Wednesday, 8 March 2017

CIA Analyst – Trump Wiretap Was Probably Done Via British GCHQ

RT ran an interview yesterday with retired CIA analyst, Larry Johnson. Johnson pointed out that the carefully-crafted denials by US Intel officials that they did not order the bugging of Trump Tower in New York within a month of the November 8 election may actually be true.
Johnson pointed out that a highly-classified job aimed at a domestic target could easily have been done by the British Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, then the results shared with both the intelligence community, as well as important American politicians.
The word in the community is that Admiral Michael Rogers, the Director of the NSA, apparently blew the whistle on the operation when he held a meeting with President-Elect Trump at Trump Towers shortly after the election and told him what he was up against.

What we are seeing is "criminal conspiracy sedition" being committed against the President in an effort to unlawfully unseat him.

The explanation offered here is that high officials are not directly lying about what happened, only obfuscating what may have actually happened and their roles in it. Another explanation is that some, or all, of them are lying through their teeth about their activities. GCHQ may or may not be involved in the wiretapping.

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