Wednesday, 29 March 2017

If 60 MINUTES is Right & PIZZAGATE is 'Fake News'... EXPLAIN THIS!

The elite are pulling out all of the stops to discredit the FACT that there is a well organized child trafficking and pedophile ring in and around the heart of Washington DC that reaches the very highest levels of power within the US government. The investigation into this criminal ring has become known as Pizzagate. However, the proof of this horrible truth was becoming apparent long before anyone had heard of Comet Ping Pong or the term 'Pizzagate'. So, if 60 MINUTES is right and PIZZAGATE is nothing more than 'Fake News'... EXPLAIN THIS! [SGT Report]

'Pizzagate' has become a loaded term. Focus on the situation as the wider problem of elite paedophilic  criminality.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.


60 Minutes Fake News Investigation is Fake News (Mark Dice)

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