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The Truth About the Syrian Prison Crematorium (it's Fake News)-

In a comment appearing at , Mike Rivero pointed out that known examples of crematoriums have large smoke stacks in order to expel the heat and smell. The reported prison crematorium in Syria, that is allegedly being used to hide a massacre of prisoners, has no such smoke stack. The US is claiming that melted snow on the roof backs up earlier claims of a genocide. Without any real evidence, the melted snow on the roof of the building could be an indicator of a kitchen or laundry area:

The big problem with what is going on here is that the Mainstream Media is uncritically repeating this propaganda along with groups like Amnesty International, thereby providing support for further western intervention. If the US strikes at the Syrian Government they will effectively be helping ISIS.

Moon of Alabama also debunked this crematory story:

Back in February Amnesty International (which promotes NATO interventions) issued a shoddy report about alleged killings in Syrian prisons. As we wrote at that time:
A new Amnesty International report claims that the Syrian government hanged between 5,000 and 13,000 prisoners in a military prison in Syria. The evidence for that claim is flimsy, based on hearsay of anonymous people outside of Syria. The numbers themselves are extrapolations that no scientist or court would ever accept. It is tabloid reporting and fiction style writing from its title "Human Slaughterhouse" down to the last paragraph.
The U.S. State Department now reused that fake report and adds false interpreteted satellite pics to further slander the Syrian government:

US: Syria is burning bodies to hide proof of mass killings
In its latest accusations of Syrian abuses, the State Department said it believed about 50 detainees each day are being hanged at Saydnaya military prison, about 45 minutes north of Damascus. Many of the bodies are then burned in the crematorium "to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place," said Stuart Jones, the top U.S. diplomat for the Middle East, accusing Assad's government of sinking "to a new level of depravity." The department released commercial satellite photographs showing what it described as a building in the prison complex that was modified to support the crematorium. The photographs, taken over the course of several years, beginning in 2013, do not prove the building is a crematorium, but show construction consistent with such use.
If there was a crematorium being build in the Saydnaya prison how is it that none of the Amnesty witness said so in the recent Amnesty report? These witnesses, Amnesty claims, have been in that prison and observed all kind of details. They claim that any dead were buried in mass graves.

A Dutch military expert looks at the commercial satellite pictures and the interpretation State provided and asks:
Ian Grant‏ @Gjoene - 6:02 PM - 15 May 2017 Is this a joke @StateDept? Even before 27 Aug '13 these "vents" were present. See included Terraserver footage (03 april '13) #Sednaya
Another reconnaissance specialist expands on that:
Aldin Abazović @CT_operative - 5:33 PM - 15 May 2017 Pictures that allegedly show crematorium of Saidnaya prison, #Damascus #Syria. As much as I hate to get involved into this matter, these #1
#2 images prove nothing at all. This building could be simple boiler/heating room for the prison compound. Unless you visit there is no
#3 way to prove anything. Its easy to manipulate with satellite imagery. You just put the right label on thing and there you have it
#4 I can't confirm what the particular part of prison is nor for what it's used.
The State Department is throwing dirt at the Syria government in the hope that some of it will stick. This release of nothing will create some headlines in "western" outrage publications. It may be in preparation for a wider war on Syria.

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