Friday, 21 April 2017

Former CIA Analyst John Kiriakou On The Neocon Agenda For Ukraine & Syria

The CIA is a corrupt agency and is involved in narcotics trading and terrorist financing operations.

While it is good that Kiriakou stood up against the CIA torture program the problem is he admits he's not a 911 truther, he thinks Saudi Arabia was involved (which is something we already know), and he doesn't touch upon the agency's high crimes. He comes across as an apologist for the CIA. Sibel Edmond's take on the US intelligence agency is quite far removed from what this guy has portrayed. He's talking about investigating terrorists, while the CIA actually aids the terrorists (ie Al Qaeda).

Interestingly he said that the Israelis prefer the devil they know, in terms of Assad with the war in Syria, whereas the US is more prepared to meddle. This is not true. There are plenty of instances of Israeli officials saying they'd rather have ISIS than Assad, the opposite of Kiriakou's claims. The Israeli's prefer destabilisations, where Arabs end up killing each other, or where US soldiers die to serve/protect their interests.

Despite going to prison, I would not trust Kiriakou, or ANY other 'ex' CIA analysts or operatives. They all are privy to classified information they cannot talk about, so they talk around it if they have good intentions (so you potentially only get half the picture), while others are disinformation specialists. Part of the CIA's primary mission is to influence public opinion (Operation Mockingbird). Be cautious.

And note that the comments at You Tube are not kind to either Richie Allen or Kiriakou.

ps. The fact he is talking about neocons is a good thing. He told the truth about the lies concocted to sell the Iraq war. While he might be protecting The Agency, it seems he disagrees with the overall war aims of the political (neocon) elite.

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