Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Blind Leading Blind on Much of Alternative Media....oh, the Hypocrisy (Sane Progressive)

An excellent video from the Sane Progressive pointing out who was backing who during the election. Her video is a wake up call for Democrat voters who are still supporting corrupt elites. She also points out that ALL the major parties are corrupted and serve the Deep State.

She calls out journalist Greg Palast as a stooge for the democrat elites, calls out alt media guru Jimmy Dore for the same reason, points out that the Russian hack never existed (it was a leak), that the recent media noise about vote machine rigging is being done so they can set up a new system to more effectively rig elections, states correctly that General McMaster (cheered by Democrats) is a neocon warmonger, and, most importantly, she warns about identity politics where people continue to support highly compromised candidates/officials simply because they agree with one or two social justice issues (while at the same time these politicians sell out to the corporate/warmonger lobbyists).

This video is an APPEAL for the public to UNDERSTAND the real power structure operating in Washington DC.

ps. I like her self critical attitude/mindset where she is looking to see where she has been wrong in order to correct her views. The best analysts have this attitude, keeping their egos in check. Such people are willing to admit they've been duped from time to time and go about correcting the record.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 8th, 2017.]

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