Monday, 10 April 2017

New Syria Strikes, A Thank You to the RIGHT Opposing Missile Strikes, & Just WHO uses Chemical Weapons - Sane Progressive

As the corporate media decries the 'fringe right' who opposes Syria criminal military strikes, a sincere THANK YOU. Also on just WHO has been PROVEN to use Chemical weapons (hint...its US).

This excellent video came out shortly after the missile strike and questioned the propaganda surrounding the attack and whether the Syrian military would have used chemical weapons. They would not. The escalation is nuts and shows that the neocons are still controlling foreign policy.

The Sane Progressive included a list of sources to back up what she's saying:

Seymour Hersch/Obama Admin/Clinton Armed Rebels with Chemical Weapons to Frame Assad:
Emails confirmed this plan:
Saudi Arabia Armed Rebels Since 2012:
US Used White Phosphorus in Iraq/Arming Saudi Arabia W It for Use in Yemen:
Saudi Arabia Uses US Provided White Phosphorus Against Civilians:
Corporate Media Star Witness, Doctor involved in Islamic State Kidnapping Ring:
'Evidence' of Syria Chemical Attacks Shows workers handling bodies without protective gear:
Ex UK Ambassador on Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack: It Wasn't Assad:
Excellent article by Greenwald on the Democrats pledging allegiance to Trump & Military Industrial War State (only criticism is he pins blame squarely on Trump which is ludicrous, he is being directed by NOT directing war machine):
White Helmets Exposed:
Example of the Demonization of Opposition as Far Right White Nationalists:
Tulsi Gabbard Interview:
Tweets from Dem War Propagandists:
NEW Syria Strikes TODAY (April 8)

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