Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mike Cernovich Releases New White House Leaks

Mike Cernovich joins to discuss new details regarding Trump's dismissal of James Comey and the leakers inside his White House.

There's huge transparent corruption going unchallenged. That's their problem. It's all transparent and it can't be kept hidden. It also seems that Trump is under threat of dismissal by globalist-types within the system. Cernovich points out that if Trump doesn't act they'll take down the Administration one way or another.

Presently corrupt Democrats (it's not just them) and the media are pushing the idea that Trump fired Comey to stop their investigation into Russian ties. This is false. Confirmation that Trump is under real threat, and that he intends to do something, will play out with his actions in the coming days. If arrests are made in the coming weeks, or months, then we'll know that the President is not fully controlled.

UPATE: It should be pointed out again that Comey HAD to be let go because he was transparently incompetent/corrupt. He didn't prosecute Hillary for the mishandled emails. He was dragging his feet over the Weiner/Abedin emails too, that were part of this corruption. The lack of intent is not a defence: 18 U.S. Code § 793(f) - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.


Firing James Comey Is A Great First Step… Now It’s Time To INDICT Him On Corruption Charges

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