Thursday, 2 February 2017

ATTACKED NOVORUSSIA: Losses of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Last Two Days - 150 people

Around 80 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and more than 70 others were injured in the last two days in Donbasu, according to a report by the Chief of general staff of Ukraine Victor Muženka who is intercepted intelligence DNR, said Donetsk news agency "Novosti", citing a representative of the Ministry of defence DNR.

"According to the report which we have, in the morgues and a military-medical establishments of Ukraine there is: 29 bodies in the morgue in Selidovou, 41 body in a morgue in the town of Krasnoarmejsku, 60 wounded to the military hospital at Časovom Yar, eight killed and 14 wounded in 66. military medical hospital's New effort, ' "said a representative of the military departments DNR.

In the Defence Ministry are added to those losses Ukrainian soldiers endured while attempting to break through rebel positions 29 and 30. on January 1st.

Yesterday in DNR-in said there was an escalation in Donbasu situation. More than a dozen Ukrainian soldiers have been killed during yet another in a series of attacks on positions of the insurgents. On the other hand, Kiev is a for causing the conflict accused the representatives by the self-proclaimed Republic.


Journalists caught under fire as Donetsk shelling continues

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