Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What Pisses Me Off About The Ariana Grande Terrorist Attack - Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the necessary courage needed in the world to help prevent future attacks like the one at the Arianda Grande concert in Manchester, England. Stop changing your avatars, stop praying for X - start talking about real problems in your country and society. Your choice is clear: popularity or survival.

There is such a thing as sedition. Those that encourage the overthrow of the existing State, rather than simply reforming it so that the system works better, who want an oppressive rights-destroying theocracy (or other liberty wrecking system), are guilty of sedition and must be arrested. Those attacking the country from within, in the name of an outside power, are guilty of treason.

Laws must be enforced.

Some level of national unity is warranted.

Furthermore, corrupt ideologues (traitors), who promote violence and oppression, who are in favour of terrorist attacks on civilians, most likely don't give a F*CK about calls for peace or 'understanding'. Many of them will see this as a sign of weakness and an advantage they have over their soft 'enemies'.

Two things need to happen: A crackdown on traitors and a crackdown on the warmongers in Westminster and Washington that have fuelled wars in the Middle East leading to the rise of ISIS (which inspired the latest round of attackers in Europe). If not for Western support for regime change in the Middle East there would be no ISIS terrorist group.

ps. There are no ideal, non-confrontational solutions here. Assad must win in Syria. The Government in Iraq must defeat ISIS. The Saudis, Turks and other participating countries, including Western Countries, that support jihadists in the Middle East, must be opposed. A crackdown on extremists of all sorts must occur in the West. The other option is to accept people being blown apart, shot, or run over every few months, and endless war. We especially need to clean house with our own corrupt war-mongering Governments in the West whose intelligence agencies engage in false flag attacks from time to time to stir up trouble. An ugly reality needs to be addressed.

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