Sunday, 2 April 2017

Rogue Federal Judge Just Made Halt of Trump’s Travel Ban Indefinite

U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson appears to be operating in a judicial system of his own making. We can’t find any legal minds who believe his initial halt of Trump’s second executive order on travel from countries that cannot vet their citizens was legitimate or justified.

Even Obama era justices and legal scholars have come out against the move, suggesting it sets an extremely dangerous precedent. This because Watson based his decision not on the constitution and not on executive authority, but on words spoken when Donald Trump was campaigning and before he was President.

It’s an extreme perversion of the justice system. Words spoken by a sitting President before he or she was President in no way should change the authority granted to the President via the constitution. Such changes can only come via the legislative body and amendments to the constitution itself.

Yet these facts are irrelevant to Watson, apparently, who seems to believe his authority outranks the constitution and the President’s powers.

Watson initially placed a temporary block on Trump’s travel ban. One the administration fully believes it will defeat. Especially if it has to go to the Supreme Court. But now Watson has taken it all a step further.

The halt is now indefinite.

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