Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Damascus Shelled, Civilians And Children Killed By U.S.-Backed Terrorists – Silence From MSM

While the United States continues to pant wildly and promote disproven claims of chemical weapons, Assad’s alleged “brutality,” and the SAA’s supposed “crimes against humanity,” the fighters it has funded since 2011 are engaged in the very definition of terrorism in Damascus as we speak. For nearly two weeks, terrorists surrounded in areas like Jobar and Ghouta have been launching missiles and mortars indiscriminately at civilians in old and new Damascus.

Since the beginning of November, random shelling and mortars have been terrorizing the people of Damascus. As travel blogger, photographer, and writer, Ilir Morina (who is currently in Syria) wrote on November 9,
Yesterday and today Damascus has been under heavy attack from terrorist mortars. One landed at a shop nearby, and the shop owner gave me this piece of the mortar. There have been many casualties. The sounds of war seem constant between the terrorist attacks against civilians and the Syrian Army attacks against the terrorists.
These are the sounds the people of Damascus have heard for over six years. Not just the sounds of course. Along with the sounds came the ripped bodies of loved ones and neighbors. The destroyed homes, schools, businesses. The frayed nerves of constant fear. The kind of terrorism that kills people from the inside. Yet they all keep going somehow, they don’t stop going to work or school. They just want this to end.
I’ve been listening to these sounds for seven weeks and I want them to end for them soon too inshallah…..
 But they haven’t stopped. In fact, they have increased in frequency and intensity.

As a report by Sputnik reads,
Over the past months, the shelling of Syria’s capital by Daesh militants has intensified, with the latest incident occurring on November 16 killing one person and injuring another 13.
DAMASCUS (Sputnik) — Militant grenade launcher in Eastern Ghouta fired several shells at the Al Mujtahid and Set Zaynab districts in Damascus leaving 22 civilians injured, a local police source told Sputnik on Saturday.
According to the source, the shelling has caused significant material damage.
Shellings have recently increased in Damascus, with the recent taking place the day before, with at least 4 civilians, including a child, being killed as a result of an attack by militants.
 Over the course of the shelling, however, more civilians have been killed and many more injured. In a shelling that occurred on November 20 at the Judo Hall in the al-Fayha Stadium, two mortars fell and two people were killed. The martyrs were two players on the Syrian national judo team.

On November 20, 22 mortars fell on Damascus, killing 11 people and wounding 42 others.

Elsewhere, in Bab Touma, Damascus, mortars fell killing a number of civilians including Elia Halabi, a little boy whose crime was only being born in Syria and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was killed by the moderate terrorists supported by the United States. It was not an accident or a “stray” rocket. It did exactly what it was designed to do – i.e. kill a child, instill fear and terror in the hearts and minds of the people of the area, and attempt to break the will of the Syrian people.

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