Friday, 2 June 2017

Legacy Media CNN Openly Declares Hostility for White Men - Styx [Must See Clip]

They included "men" to stave off ire from white women.

This is a MUST SEE clip and deals with the use of identity politics to run interference for globalist-corporatist policies. The big problems facing the world come from the policies of the few in corrupt Governments. Fighting among ourselves distracts from the larger crimes.

And it does matter what race or gender you are, power corrupts and attracts the corrupt. The psychopaths in larger societies will always try to pull things to their advantage ('whiteness' has nothing to do with it). The only way to stop this sort of corruption without using transparent systems, that encourage altruistic/selfless service for the good of society, that employs Just Laws, is to NOT  have any humans (or you might want to use an aptitude/genetic(?) test so that, at least, those who are already psychopaths are excluded).

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