Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Russia, Trump, Hillary, Flynn and WikiLeaks. Michael Rivero

Autism, War Drums, Money Laundering and Advice for Trump
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A great summary of current events. However, the fact that the NSA doesn't act against small time crimes doesn't mean they don't have blanket surveillance capabilities. In World War 2 the allies allowed ships to be sunk in order to hide the fact they had decoded the German Enigma encryptions.

The same cover-up mentality is likely true with highly advanced space and military capability. Never reveal your best technology unless it is unavoidable. In terms of deceptions, I would also ask what happens to all those child prodigies we've seen on TV from time to time? People with the highest IQs would be targets of recruitment into secret programs and taken out of ordinary society (some long running thoughts I have).

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