Friday, 3 March 2017

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Calls for the US to Stop Aiding Terrorists Like Al-Qaeda and ISIS

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii held press-conference to bring attention to her bill 'Stop Arming Terrorists Act', which, according to her office, will 'stop CIA of other Federal government agencies from using U.S. funds to provide arms, funds, intelligence and other support directly and indirectly to armed militants allied with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS'.

RT uses sources that have little to do with whether this is a Russian State Sponsored network. They are covering a press conference organised by Rep.(D) Tulsi Gabbard to promote a Bill called "The Stop Arming Terrorists Act", that would undermine State support for al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. The only question about issues like this is, in terms of the US media, why they don't adequately cover such issues. Note, the clip does cite major US newspapers that have (on occasion) pointed out the connection between US aid to 'moderate rebels' and extremist terrorists.

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