week breaking news that President Trump plans to approve the legal sale of US antitank missiles and possibly other advanced systems to the Ukrainian government in a move that could change the battlefield calculus of the war between Ukrainian and Russian-aligned forces in the Donbass region along the Russian border. ABC News described the "total defense package of $47 million includes the sale of 210 anti-tank missiles and 35 launchers" which will be sure to harm Trump's longtime stated goal of improving relations with Moscow.

Though Kiev has long had limited access to US lethal arms through private contracts with American and international arms producers, this represents a significant escalation involving the likelihood that advanced US systems would be used directly on Russian-aligned militias in the eastern Donbass region and potentially Russian forces along the border. Up until now, the White House has been reluctant to escalate the war so openly, as it did when it supplied anti-Assad fighters in Syria with sophisticated TOW anti-tank missiles.

While the US State Department claims the move is "defensive" in nature, Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov charged the US with deliberately "crossing the line" and pushing the Ukrainian authorities "towards new bloodshed," adding that "American weapons can lead to new victims".

"Kiev revanchists are shooting at Donbass every day, they don't want to conduct peace negotiations and dream of doing away with the disobedient population. And the United States has decided to give them weapons to do that," Ryabkov said. He further slammed the US as an "accomplice in igniting a war" whose political leadership is “blinded by Russophobia and eagerly applaud the Ukrainian nationalist punitive battalions.”

Indeed a number of outspoken Russia hawks in Congress were enthusiastic over the possibility of heavier and direct arms flow to Ukraine, including John McCain, Bob Corker, and Tom Cotton - all supporters of the original Ukraine Freedom Support Act signed into law by President Obama in December 2014, though never fully enacted.

Cotton for example - recently rumored to be Trump's pick for CIA Director - said of the new initiative for arms exports to Ukraine: "This is a break from failed Obama era policies to make Russia pay a cost for its aggression. With this decision, the Trump administration is reminding Vladimir Putin and his cronies that they lost the Cold War, and we won’t tolerate their bullying of our friend Ukraine."

But Russian leaders have warned that through the decision the US may be dragged deeper into a quagmire which could result in direct confrontation with pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine's east. Aleksey Pushkov, member of the Russian Senate security committee, told RT News that delivery of the more advanced systems like the Army's M-148 Javelin Portable Anti-Tank Missile would require US military advisers on the ground, which could be targeted by separatist forces. 

Pushkov told RT, the US “has enough problems already to allow itself to be involved in adventures of the [Ukrainian] regime. And we know too well how adventurous Kiev may be.” This comes as authorities in Kiev are already requesting that Washington adds anti-aircraft missiles to its shopping list as well, according to multiple reports

Meanwhile German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron issued a statement calling for "disengagement and the withdrawal of heavy weapons" in the Ukrainian conflict, a scenario now much further away from taking shape than ever. But after years of covert American involvement in the Ukrainian proxy and civil war which has raged since 2014 - and which a leaked recording confirmed was precipitated by the US State Department it appears that hawks like McCain, Cotton, and Corker are finally getting their way.

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“Extreme Pro-Hillary Clinton Bias”: Congressman Reveals FBI Operation To Help Clinton Get Out Of The Email Scandal With An “HQ Special”

In yet another bombshell surrounding the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has revealed that there is evidence that the upper echelon of the agency planned too, and then gave Clinton special treatment.

Appearing on FNC’s “America’s Newsroom,” Gaetz told the network that a congressional committee currently has email evidence that Clinton supporter and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had indicated that Clinton was going to get an “HQ special” which apparently meant she going to receive special treatment in an investigation that was actually carried out by agents who supported her for president.

Gaetz also noted his belief that there was an extreme pro-Hillary Clinton bias running through the agency which benefited Clinton greatly.

It's pro-Deep State/neocon bias ...

Hillary knows where many of the bodies are buried, and her fellow crooks are covering for her.



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ANDREW MCCABE LEAVING FBI. Clinton Email Indictments After

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Keiser Report (1166): Magical Thinking, Whimsical Robots & Melting Alaska

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss magical thinking, whimsical robots, and melting Alaska. In the second half, Max continues his interview with author Jim Rickards of about predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence… and bitcoin and gold.

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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Geopolitical Game-Changer: Iran Joining Russian Economic Union! What Will US Do?

F. William Engdahl discusses reports in Iranian media that Iran will formally join Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union. While Washington threatens to impose new unwarranted sanctions on Iran and on Russia, the two major Eurasian economies are now moving closer to de-dollarize their trade and to lessen the impact of any future sanctions. He discusses how Washington reacted the last time a major country, Ukraine, in 2014 opted to join the EEU and was the target of a CIA coup d’etat. This time Washington will not have it so easy. The geopolitical map of the world is changing rapidly and in ways Washington seems not to grasp. Engdahl explains the newest developments in Eurasia, parallel to China’s Belt Road Initiative, exclusively for Newsbud community members.

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North Korea the Scapegoat, China the Real Target of US Navy Buildup in Pacific

Chinese military experts believe the US is using North Korea as a cover to deploy more ships to curb Beijing’s military aspirations in the Pacific.
The US likely plans to deploy some four to six aircraft combat groups to the Pacific region under the pretext of countering the growing North Korean threat following the recent nuclear test, the South China Morning Post reported.
"We will continue to assure that we meet all of our missions here in the Asia-Pacific area. It could be something coming forward from Third Fleet or something like that to meet those requirements," said Chief of US Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson  on Tuesday.
He did not elaborate when or how many ships will be deployed.
However, as the Chinese news outlet points out, Chinese military experts have a different point of view on the Pentagon's incentive.
According to Song Zhongping, a military commentator for Hong Kong's Phoenix Television, the move might target Chinese military presence in the region instead.
"The Chinese navy and Air Force will face unprecedented challenges if the US reinforces its military deployment in the western Pacific, because it's likely the Pentagon would deploy four to six aircraft carrier battle groups to the region," he said.
He estimated that if the Pentagon actually intends to conduct a military operation against North Korea, it will need four to six carrier groups in the area, while the US at the moment only has three.
Song's views are also shared by Beijing-based naval expert Li Jie, who agrees that the US might actually be targeting China, as the recently published US national security strategy singles out Russia and China as "revisionist powers."

Also the US belligerence works in favour of cutting fairer trade deals with China. Trump wanted to return US industry and this is a way of leveraging China, providing cover in the event Trump raises trade barriers.  

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Trump: Israel did 9/11 guy "is on our side"

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Saturday, 23 December 2017

US War on ISIS Is the Biggest Lie Since the 2003 Iraq Invasion: Here’s the Proof

On November 13, 2017, the BBC dropped a bombshell report that exposed how the U.S. cut a secret deal with “hundreds” of ISIS fighters and their families to leave the Syrian city of Raqqa under the “gaze of the U.S. and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city.” The convoys reportedly included some of ISIS’ “most notorious” members, as well as its foreign fighters and tonnes of weapons and ammunition.

Almost a month later, Reuters reported that a high-level defector from Kurdish-led forces in Syria had revealed that the number of ISIS fighters given safe passage by the U.S.-led coalition was actually in the thousands, not hundreds. This account was seconded by a security official in Turkey despite the fact that Turkey and the Kurdish militia do not typically see eye to eye).

“Agreement was reached for the terrorists to leave, about 4,000 people, them and their families,” the defector said, as quoted by Reuters, adding that all but about 500 were fighters.

The defector also noted that the fighters were headed toward Deir ez-Zor, Syria’s most oil-rich region. The U.S. had been eager to bomb Deir ez-Zor for some time prior to the deal, and allowing ISIS safe passage to get there would merely give them the pretext to do so. In June of this year, regional outlet Al-Masdar released a video that appeared to show convoys of ISIS fighters leaving Raqqa, as well, though the media paid very little attention to this.

All of this begs the question: If the U.S. allowed 4,000 ISIS fighters to leave Raqqa, who on earth were they bombing during their brutal siege? Donald Trump’s illegal air campaign killed well over 1,800 civilians and brought the city to ruin — to the point that Russia accused the U.S. of wiping Raqqa “off the face of the earth.” The U.S. government knew ISIS was leaving the city safely but kept on bombing it into devastation, anyway.

Raqqa Secret Deal Barely Scratches the Surface

Now that we know the U.S. is amenable to granting ISIS fighters safe passage, ISIS’ ability to take over huge swaths of Iraq and Syria in the first place start to make a bit more sense. In June 2014, ISIS effortlessly took the strategic oil-rich cities of Mosul and Baiji and almost made it as far as Baghdad. The U.S. sat on its hands and did nothing the entire time, even as the militants took massive loads of American military equipment as spoils and brandished it all over social media. While ISIS was flaunting its activities untouched by the American military in Iraq, the U.S. was busy launching drone strikes in Pakistan, instead.

Why would the Obama administration prioritize air strikes in a country that overwhelmingly disapproves of them when it could have prevented ISIS from setting up a mini-state in Iraq at the same time?

Over the last few years, we have seen this similar pattern occur over and over again. When it came to Obama’s grand offensive to retake Mosul in 2016, reports also began emerging that the U.S. was granting safe passage for ISIS fighters to move from Mosul into Raqqa. Even if the U.S. hadn’t cut a formal deal with ISIS on this particular occasion, the reality on the ground was that the U.S. was allowing ISIS fighters to make their way into Syria from Mosul and doing little to stop them regardless. As Anti-Media documented at the time:

According to Army Lieutenant General Talib Shaghati, as reported by anti-Russian newspaper, the Guardian, ISIS militants are already fleeing Mosul to Syria. This was further confirmed by the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, who said that if ISIS were forced out of Mosul, they would likely go on to Syria.”

Why weren’t they striking these traveling ISIS fighters before they made it to Syria? When viewed in its recent historical context and with the most recent reports in mind, the answer to that question should be clear.

The U.S. Has Also Provided ISIS With Direct Air Support

The Syrian government and its allies are the most heavily engaged entities fighting ISIS inside Syria – not the U.S. military (or its allies). Yet the U.S. military has struck these pro-government forces directly multiple times over the last year, even when these troops have proven to be very effective against the jihadist group.

In September 2016, the U.S.-led coalition launched a barrage of airstrikes at Syrian government troops who were fending off the ISIS component of Deir ez-Zor at the time. Russia accused the U.S. coalition of providing air cover for ISIS because the terror group used the coalition strike to launch an offensive of their own. Over 60 Syrian soldiers died as a result of this illegal act of war, but no one was held accountable.

It has also been speculated that U.S. President Donald Trump’s Syria strike in April paved the way for an ISIS offensive, as well.

ISIS Took Advantage of U.S. Weapons Transfers

So far, we know that ISIS has received safe passage from the U.S. on at least one occasion and that the terror group has also received free air support on a number of other occasions. We also know the U.S. either directly or indirectly allowed ISIS to gain territory in the first place only to provide the pretext for a military intervention.

But wait, it gets even better. Just this month, a report conducted by the U.K.-based Conflict Armament Research (CAR) group, which analyzed 40,000 items its investigators recovered along ISIS’ front lines between July 2014 and November 2017, found that the terror group was able to successfully arm itself by taking advantage of U.S. weapons transfers between Washington and its other allies in Syria. ISIS even garnered some of the more powerful anti-tank missiles through the CIA’s covert arms program.

“International weapon supplies to factions in the Syrian conflict have significantly augmented the quantity and quality of weapons available to IS forces — in numbers far beyond those that would have been available to the group through battlefield capture alone,” the report said.

The U.S. didn’t need to wait for an official report for this horrifying development to come to light. As far back as October 2012, the New York Times reported the following:

“[M]ost of the arms shipped at the behest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to supply Syrian rebel groups fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad are going to hard-line Islamic jihadists, and not the more secular opposition groups that the West wants to bolster…” [emphasis added]

Even if the U.S. had zero control over ISIS and the mayhem it has exacted over Iraq, Syria, and beyond — and was genuine in its bid to rid the world of its ideology and the horror the terror group has unleashed — there is one issue yet to be discussed: ISIS’ existence.

US Created Conditions for ISIS to Exist

ISIS evolved out of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), which only became a formidable fighting force after the U.S. invaded in 2003. This was in part due to the Bush administration’s decision to fire close to 400,000 servicemen in Iraq, simply because of their affiliation with Saddam Hussein’s secular Baathist party. Some of these disgruntled servicemen now hold senior ISIS positions and are responsible for the terror group’s success.

History clearly demonstrates that al-Qaeda only exists in the first place because the U.S. actively trained, funded, and armed the mujahideen in Afghanistan as a means of bogging the Soviet empire down into a quagmire. The Independent even ran a story on Osama bin Laden at the time, portraying him as a heroic freedom fighter and “anti-Soviet warrior.”

However, since 9/11, the U.S. made a specific point of making aiding and providing material support to al-Qaeda and its affiliated organizations a crime under U.S. law. Yet the U.S. has openly aided Syria’s al-Qaeda branch, as well as al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen, and now we have more than enough formal proof that the U.S. has knowingly continued a foreign policy strategy that essentially provided all manner of material support to ISIS, one of the most deadly terror groups in recent history, as well.
It’s time for someone to be held accountable. There is a case to be made against the U.S. for some very serious criminal behavior here, and if anyone is serious about defeating “radical Islamic terror,” they should start by launching a court action against the U.S. government for its die-hard support for terrorism in the Middle East and beyond.

This article was originally published by Anti-Media   -

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Syrian War Report – December 21, 2017: Government Forces Besiege Key Strongpoint In Southern Idlib


Syrian War Report – December 22, 2017: Tensions Between Syrian Army And SDF Grow In Deir Ezzor

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De Facto Travel Restrictions Now Exist For Americans - Paul Craig Roberts

Green Party presidential Candidate Jill Stein is being investigated by the Senate Intelligence (sic) Committee for “Russian connections.”
What has brought Russiagate to Jill Stein? The answer is that she attended the 10th Anniversary RT dinner in Moscow as did the notorious “Russian collaborator” US General Michael Flynn. RT is a news organization, a far better one than exists in the West, but if you were one of the many accomplished people who attended the anniversary dinner, you are regarded by Republican Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina as a possible Kremlin agent.

What is going on here? Stein sums it up: “we must guard against the potential for these investigations to be used to intimidate and silence principled opposition to the political establishment.”

Here I sit considering two interesting invitations. One is to speak at the main Plenary Session of the Moscow Economic Forum in April. The other is to speak at the Summit for Global Challenges in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan in May. The very minute I accept, the NSA will notify its mouthpieces, the New York Times, PropOrNot’s promoter the Washington Post, Senator Burr, and Special Russiagate Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Would I be renditioned to Israel or Eqypt or Saudi Arabia and tortured until I confessed that I was a member of the Trump-Flynn-Jill Stein Kremlin spy network?
As the United States is no longer a free country governed by a Constitution that protects civil liberty, that possibility cannot be discounted. What is for sure is that if I accept these invitations, the US Establishment will discredit my voice when I write about US/Russia relations. Indeed, that was the intention of the PropOrNot Washington Post story that attacked 200 truth-tellers as “Russian agents/dupes.” Many of those so attacked have experienced slower growth in their readership. After all, Americans and Europeans are insouciant. They are actually sufficiently stupid to believe what governments and print and TV media tell them.
I, too, was invited to RT’s 10th Anniversary celebration in Moscow. Imagining the celebration would be grand balls in palaces and myself, decked out in white tie with my French Legion of Honor dancing with those beautiful RT women, I almost accepted. But I learned in time that the event was conferences and speeches and decided to forego a Moscow winter.

Otherwise I would be in the dock with Trump, Flynn, and Jill Stein and whomever the Washington Gestapo settles on next.

Russiagate is an orchestrated hoax. That has now become so aparent that even insouciant Americans are catching on, even those low IQ ones who sit in front of TV news. I often disparage Congress, but here is a member who is admirable, Republican Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio.

Watch the short video and delight in the power and force with which Rep. Jordan goes after the piece of crap US deputy attorney general the Twitter President has in office. When the President of the United States has to rely on a congressman to call out the Justice Department and the FBI for its criminal actions and for its treason to overthrow both democracy and the elected government of the United States, you know we have elected a president who is too scared to defend himself. Roger Stone is correct, if Trump were a real man, Mueller, Comey, Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the criminal scum would be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for their vast crimes, crimes that exceed those of anyone in prison today.

But Trump is nothing but talk. No action.

How much longer can I give interviews to Russian and Iranian media before the Washington Gestapo gives me a midnight knock on my door.

Whatever America is, it is not a free country.

If Trump wants to make America great again, he must shatter the CIA, FBI, NSA, and media into a thousand pieces. The concentrated power that President Eisenhower warned Americans about in 1961 is far too great for liberty to survive.

Instead, the weakest president in American history actually read the speech handed to him by the ruling neocon military/security complex and declared Russia and China inimical to Washington’s interests.

Americans are too insouciant to understand it, but this was a declaration of war against two countries, which when combined are more than a match for Washington.

Neither Russia nor China, much less an alliance between them, will accept Washington’s hegemony.

If the hubris-crazed fools in Washington persist, we are all going to die.

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