Saturday, 29 April 2017

THIS IS IMPORTANT! - Stefan Molyneux

This is really important and its implications are far reaching.

The video is about a level of inherent inequality, derived from biology. While we are all human, some people have inherent advantages over others. This does not mean that those with advantage will always succeed. Determination and training, and culture and specific circumstances, go a long way.

Those with high intelligence can often act unwisely in many ways (the socially inept Professor), and those with physical gifts can be lazy, and underachieve. However, for these people, when it comes to very specific things, such as elite level sciences or basketball (where height is a requirement), they have certain mental and physical attributes which will exclude people of lesser stature.

The fact is that we can't make everything and everyone the same. We should provide opportunities for advantaged people to advance so we don't miss out on the benefits of their talents. Molyneux believes that those with advantage should be grateful for their fortuitous circumstance. Those lacking this head start need to throw away their resentment and make their own contributions to society. (This does not mean we should accept corruption or cronyism that is excused under the guise of inherently inequality).

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