Friday, 26 May 2017

The Real Victims - Sargon of Akkad

There are two problems driving suicide bombings. War in the Middle East with the perceived (actual) role of the West in causing this and, a large faction within the Muslim world that is sympathetic to suicide bombings and revenge attacks (within an umbrella of various intolerant/ideological beliefs).

Both of these problems must be addressed. In the mean time what is happening is a security issue. Sedition and treason are things. People within a country who support the overthrow of the secular government are guilty of sedition. Those that engage in such acts are guilty of treason and/or terrorism offenses. A crackdown will be needed to stop more of these suicide attackers. Fighters returning from Middle East war zones, that support ISIS or other jihadist groups, need to be arrested. There are no easy ways around this in the short term.

In terms of hardline Islamists, and those that have a problem with Western society, they should be deported and/or leave. They are taking advantage of Western systems and threatening violence. Threatening to kill someone, threats of violence (menacing or intimidation), and causing public offence are offenses under the Law.

The simple reality is that those who are intolerant and hard minded will take advantage of those that are not. Naivety to harsh realities invites trouble. What we are witness to in many areas is not a diversity of cultures within a country but the establishment of dual systems (conflicting systems). Each country has it's own culture and they should be proud of their traditions. We accept that we don't want to overthrow established cultures in places like Japan - nor should the same apply in the West. We should/can have multi-ethnic monocultures in various parts of the world (with various tolerant-to-each-other religions). One does not want to move to France and demand they conform to YOUR language and customs. This is wrong headed thinking. You move to other countries to be part of THEIR society. 

If you have grievances about war then air them, and don't kill civilians. It's the Governments of these countries that are responsible, along with the media propagandists.


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