Sunday, 12 February 2017

Trump's New World Order

The new boss is starting to look a bit like the old bosses...

This video from Truthstream Media posits that Trump is continuing previous policies. It is essential viewing because it accurately sums up the superficial narrative that the Trump Administration is pushing in the MSM. However, there is likely more going on behind the scenes.

While remaining cautious, it's still possible that Trump's Administration is pushing existing policies as cover for what he really wants to do (he's giving signals that he's co-operating with the neocons). A previous post on the blog showed that the Russians saw the anti-Russian speech at the UN in a good light: Trump Administration Fails to Back Ukraine

Trump's real agenda is to provide security for the USA, to vastly improve the general economy, and not engage in unnecessary war - except war to destroy ISIS. He says he will follow The Constitution - but Trump is also an authoritarian, so will continue to employ harsh (potentially illegal) measures in order to achieve his objectives, like keeping the Guantanamo Prison open.

Furthermore,  appearing as a madman, who is willing to go to war, is a strong position to take to make one's adversaries bend over backwards to avoid trouble (or make them act independently). Expect Trump to keep ramping up the rhetoric - while acting differently behind the scenes (except when it comes to surveillance or anti-terrorist measures).

Consider the following:
Trump destroys Jeb Bush (pointing to damning facts about 911 and the War in Iraq - factual views the Mainstream media doesn't want to address - which indicates that Trump knows what's been going on):

Although Trump is acting in a manner that makes people think he's part of the Deep State, he undoubtedly knows what is going on. He is either being controlled (he made a deal) with the Deep State, or is playing them. He'll let 'third party' individuals in the DoJ and FBI go after the corrupt, if he legitimately wants to make real changes to the system, if he can get them to play ball. The Gettysburg Speech outlines what is happening right now:

Best of Trump - Gettysburg Speech

While the Full Speech (here) has acknowledgements regarding the corrupt nature of the Deep State.

What is unfolding right now is not a simple or straightforward matter.

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