Wednesday, 10 May 2017

German Police Register Over 650 Islamists Capable of Terrorist Acts

Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is aware of about 657 potentially dangerous Islamists, another 388 people could potentially become accomplices in committing terrorist attacks in Germany, according to local media.
BERLIN (Sputnik) — The registered number of Islamists capable of committing a terrorist act amounts to more than 650 people in Germany, Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung (NOZ) newspaper reported Thursday, citing documents obtained from Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

According to BKA, the security services are aware of about 657 potentially dangerous Islamists, while in January there were 570 of them. Another 388 people could potentially become accomplices in committing terrorist attacks, BKA added.

By being weak on immigration, in a Europe bordering violence ridden lands, the politically correct German Government has effectively invited enemies within their gates. The Government also supported the Middle East wars (destruction of Libya, regime change in Syria etc) that led to the mass radicalisation of these people. The key treason here that needs to be addressed comes from Germany's war sponsoring Government.

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